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In The Old Office on 2016-06-30

It's been a long time since I posted two accounts, both related to my father. This month of Ramazan/Ramadan brought back some memories from my old office, so felt like sharing it here. So, here it goes. I spent last 15 years of my professional life with a German multinational in their IT division...

The Red Eyed Lady on 2012-06-18

Like my first story, this one also is related to my father. My father never spoke about it. I heard it from my mother and late grandma few years ago. It was 1989 when my father got an attachment posting to a Naval Air Station in Vizag (it happens to be the HQ of Eastern Naval Command of Indian Na...

The Guide on 2012-06-12

I am new to this site and I have some good accounts. Here goes the first. Year: Winter 1981 Place: Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) Air base. My father is a retired airman. If you look at the map, the AF area is along the Srinagar airfield with runway aligns along a SE to NW axis. On the left ...

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Date: 2017-12-13
Why don't posters from India translate their content in proper English?

[at] ajonverge: For your information "SMASHAAN" is not a "Marathi" word. It is a Sanskrit word.

This is important, because it forms the cultural context for non-Indian readers.

For readers from other cultures...

1. "Antima Sanskar" means last rites.

2. "Pind Daan" is ritual of offerings to the dead ancestors. So, it is not limited to recently departed only, but is also offered to ancestors every year (typically September/October by Hindu calendar). This has to be done by male offsprings.
Date: 2017-11-14
If Basil is working, keep using it.

Why not keep a small potted Basil plant? It looks great and it is known to repel negative energies.

You should understand why Basil is called the "Holy Basil" after all. In Hinduism Holy Basil is a goddess herself and all auspicious rituals require Basil leaves.

Since you are from Romania, I can make out a far fetched connection.

Did you ever came across the Gypsy community? I think they still follow some of the spiritual practices of their ancestors from India.

Any negative entity, IF IT has anything to do with Gypsy origin in Romania will be repelled by Holy Basil.
Date: 2017-11-13
There is reason our elders in India insist on a house cleansing ritual before moving in. Old house or new doesn't matter.

One more comment about Rookdygin's prescription. I don't know from where he got these. But hey, thumbs up.

I have been seeing these things done by my mother. Airing the rooms, dusting, sweeping, incense sticks in all nook and crannies of the house and sweeping specifically just before dusk/twilight hour (I understood the significance now).

So, Rook's remedies are spot on.

PS: For Indian readers. The younger generation doesn't care, but now it should make sense why elders perform some minimal rituals before the dusk. Things like lighting a lamp, burning incense and saying a few prayers. It all makes sense now.
Date: 2017-11-13
[at] sushantkar


[at] Jubeele (I'm not sure of your nationality, but since you tried to look up the meaning of "chalawa", I am addressing you.).

"Chalawa" is a well known term (unlike what Sushantkar wrote).

"Chal" comes from Sanskrit meaning treachery.

"Chalawa" means that cheats, does treachery, creates illusions. This is what shapeshifters are.
Any Hindi speaking North Indian is familiar with the word.
Date: 2017-05-05

I'm also from Eastern India. So, my hunch was correct.
Date: 2017-05-05
[at] MackNorton,

Yes, it was spirit / ghost. In broad daylight under blazing sun. Yes. In my part of India very common in deep countryside. People avoid going out in the noon time.

These things sometime lure their victims to unsavory ends or just latch on to them to bring untold miseries.

These reports are decreasing though due to increased population densities, as patches of wilderness, meadows and swamps in countryside are vanishing at a rapid rate.

[at] Vikas630,

Good story. Which part of India are you from?
I heard a similar encounter from my late grandma.
To the OP... Good account. I know of similar stories from Agra and Srinagar, both of them involving dead Armed Forces personnel.

Just off topic, I was reading this story and (so many other stories by Indian posters) and found so many Western readers dismissing it.

Language issues apart (on part of many of the Indian posters), there seems to be a tendency to apply a certain pattern of analysis to stories from the old world (not just India).

None of us on this site are authorities on spiritual matters, but before posting something please research the cultural background of the poster. That will give you many clues to understand the story. Especially those cultures that are older than yours by thousands of years.

My suggestion of course does not mean we should believe total fabrications like teenagers summoning spirits, "I always believed/felt... Blah blah" stories etc. Plots straight out of cheap horror movies.

[at] To fellow Indian poster: Folks please translate your text properly before you hit the "Publish" button.
Date: 2017-04-08
[at] RCRuskin: There is no Indian religious thought. As there are many religions being followed in India. The OP is a Muslim and her family sought the help of appropriate spiritual authority according to their religious beliefs.

Interestingly Rookdygin's cleansing ritual is very close to the daily routine followed in Hindu homes. Opening windows to let the light in, sweep the floors specially the corners, burning incense sticks, reciting hymns etc.
This just struck a chord.

My grandma (mother's mother) passed away in 2008. My daughter was about 3 then.

My parents are settled in Kolkata and my grandma spent her last 4 years there with them.

I was working in Delhi then. It was sad event, and my mother tells me that my grandma during her last few days only wished to see me and my daughter.

Till this day my daughter insists that she saw her great-grandma (i.e. In Delhi where we were living then). She pinpoints exactly where her great-grandma sat in the living room, waived at her and walked out slowly through the open door.
Hi Pragya,

Coming from services background and a Bengali myself, I've few questions.

While I understand privacy concerns, but I'm just trying to get the story correctly.

Where does your husband hails from exactly? Have you traveled to his native place ever?

Sorry, but I find your story extremely strange.
If your husband is an Army Officer then I assume a middle/upper class background. Bengali middle/upper class happens to one of the most liberal communities in India. Love marriages are normal. I haven't seen people even thinking of dowry.

Anyway, that apart, have you tried to speak to other ladies in the unit? I don't know how's the unit life nowadays, at least until a decade ago your husband would have been administered a little counseling by his CO.

Seeking divine help is another question. I'm sure Kalka Mandir is presided by divine presence, however what I'm not sure is availability of priestly class there well versed in such matters.

As someone commented, you could visit Kamakhya in Assam. If you seek blessings there the trouble would go away.

The reason is asked about your husband's native place is to ascertain proximity to Kolkata. So, if you are able to visit Kolkata, visit either Dakshineshwar or Kalighat. At both these places the deities (one form of Kali or other) are very powerful and awakened.

Of course nearest for you would be to visit Vaishno Devi. It would work.
Date: 2012-06-21
Lilady4 and joshuakeys,

Very simple explanation about the frightened girls.

A.) The stretch of the road is haunted as evidenced by my fathers experience. Also all local people know it too.

B.) While on that road, those girls noticed me very late when I was quite near them coming from the opposite direction so they thought I materialized out of nowhere.

So A and B led them to the conclusion that I was some other worldly thing.
Date: 2012-06-20
zzzgranny - I never asked my father and he refuses to discuss this. You're right, the old man could be a spirit.

But there are also higher beings that go around helping.
rook - Is the method you prescribed a Christian ritual?

It is very interesting, because the method is similar to our Hindu house warming ceremonies (replace songs with chants/prayers from scriptures and replace candle with fire altar). IIRC there were similar practices in pre-Christian Europe as well.

There must be a common origin in some hoary past and it just affirms ones faith in the Supreme Almighty.
Date: 2012-06-20
The-Journeyman42 - Your comment "I don't understand you. Me english me no understand"

Your "rest in peace" led me this conclusion. I thought it would be rude to point out, so thanks for clarifying.

It must have been a PITA for you to derive some cheap fun in a forum that communicates in English. My sympathies.
Date: 2012-06-20
Jesus_soldier - Thanks. The details of this incident is very sketchy as this is a second hand account from my mother and my late grandma. My dad never speaks about it.
Date: 2012-06-20
The-Journeyman42 - Why do you even expect something to make sense when the subject is "super" natural?

Does it ever occured to you that to rationalists not even a single story published here would make sense?

You seem to trying to see sense within your restricted frame of reference.
Date: 2012-06-20
adsouza - thanks for chipping in. Yes your explanation is correct.

Things being seen by only few people... Being an Indian probably you are familiar that Indian/Vedic astrology says that these things are seen only by people born under certain nakshatras (constellations) or having some badly positioned Moon+Rahu/Ketu (lunar nodes) combination in their charts. Non-Indian readers will not grasp this, so'll leave it here.

Redphx - yeah, it sounds like a time warp. I could be. Only my dad could tell, that too if he had been looking at his watch.

The-Journeyman42 - Your phrase "let him rest in peace"... I think in English language it is used for people that have passed away. Please read the story again.

One advice... There is more in the world than what your own cultural frame of reference can answer/explain you. I always keep that in mind while reading stories from other countries.
Date: 2012-06-18
BTW, the lady entity seems to be appearing to late night drivers on the stretch from the WIPRO crossing to Eastern Metropolitan Bypass T point.
Date: 2012-06-18
Is this the Bowler's Den near Nicco Park in Sector 5?

Curious coincidence that you mention WIPRO, my office is about 250 metres from there.
I heard that the WIPRO office is also haunted, so much that 3rd floor in one of towers is completely locked out.

In fact I live in Salt Lake, and I have driven past Bowlers Den many time.
Date: 2012-06-18
These are very common reports from India and elders say that do not answer them until you've heard 3-4 times.

Some entities are even more powerful. My mother's grandpa once encountered one such thing while returning from village market after dusk.

People those days were fearless and much spiritually inclined. So, he eventually challenged the thing to either show its face or to bugger off. The thing was instigating him to jump in a pond.