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A Visiting Shadow on 2012-06-26

When I was about 9 (I am 14 now), I used to play by myself alone. Both my parents had jobs so I would be left with a baby sitter. She used to tell me spooky stories that got me goosebumps. But one night while I was alone in my room I saw this shadow, it wasn't mine for sure. But I ignored it. B...

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Date: 2012-07-03
The age doesn't matter at the moment I saw the shadow day before yesterday but all it did was wave? Didn't say remember me
Date: 2012-07-03
Everyone, I was honest signing up and I put every info true while signing up, besides please HELP ME with this shadow!
Hello! I have experienced this kind of ghostly thing in my house as well. The ghost wouldn't speak, just give clues... But he always made me feel safe. My mom had experienced ghostly stuff herself. And she told me that when I was born I had an imaginary friend and she is still shocked that I talk to myself, though she doesn't know its a ghost. The name of the ghost is James. He is very nice. He looks to me like a 15 years old. One time my mom told me that I was being kidnapped by this 24 year old guy when I was 4 years old, I am 13 now, and then suddenly the guy and I hit a car, he was injured badly but nothing happened to me. I think James is protecting me from any kind of harm. My mom gets creeped out at nights because she often hears a voice singing in my room. And obviously its not me since I never sing. James never talks to me, only give clues by replies. Once I asked him is he trying to protect me? And said if yes open the bathroom door which he did... So I believe that its the homeless guy and he is not angry, you just have to ask him why he disturbs you at night and your not liking the way he wakes you up.