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My Turn Now on 2012-06-12

My name's Casey. I'm 24-years-old and this is my first time submitting a story. I have a funny feeling that it's highly likely this won't be the last! Okay, so I'm from New Zealand and I am part European and Part Maori. Our family really takes in the Maori cultural side as my mother and father ar...

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Date: 2012-06-17
i will becareful. My friend asked me to do a Ouija board but I wont. Not because I'm afraid but because of what might happen apparently they really work. And guys thanks so much for the feed back!
Date: 2012-06-16
lol at spooky-n-crazy. I ddnt really put my story on here to interest you it was just playing on my mind. I asked my dad and he said that the house was built on a Maori burial site. They ddnt tell us this at the time because we were young. Probably ddnt want to scare us. Yeop I ddnt want to listen to my mum because I honestly don't think that me submitting a story is going to do anything!