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They Are Back Again on 2012-12-19

Since submitting my last story, I thought my experiences with the paranormal were done. I hadn't seen anything for the past few months until last Friday night. I was in bed and I couldn't fall asleep so I kept staring at my ceiling. I guess I dozed off because I woke up suddenly and looked toward my...

Spirits Getting Too Close For Comfort on 2012-06-26

I didn't expect to be writing another ghost story on here so soon. But since having my first story published, I've encountered three more spirits. The first one I've already posted about in the comment section of my first story; it happened a few days after the story was published. Like I said i...

Am I Truly Seeing Ghosts Or Is It My Imagination? on 2012-05-30

I had originally posted my less detailed story on Yahoo! Answers to find answers but nothing was truly helpful. Then I found this website a few days ago and I thought I should try and find answers here. Starting when I was around eight, I have seen a figures standing by my bed. The first figure I h...

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Date: 2012-12-25
Leslie81 Thanks for the comment! I have tried demanding the spirits leave before; it didn't do much good. They left me alone for about two days then came back.
Aishak2 Thanks for your input!
Thanks for all the comments:)
Lp2298, I wish I could get a paranormal group.
Cocoa, I will look for some of that.
Jazzeyjay,I don't remember having any dreams like that.
Rook, I've researched every thing that this might be; it might be insomnia. I will try your cleaning soon, thanks for it:)
JordanElizabethBell I will start watching my cat more closely from now on.
Redphx, the activity is somewhat new. I've seen things ever since I was a kid but not often; it just started to get more freguent a few months ago. No I don't have any forest around my house.
otteer Thanks so much for your comment. You were helpful and I will definitely seek a medium when I'm older.
The only thing is when I see these spirits, I can never say anything; I always become to scared. I tried to say something the last time one showed up but I became to scared. Do have any advise on overcoming my fear?
Thank you everyone who has commented on my story.
I just wanted to say since posting this story, I have yet another one of these appatitions appear before me. It was an older man who was balding in the front. He was standing by my bedside and staring down at me. I, again, ran out of the room in fear.
Lsandhu I don't think I'll be able to go to a medium or a psychic because my parents wouldn't let me. I don't think they believe I am seeing things. Is there any other way to try to develop this gift?