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Me And My Four Succubi on 2012-06-18

This is not the first time I experienced having a 'wonderful' moment with an unknown girl in a dream that felt extremely real, and suddenly waking up feeling someone/something beside me. This happened three years ago. In my dream, there were these four girls, I didn't know them, they were just fo...

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Date: 2012-06-19
[at] LouSlips: I don't know if they have real names. I only gave them ABCD names so that it won't be difficult to tell this story.

[at] Locrian, redphx, Jesus_soldier: maybe you guys are right, the internet says dozens of different things about them, so I don't know which one to believe. Maybe I just assumed they're what I think they are because they're naked, one wants to kiss me and the other wants to take my pants off, but I agree with Scbsd, none of us can say what these demonic creatures really are, and none of us can truly say that what we know about them is 100% accurate. We always need to compare and share data with others to be able to complete an information that would inform other people about these.

Again, this is my experience, i'm not saying that my knowledge about succubus is 100% accurate. That is why I am here, sharing this experience, to seek information.