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A New Haunting on 2012-08-29

This is my 4th post on this site. My other posts dealt with my friend Samantha (who is doing wonderful after her move by the way. So far no problems) and the Crescent Hotel. This one, however, deals with me. I'm not sure if I would say I have a ghost. I've never had anything really paranormal happen...

Samantha's House 2 on 2012-08-08

First off, I'm sorry it took so long to do an update on my original story "Samantha's house". Also, thank you all for the comments. If you haven't read my first story, you may want to read it before this one. Now on to the update: A couple days after I wrote the first story I contacted Sam and ask...

The Crescent Hotel on 2012-07-04

This story takes place in Eureka Springs Arkansas. The town itself is known as being a "haunted town" (Maybe it's all the limestone they have). It's a tourist town located in the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas. If you have never been here, it is definitely a place to visit and one of the most ...

Samantha's House on 2012-06-27

First of all I will apologize for the length of this story, but there is a lot to tell. These events take place in Harrison, Arkansas. It's a small town in Northern Arkansas. I currently live in Missouri but my best friend Samantha lives in Harrison. This is her story: Samantha is a single mother of...