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My Visit To My Cousin In Gujranwala on 2012-06-27

I should start my story by telling a little about myself. I live in Lahore and I visit my cousin on every summer vacation who lived in another city called Gujranwala. My cousin's name is Ayzaz and we both were best cousins. He is 6 months smaller than me. It was almost 5:00 pm when it was cool e...

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yes,at that time my cousins school offered a new system of teaching children of grade 8 the Quran, so my cousins
Mother decided to put him in that course. Now today my
Cousin have learned the whole Quran (he started learning
It from 2010) 😊
bunnypanda the strange part was that me and my cousin made a promise not to be going out to hang out with friends or play something after 6:00 pm. 😐