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American Samoa
I am from a long line of herbal doctors and healers. My bloodline is of royal origins. Many of my family members have been blessed with the gift of sight and some with fight (literally). We reside in what you could consider to be the most haunted place in the world. If you really don't believe. Come for a visit and we will make you believers.
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September 29th Will Live On In Me on 2012-11-27

It seems so mundane at times when you hear or see people talk about life in general and how plain or dull it is. I find myself at times praying for that but would balk at the thought and just laugh it off. If I could only show them the things I have seen or have survived and the spiritual affects th...

Repeating History on 2012-10-09

Growing up I was never one to really get into genealogy and history. I never thought about its significance in my life's journey. Like I had mentioned in my previous submission, I was a brat and being the oldest had its advantages. But this would all come to pass as my other siblings were born and I...

Microphone Man on 2012-09-25

Growing up a military brat had exposed myself and my siblings to many different cultures and people. When we finally came to American Samoa, the place we would call our home, things were weird on a very calm sense. (Noises in the halls of the homes we used to live in, knocking on the doors, cold dra...

Tangled Lives on 2012-08-21

This is a submission that is not something I have experienced personally. This is a account of what had happened to two (2) of my aunts. For one; it cost her her youth, the other her life. This is the story. My first aunt is the eldest of my father's siblings. She was said to be beautiful, very ...

Explanations For Some on 2012-07-31

I have to be very careful this time not to make too many enemies as I did with my first try. So let me start this off with a little introduction. I am of the latest generation of my bloodline (which at last I counted was walking into the 22nd). I descend from a very distinguished line of former king...

Hauntings Are Not Even Close on 2012-07-03

It's funny how many places have claimed to be the most haunted or have credible evidence of spirits and what not. Since mainstream media decided to invite itself to my island home and exploit one of the haunted sites and did not reveal the truth of the matter, I will attempt to enlighten you. I am a...

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I am not exactly sure to what specific thing you are asking about but I will try to separate everything.

You say the date the Tsunami hit your IslandIs September 29. Is this a different Tsunami from the one that hit on December 26?

Yes is it. This tsunami hit American Samoa. It was between 7 and 8 A.M. About 10 - 15 minutes after the earthquake.

I am also confused about the woman and her little girl in the sedan. First you say that they were both found after debris was cleared and family and others cried over their loss.

Yes, the village they were found in was in complete chaos and carnage as people were also looting stores and other homes. The mother was found still strapped in to the sedan she was driving. Her daughter, whom many people saw during the whole ordeal was no longer in the back of the sedan. So when her father and brother arrived and they searched. It took them almost half the day because after her poor body was thrown from the sedan, she was either held down or part of her school uniform had gotten stuck to a freight container that the tsunami had washed upon the street. She was found under debris that was lodged on the under side of that container.

Then you say 2 years ago you were on your way home from work being the only car on the road. Then suddenly there is a sedan in front of you, you don't 8know where it came from and in a village you see the car rise on a wave then dissappear? Nobody knows what happened to the little girl then you say her body was found a mile away from where her mother was found?

I hope that the paragraph above explains the first part of this question. Like I mentioned, many people saw the sedan and the passengers (mom driving and daughter in back) yet when the sedan was found, the little girl was gone.

As for what I had witnessed a year after the tsunami. I am not the only one this has happened to. Many people, credible or not, have either witnessed or experienced like what I can only call replay of certain events. For example, I saw the sedan. Many residents of the same village hear screams. A friend of mine who lives about 100 yards from where more than five bodies were found, says that he can the old ladies who were weaving mats in the building what was completely washed away still there and just as soon as he saw them, they faded like watching someone blowing cigarette smoke. Or the Korean Couple who owned their little food stand in the park. Residents can sometimes smell the food although the stand is no longer there.

I am a bit confused about the girl being found a mile away from her mother. Was this a different sedan from the first?

No it was the same one.

Then last year you say you saw a woman walking up to people asking if they have seen her daughter. She looked like the driver of the car. Were people able to see her?

Yes. She was seen in churches, in stores. On the street. I saw here as I was in a grocery store and when she asked me if I saw her daughter. I brushed it off at first because of how she was dressed. It was when I felt a jolt shoot through me that I realized who I had just seen and spoken to. As I turned to see where she had gone, she was gone.

I ask this because you said the year before there were people laying on the ground reaching out for hep but nobody could see them.

This was part of me seeing what I had on the night I was driving home.

At the end that you hope you see something this year. Why would you want to relive such a horrific tragedy every year? I don't understand this at all.

I guess it is because I feel connected to this event. I survived it and was lucky enough to come away from it unscathed and my family and friends unharmed. But I also felt the loss many of the families and villages felt because we are such a tight knit island community. For me I feel it is a way for me to see what happened or experience the realness of it. I am not sure.

You might ask aren't you afraid? No I am not. I can accept there things that cannot simply be explained or defined. I am comfortable knowing that there is still many things that are unknown.

I hope I helped Redwolf. I will try to accommodate your questions as best I can. Have a great week.
Thank you all for the feedback. Its very interesting because it seems like around the anniversary of the tsunami and the holidays is when many people begin to report stories of seeing people who do not seem"right" is the closest translation I can make. Doing things or looking for someone.

I am touched by the comments. Been working very hard on the writing side. I am very humbled by your comments.

Have a great week and a very joyous, safe and prosperous holiday season.
Date: 2012-11-05

Thank you. I wish her the best. Loved the interaction with her. Hope all is good on your side Rook. Have a great one.
Date: 2012-11-01

Thank you. Yeah, you should have been in my shoes through it all. It's funny though. When I tell the story to my parents and my brother (the victim), we all have a good laugh and sigh right after. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Been working on my writing skills and I hope that it is making a difference. Have a great week and I hope you had fun Halloween.
Date: 2012-10-30
Yes. In mu culture, Owls or Lulu (looh-looh) only appear when the weather is about turn really bad especially during hurricane season (November to June in my hemisphere). My brother and I are very close and he also has a sense of things not totally ordinary.

Thanks Miracle. Have a great week.
Date: 2012-10-04
Yes she is and you are correct on her age. We never got around to asking him about it because as we were "younger" it was taboo to do so. But as I grew older I found out that certain rituals and ceremonies are performed for different types of hauntings. I can only guess that the machete was for clearing the area, but I know of weapons used for spiritual battles that are used. (even now)

Yes the lepers and Mic. Man are two different entities. Have you ever heard of the story of Father Damien who took care of the lepers near the turn of the century? My village was where the people who contracted leprosy were sent to live out their days. They are found in different areas of the village whenever a new house or farming is happening. I had stumbled upon a burial site that Sunday. Most of these lepers were very religious and stout Christians which is why I could of been why they acted the way they did.

Yes it is sad. Its even more funny because prior to that, our parents and uncles and aunts used to use him to scare us into not going onto certain areas of our family land. I guess you can say we found out the hard way.

Have a great week everyone.
Date: 2012-09-25

I finally found someone who can relate to the episodes I have been having. Your account feels really familiar to me. I have experienced similar things. The only difference with your experience and mine is that you keep your physical form to an extent as for mine I literally look different even a different sex (I am male). But the feeling of Deja Vu and being in a different place in familiar settings. I have experienced in some extent. Like I said, very minor differences, like for example, the first episode I had was when I was in jr high. I was coming in from P.E. To shower when I found myself turning the corner of the locker room to walking straight into the parking lot of the Mall about 2 miles away. It was so weird. I walked back around the corner and collected myself. Walked back towards the locker rooms and was headed in the correct direction. It is very scary.

All my life, my 2 other male cousins have been nicknamed the cats. This is due to a funny phenomenon. Our iris's change color in different weather or heightened emotional states. It hasn't happened as much now that we are grown and in our 30's but it still does during certain events. My cousins have different gifts. One has the gift sight and one has the gift of touch. (I mean literally as in getting into physical fights with spirits.) I can do both plus talk to spirits.

I hope that all is good with you now. Truly loved this story.
Date: 2012-08-28
Thank you night_vamp,halflife and dawndiggety. I have found so much resolve and relief being able to talk about my experiences. I think I have awoken many enemies through talking about it. Now I can say I know why the cliche "Talk about the devil and he just might appear." I have experienced a little more happenings now than I want to but it has not overwhelmed me.

I am honored and humbled. Sure, I would oblige if this will help in any way. I am not sure about the email part, but I will do what I can to try and connect. I am thankful for the feedback and the words. It's funny because much of the feedback I have read, I have been either praised or crucified because of my use of words. I grew up knowing that words are one of the gifts some are blessed with and using them with all honesty is the only way. Words cut like a double edged sword someone I love once told me. So I am very careful how I write. I am very appreciative at how my words have called to you I guess is the only I can seem to put it. I am not sure as to why, but like I said before I will oblige.

Have a great week everybody.
Date: 2012-08-17

Great read. I never knew you can could actually control some of the aspects when you are in the astral state. I haven't tried it yet but I am definitely intrigued. Thanks again for sharing.
Date: 2012-08-09

Thank you for the insight. I would have never connected my experience to the Indian sweat lodges. (I have heard of them and I was under the impression that is held for only one person). Yes, many of my experiences have happened when I am with people which is crazy because most of the accounts I have come across here on YGS all happen to people when they are alone.

As for the astral plane, I would like to know how one achieves this. I tend to have experiences that leave me mystified to explain. I guess it is because when I am "there", things seem the same yet different. I am not sure if I am explaining correctly. But I have had many experiences that I am still trying to find a plausible explanation for. I would love to share them. I just have to find the right words.

For Sacul,
Thanks for the sentiments about writing. Funny how I used to hate it through school and now I find it very relaxing. I have been told that my style is very engaging, but for me, I tend to keep to myself. I will keep the sentiments in mind though. Thank you and I hope the post helps.

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I still have episodes, just as recently as this past weekend. It was not as intense as some that I have had but they are becoming less and less frequent. I am seeking relatives whom know of what I am going through and have been lucky but not so. (they know of what I am talking about but do not know how to control it.). Thank you for the encouragement. Have a great week.
Date: 2012-08-09
Thanks Rook for pointing that out. I kind of figured that out after I had posted. My mind was wondering in and out of thought. But to address issues. What I meant is seeing a being (not a shadow, but a being or something resembling a human) change its shape in front of you or in the blink of an eye. Reason being, I have read that demons tend to manifest into different forms. I have never seen a demon per say (ones that many of the writers on ygs describe) but I have seen specters and sauai's manifest into other things. For example, the black eyed children or people, I have seen one change from that to an alien looking thing. (its arms went way past its knees, it grew in height and its head went from having hair to being bald in a blink of an eye or a sauai went from being a giant eel (mao a'e (mow-ah'eh) to a person upon reaching the shore.

As for the maluia, I hope I described it efficiently. It happens during the moons cycles. As for being sick, I was not really sure if I was. Mind you when we did finally decided to settle here, we were all still new to the surroundings and I might have gotten sick. I am not sure. I do remember my first experience that I am certain was because of maluia. We were camping. It was a little past midnight. I could feel myself slipping into deep sleep as the sounds around me gradually went to silence. As soon as it happened though, there was this really irritating buzzing. Like white noise on a cassette. I opened my eyes (or thought I did) what I could see was a shade of baby/sky blue. All the living things (trees, animals, insects, etc.) were giving off different auras of color almost like mini rainbows. I could also see humanoids/specters that were giving off a dull array of colors. I was so scared by this time I forced myself to wake up (I found that during these episodes concentrating of wiggling your big toe actually does help you come to your senses). I shot out of my sleeping bag and tried to wake my cousins who I was camping with. I noticed that they too seemed to be experiencing something and were tossing and turning until one by one they came to (there were 6 of us). I asked them what had happened and they described everything I had seen to the finest details. All the while none of us really paid any attention that the moon was not only full but had been right on top of us the whole time. That's when we all looked at each other and said under our breaths, man it was a maluia.

Thanks Rook for the input. It is always very very interesting to read feedback.
Date: 2012-08-09

In Samoan, Maluia happens when the moon is in its cycle. Something about the moon beams and your soul. It is said that as the moon becomes more and more full during its cycle, so does its pull on your soul if you expose your physical being do it. When this happens, your inner being is also exposed to those who are in that state or plane. Be it evil/good, you will see, feel, hear, smell them all around you. Its really intense.

Unless you love sleeping with your windows/curtains open, then I would say yes what you are experiencing is a Maluia.

I suffer from insomnia at certain times of the year. The sleep doctors and psychiatrists whom I went to seek peace of mind and body could only tell me that it was due to my excessive lifestyle growing up. (I partied all summer long and every holiday in the school calendar when I was a jr. In high school all through college and right before I got married.) My spiritual healer says it is the scars of previous engagements with the paranormal that have not truly healed. It takes time and over time the fabric of my inner self can heal.

My insomnia has not been as bad as it was when I was in my 20's.I too went about 48 days on an hour of sleep or less. Both our of fear and the feeling of dread that loomed over me. Now, I feel more complete in a sense. I have been able to sleep most of this summer; which is a relief. My mind and third eye though seems to be in over drive with all of things that I have seen so far this year. That's for another time.
I hope that this helps. Thanks for the question.
You know sacul and Jav, I never really got around to asking. I do know of witches/wiccans (fa'ataulaitu (fah'ah-tah-oo-lah-ee-too)) that can literally turn leaves into money. (I have seen it too and it is very very scary. It is an optical illusion and after the day the money turns back). There have also been times when yes money does disappear, but I am not sure if it was because of this experience. Thanks for asking. I wish the store I used to work for was still open. The owners moved to US about 15 years ago and sold the building. Its now just a residence. But thanks for the question. You got me thinking. I am also a third generation entrepenuer. I am now thinking of times when I couldn't quite balance out my books for the day and couldn't get an explanation. (its most likely human error, but one can never really be sure in Samoa.)
Date: 2012-08-07
I do have another question for those of you who grace the posts. Have you ever seen a being change its shape in front of you? Meaning, you are either in a trance or just unable to move and like a dream you see a man that all of sudden grows in size and has multiple hands? (this is an example of course.) Just curious, funny thing memories. I was reading Between Nightmares and Reality and a vivid memory came back from the abyss in my mind. I was about 5 or 6. We had just moved to American Samoa the 1st time (late 70's). It must have been about 3 - 4 months since we moved here and I know that I was having trouble sleeping I just could not figure out why. I told my dad and he would just tell me to buck up and its all in my imagination. It wasn't until I told my grandfather that it started to register that I was experiencing unnatural. My grandma started to perform this ritual that involved me falling asleep during the day. About a week had gone by and I noticed that my house seemed to take on a really dark aura. Like the lights were dimmer than usual. The TV was dull. That kind of things. I fell asleep that weekend on a Sunday and noticed everything in my dream vividly. The sand of the beach in the front of the house, the house across the street and me standing on a plateau near the middle of the mountain behind my grandmothers house. Its was then when I noticed the distance when the fear started to take over. I could feel my body sweat and my body twitch but I did not wake up. I could feel the hands of a someone who was either dead or rotting because it felt like sand paper when I felt wet. I had been ice bucketed to wake up and my entire family was there with very concerned faces. My mom held me and rocked my body. I was still trying to figure out what had happened. It wasn't until I was a teen (14-15) when my grandfather told me of what happened that day. Sleep paralysis is called malu ia (mah-loo-ee-ahh.) The only difference with how people have been describing it here on the site is that it only happens during the full moon or its cycles. He told me that the pull of the beings (aitu-lagi) (ahh-ee-too-lahh-ngi) had been strong enough to start to separate my spirit from my body. They were trying to pull me back in. Till this day, I still do not know what to think.
Date: 2012-08-07
Thanks Ivory. Yes that is what I was trying to get at hunter. Thanks for reading and posting.
Thank You Ivory. She was a special woman I can tell you that. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there with the same type of experience is all.
Hi Javelina,
Sure, The Series Ghost Hunters International came to American Samoa for a haunting. They taped and left. They found many things out of the ordinary and even some of that footage made it to t.v... The story of the orphanage they came to film was accurate. What they reported on was too to an extent. What I meant by the revealing the truth is that they also went to a second site where the footage did not make the episode. This second site is on another island of the Samoan Chain. The islands of Manu'a (Mah-nooh-uhh). There are too many things to tell about Manu'a. From very reliable sources (their guides are family members, we were informed that they had captured footage of a aitu sauai (ahh-ee-too- sawooh-ahh-ee). This did not cause any of the locals to celebrate or anything. We all kind of had that "did'nt we tell you that you'd find what you were looking for?" attitude. Not boasting, I guess it was the confirmation from someone who was not Samoan that caused that reaction.
What I am trying to relay is this. Many of the phenomenon we talk about here on the site; is almost worse here. I have been to many places where you could feel it present (the supernatural energy) but not like here in Samoa. (Guadalcanal,Nagasaki, Gettysburg) Many of my friends from different countries agree with my sentiments. I am not trying to say that everyone else's account doesn't count. But compared to activity that could happen to someone who is looking for or asking for it (by blatantly breaking taboo or disrespecting the laws of the land) you could actually get what you are looking for, in most cases worse. Have a good one Jav. I hope I answered this for you.
Date: 2012-08-07
Yes Javelina,
Spheres/orbs. I have read about them too but have yet to see one. I have seen many of things that are considered to be supernatural in nature, just not those.
Date: 2012-08-03
Wiki kind of has the idea. Like I said, the term aitu is almost what Samoans would call the unexplained or unnatural. So the degrees would differ in regards to ability, appearance, times of the day these happen and such. Some have the ability to take over your body out of spite. Some are just there to warn of evils. Some are just specters. The only phenomenon I have not experienced here since we moved here in 1980 is the spheres. I have seen boulders shoot flames, pigs diving in about 50 feet of water, even beings that since recently could only be described as mermaids. (only difference is that the ones we had seen could walk upright). Then again who can honestly say that these beings do not exist?
That is truly a Samoan. Known for our brute strength and violent tendencies. People who get to know us and are considered to be close enough to be family. You find out how loyal and protective we are. I feel it is because of our history of being and oppressed people until we fought our way out and embraced our people entirely that we unlocked some sort of mana. It is truly fascinating. I am glad that you have met someone and befriended and Samoan. Many people often let their feelings be judged by the media and such. We are a warm, friendly race and I am glad you have seen that side. Have a great weekend.