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what you believe is your business, what others believe is theirs
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Dream Turned Nasty on 2012-05-07

After an entirely relaxing day with family and friends myself and my partner went to sleep round midnight, I would say I was asleep about 2 hours when my dream state seemed to get taken over. In the most unashamedly aggressive manner I have ever felt. I'm usually a very chilled person, no nightmare ...

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Date: 2012-07-18
"He is a mixture of a lizard, bull, black shadow, rough skin, tall, and bulky"

Are you in anyway artistic? Why not try a sketch of him... I know he appears in different forms to different people but it couldn't hurt.

And remember just cause people are sceptical doesn't mean they don't want to help you... Chin up and stay strong
Date: 2012-07-18
should a physician give you a clean bill of health then Son you have some thinking to do...

If you want my advice: ask your elder family members how in touch were they with all things spiritual and what can they tell you... Secondly, speaking on a personal level what will help you through all this is finding your inner strength, I would be of the opinion that a weak will makes you an easy target for spirits that do not have good intentions.

Someone mentioned that 1 may be following you, that could well be the case... Or given your opinion that you may have abilities then maybe your are like a flare to supernatural beings.

And the house being blessed by the priest it seems to only be a temporary measure for some reason, if I had to theorize why then I'd say that its directly linked to the occupants belief that the area is cleansed and threat free, but as time passes you begin to basically let your guard down and your back to square one.

If any of that helps then great, that's my only intention... Not to scare or confuse you... At 15 years old, girls was my only problem not potentially living a real life ghost story:)
Date: 2012-05-24
If this helps or not I don't know but il pass it on...

I recently had an issue with a new house, my housemates and I saw some "figures" over the course of 2 weeks so we went ahead and burned sage... That was fine for a few days but then I absolutely couldn't shake the idea I was being watched. So I asked some one well versed in spiritualism/medium for a reading.

I was told that the house has three spirits and they'll need help passing on but you've got a bigger problem, I was told IM being followed by one and that my energy attracts them, espec evil ones (she didn't state why) But with that she said I wasn't to worry my guardian angel Micheal will always give me the strength to keep going even if I am "attacked"

But anyway long story short is that maybe you attract them too in some way and now that you've acknowledged that they're there you should protect yourself and that yes they can follow you...
I hope someone is looking out for you too and that things don't get any worse, best of luck mate
Warrior: what is your personal opinion on the author?

Out of curiosity
Only bit of advice I can think of right now: look on this site for stories like yours and keep note of the similarities in what you saw - height, possible cloak, heat changes...

cloak bit sounds eerily familiar to me personally)

Because whereas you won't get a definite answer to what happened to you or what exactly it was on this site, what your will get is how to counteract it happening again and how to make your home safer.

Sorry I can't be of more help, I'd share more if I knew more...
Yeah I mean you hit Google and you see a thousand reports about this, some downright weird and some that sound far too familiar.

The possible causes stretch from astral projections to demons to alternate realities to a hidden dream message...

Each to their own, but one thing is for sure whatever brings you peace be it a bible, a ritual or a medium USE IT for the simple reason no one knows what's right and what's wrong in these cases
Date: 2012-05-18
Locrian is Right, what you need is a plumber...

Might I suggest Super Mario...
as unreliable as wiki is... Pretty much sums up what anyone knows about this crap

I would love to know that too shinobi but not many people on this have any real idea's on what it is, there's just account after account of people seeing this thing.

Rook's ritual will give you peace of mind at least so that's definitely worth a go
jesus still though its scary!

My exp with the black figure, I was asleep having a normal dream and next thing I'm looking at myself in my room asleep, my gfriend beside me and something has me by the throat and I'm fighting it, long story short I could see it 5 feet across the room when I woke up.

Thats why I'm pretty sure these things are no good... There is an account here of a girl who thinks its a guardian but maybe hers is very different
try burning sage around your house

I can relate to nearly everything you wrote but the headless bit... Maybe it was just trying to toy with you...
Date: 2012-05-16
fair enough, I didn't sign up to this site to banter with pretenders...

But you as an admin, have you not seen patterns to the stories submitted here?
For example mine, possible dark shadow figure at night, looked male, the feeling of being watched constantly and the general consensus was that it is upto no good...
I see a lot about something called an "incubus" as well...

So what I would suggest is a new feature for the site where in the stories you find patterns - i.e. Dark figures, incubi (idk) etc, that there is info readily available like ways to protect yourself, if their are any... A mini search engine for what some one thinks might be there, I mean it couldn't hurt - I signed up here for info no more no less, I imagine others have too
Date: 2012-05-16
I was under the impression it had stopped

Children and their name calling... Tut tut
Date: 2012-05-15
Is that a no on the tea then?

We'll be best friends soon, I'm sure of it
Date: 2012-05-15
I mean it in a more simplistic way

By acknowledging that these events do happen is a person more of a target so to speak than his neighbour?

I understand the concept of negativity possibly attracting things and Id be inclined to agree with it...
Date: 2012-05-15
do you really believe that because you acknowledged their existence it made you a target?

I'd be fascinated to know someone else's view on it...
Date: 2012-05-15
how can anyone be sure it'll work? And for how long does it work for?

Yeah I don't doubt you for a second
Date: 2012-05-15
Granny - yeah there's someone nearby who I'l go to if anything else happens... Or maybe just move house and hope for the best thanks.

Jav - really? That seems petty
Date: 2012-05-15
Ní dóigh liom é mo chara

Good point though. If I even move from my bed the missus notices.

Housemate was saying to me yesterday that she popped her head up for a look and there was nothing visible there but she could hear something very close to her bed, she also said to me that she closed her eyes and asked her granny who's passed away for help and the noises stopped soon after - she's convinced asking her granny helped

Take from that what you will...
Date: 2012-05-15
Granny I wish I could agree - the lady medium/spiritualist person my mum went to years ago charges an arm and a leg

But I do understand what you mean - help everyone and anyone in need and don't do it for the money