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Something Wrong Happening Since A Past Seance on 2012-06-13

I guess it's really weird. First off I'm sorry for my English, but I'm not from any of the English speaking countries, so it might be not perfect. I don't really know where to start from. I have been experience some weird stuff last few years. First thing happened like long time ago to my sister a...

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[at] eunice well I don't know if it could be her. It happened like 4 years ago I guess and then nothing happened. Its just last 6 months starting to happen things.
[at] RandyR well I don't know if its the electricity, but the point is that my sister sees stuff even no electricity on (not always but it happened a few times she woke up this way) even when we were on a vacation. It happened for me to see this thing (if its something) just once that time I said close to the chair. It looked white and moving around on her side of the room (bed)
+ as I said never happened to see or feel something touching me or so other than that time. Its just I can feel something or someone is stearing at me and that bothers me when I'm on my own at home.