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The Little Girl Who Follows on 2012-07-02

I have always loved ghosts and scary stuff. When I was 8 living in my Wisconsin home. It was dark outside and I was laying in my bed trying to sleep when my bed started shaking rapidly. It also felt like there was a sound of someone breathing in the room. I was scared. A few years later I am in a di...

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Thanks guys! The girl actually just recently knocked my closet door down. I only saw the black dog a couple of times. Maybe twice haven't seen it anymore though. I think the girl is friendly and yes she followed me home from school.
Date: 2012-06-24
That is almost the same thing that happens to me but I don't have an older sister. (Sorry about that by the way) There is always a younger girl around me in my room but my dad and my brothers don't hear her. I am the only one who does.