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The Girl Standing In The Corridor on 2012-12-18

Perhaps this is nothing. Three years ago I moved in with my boyfriend to his small appartment outside the city. As the city was growing there were a lot of empty appartments in our building so when we started thinking about buying instead of renting, we decided to move in to the city (we didn't like...

My Room And Its Inhabitants on 2012-09-03

I have written stories related to stuff happening in my room but never really explained why we see shadows in there. I'm not sure if this is the answer, but as it all started happening around that time, that is my only explanation. I was a very lonely teenager, my brothers were very popular but I...

Returning The Batteries on 2012-08-14

This story took place when I was 15 years old in 1996. One Saturday morning my little brother (lets call him John) came into my room and woke me up. He was 14 years old and on that day he was having a trip with the Boy Scouts that would last the whole day. John NEVER gets into my room. He and my...

Whoopy Underneath The Table on 2012-08-07

This story occured to me 2 months ago, when my husband was out on a business trip. He really travels a lot. I should start by saying I've always experienced stuff like this, so now when it happens I just say "oh well..." This house were we live now (we've been living here for 5 months) has a big ...

Camping At The Mountains on 2012-08-06

This story happened when I was 21 and I used to go climbing mountains during the weekends. By that time I don't remember anything I liked more than climbing, so every weekend I took my gear and drove to the mountains one hour away from home. I also used to to take my tent because I loved sleeping in...

Moving Out on 2012-07-04

Everything started when I was a teenage girl. My parents decided I needed my own room so I moved to a room in the house that used to be a storage room. I didn't really like it because I was used to sleeping with my brothers and that room was spooky. I felt alone in that room, but I didn't want to...

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Hi all! Thanks for the comments!

Zetafornow. I think it was because we really looked clueless and in this country they really are something about protecting children identity... I'm not from Spain, so I don't understand this a 100%

Casper_the_ghost. I assumed she had the same age as my niece because she had the same height, but it could also have been a short woman:)

Rookdygin. If it was me who had a child and I was telling the city hall I was moving, I would tell them my child is moving as well because I would want them to assign a school to my child that its near the new house, but they could just have forgotten.

Rockangel13. I don't know... I have seen a girl as I said in a previous story, but this time I was not able to see her entirely. I don't think a ghost can follow you to other houses, can it? I sincerely hope not:s
Date: 2012-08-21
Some of the shadows move... There is one that looks like a skinny man and he always appears behind the tv... The ones that move you can only see their heads because they crawl, but if you look to the footboard you can see them moving
Date: 2012-08-20
Blackmoonmage20: I did what I usually used to do when something like this happened, I slept in my parents bedroom floor until they told me it was time to sleep again in my own bedroom. Is not like something was going to hurt me or anything so I didn't find a reason not to go back.

Casper_the_ghost: He took them because I then got up, made my bed and set the empty remote control on the side bed table... Then left the room and I didn't go in for the rest of the day. I was not scared of the shadows but I felt better not having to look at them:)
Seeing my brother when he was not there just happened once, I got scared when I answered the phone and he started talking to me, I was like "weren't you here a second ago?"... My brother made me promise I would not tell him if that happened again with him. What keeps happening sometimes is that I answer questions he does not make outloud, but only with him (he does not like that). Like, when we were both reading books in the living room:

Me: in Houston I think
Him: mmm, I'm not sure
Me: I'm pretty sure it happened there
Him: wait! How did you know what I was thinking?
Date: 2012-08-10
Well, actually, the person who had the accident was a man... He decided to climb on his own without telling anybody where he was going and so a day passed before he was found
Date: 2012-07-16
Thanks for your comments! I think I finally found a place to live where nothing has happened yet and I hope it continues like this:) my family has not seen anything like the little girl I saw... They only have seen shadows in my old bedroom, but they don't go in to investigate... When friends or family come to stay in our house they sleep in there and in the morning they always say "something very weird happened last night..." and then they tell us a story:) We don't tell them about the shadows because we don't have a lot of rooms... But I don't think it has something to do only with the room. As I'm also afraid of sleeping there, I once slept in my brothers room and I woke up with a strong breaking glass noise and something hitting my arm... The candlestick broke for no reason (it didn't fall, just exploded in the air) and the glass fell on me... My dad of course said it was because of the heath and electricity...