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Some Interesting Happenings In My Childhood Home on 2012-11-19

I grew up in the North East of England in a house built sometime during the 70s, which is where this story takes place. There was no bad feeling connected with anything that happened there, in fact I look back on it with a kind of fondness and interest. The only thing that scared me took place wh...

Cat In My Room On Anniversary Of Fire And Destruction on 2012-06-26

This is my first post, and I'm not sure if it means anything but I'd like to hear other people's opinions. I live in Germany and my apartment (where I've lived for just over a year) is on the site of a synagogue that was set alight and destroyed by Nazi rampaging and violence known as 'Kristallna...

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I was happy to come across this story, because i'm from Sedgefield and know the area you're talking about:) Only now the hospital isn't around, and there's been a housing esate there for about 10 years. When did your story happen, is the abandoned building still there?
Yes, it's known in English as the Night of the Broken Glass. Feel free to ask any questions Pjod 😁 I'd be happy to answer wherever possible...