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My Girlfriend Is My Third Eye on 2012-06-19

This happened just last month. Me and my girlfriend were going to see the movie Avengers in a mall along Padre Faura street in Manila. My girlfriend has third eye. She's more capable of seeing, hearing and sensing the presence of these non-human entities compared to us average people. But what's mor...

The Boy Who Walked Through A Wall on 2012-06-18

This only happened recently, around the middle January this year. It was a weekend afternoon and I had nothing to do; I was just playing warcraft, Dota. In our room, my computer table's backed against a solid wall, meaning it has no door nor any window, just this table and my cabinet. I was ki...

A Doppelganger On My Brother's Bed on 2012-06-18

This happened about a year ago. One night after I got home from school, I went straight to our room, which my brother and I share. We have a bunk bed adjacent to the door, and when I entered our room, I found my brother on the upper bunk, facing the wall. I thought he was already asleep, so I never ...

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Date: 2012-08-31
i've seen a boy who passed through a wall then eyed me for 2 to 3 seconds, I just froze and my eyes went *POP!*
how about elemental entities, can you also see them? I would like to know how those playful spirits play tricks on humans. Like the one we always hear somewhere from rizal province rivers and lakes, yung 'nangunguha' ng victims? May chance din kaya na makikita mo sila doing those acts? Curious lang. 😊
PGH? Wow! With your ability, you should avoid going to corregidor. Imagine what sort of things you might see inside its tunnel. Or them spooky places in baguio. Wow! Maloloka ka siguro? Kidding!:D
where did this happen? Para maiwasan ko pumunta sa condo na yun. Hehe!
good thing you moved out. Having a portal right where you live is something, nakakaloka. Hehe!
you know you're right, must be one of charles xavier's top students.
Date: 2012-07-10
maraming ganyan cases here in our country, yung mga spirits either naghahanap ng justice sa death nila or hindi lang nila ma-accept yung truth, that they are dead.
we saw a ghost of a mutilated man. About me having a gift, i'm not quite sure. I only became more sensitive after Jessie became my girlfriend. And I don't think I want this gift because I am really afraid of ghosts.
geetha50 - in our culture/tradition/belief, we do not ward off these spirits. It's like yin yang, us the living, them the dead, we have to co-exist in one dwelling to achieve a harmony... Something like that. Not quite sure really. But our elders say that once them spirits learn that they are welcome in one family's home, they protect the house and those who live in it from malicious people.
ada - how can you tell if the person you were about to hit is dead or will soon be dead if you don't step on the breaks? 😊 my girlfriend can also see the unseen, but she tries her best not to talk to them.
mrfear672india - entity who takes the form of other human is called doppelganger, but according to our folklore, most times it's just the memory of a living person.
rstahley - no, last january I saw a boy pass through a solid wall, read my second story. But aside from those, no.
ada - this is our first house, my mom and dad bought this house late 1980's before they got married and lived here since then. This was built around 1960's or 1970's. We have no idea about the previous owner. We have something weird going on in the kitchen, some visitors say they see a wispy young woman in front of the kitchen sink washing dishes. They think it's a ghost, but we found out it was only a memory of a maid who used to work here. That maid may not even be dead yet. About peter, you can talk to him? Is it like just talking to a normal living person?
bereal25 - i've asked my psychic girlfriend to look for the boy around our house, she said she didn't find any child's spirit. She said it's just a wandering spirit looking for a place to stay or rest for a while.
thank you for reading

Redph - now that you mention it, i'm not sure if the boy on my brother's bed has the same height as my brother, it's not easy to tell how tall a boy is if he's not standing. The boy's giggle sounded similar to my brother's. The clothes the boy was wearing seemed like one of my brother's own clothes. I weren't able to see his entire head because the edge of the top bunk casts a shadow over the boy's head.
Date: 2012-06-19
i would have screamed like a girl if something like this happened to me.