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Supernatural Life on 2012-07-09

I should say before starting that I'm a firm believer in an afterlife. When I was five my family moved from living with my grandmother (my mom's mom that is) to our own house. My family was never rich so we ended up living in a neighborhood with row styled houses. The neighborhood itself is on t...

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Date: 2012-07-20
[at] PrincessLotus

You are free to do so I just find it a little hard to believe that these were forces of good. To me them having surrounded her bed sounded like they were getting ready to perform some ritual.

That may not be the case it's just what it sounded like to me and the very first thing that popped into my head upon reading the story
Date: 2012-07-19
[at] CuriousDevu

You say that boy certainly was her guardian angel. I have to ask how you feel comfortable enough to say that for sure?

Is it possible yes Likely no, not to me anyway. Nearly everyone jumps straight to the guardian angel answer. When it comes to stories like this. That might be the case in some stories but not all.

It's more likely that he saw someone who's life wasn't as bad as she thought. Knew she would harm herself and intervened to keep her from wasting her life.

From what she has said it's clear the boy regrets taking his life and that regret kept him from passing on. Now that he stopped her from doing the same it seems he has moved on.

It's a comforting idea that guardian angels watch over us. But not every time someone is saved from taking their own life. Is it due to a guardian angel. Sometimes it's due to a person who has already made that mistake due to the circumstances in his/her life.

That realized too late that suicide was not the way out so they intervene to keep someone else from making the same mistake and causing the people that love that person pain. As well as the regret they know the person would feel upon realizing they were mistaken
Date: 2012-07-18
I can't offer any idea of what they may have been. But if you were terrified I hesitate to say they were there to protect.

Spirits there to protect you would cause you to feel safe in their presence. I can only speculate at why they were in your home.

Which will not help you at all so I'll not say anything about what they could have been there for
Date: 2012-07-18
Having had a terrible childhood I know what you were initially feeling. I tried harming myself as well only my attempt was at an overdose on the dilantin I was prescribed when I was diagnosed with epilepsy.

I don't think he was your guardian angel. Rather he was someone who had been through the same thing in life as you had who took his own life.

After which he realized it was not the way to deal with his situation. So he stopped you from making the same mistake. It's funny how it sometimes takes what seems to be an extreme action to open our eyes.

The extreme in your case being told by someone who had already passed on how important life is and that it should not be wasted.

It's terrific to hear his message got through to you and that you are well
[at] Miracles

You're right we haven't had any interactions so I did not sense any humor in your comment. Also though it's admirable to consider someone's feelings when they submit a story for publishing.

It's also rude to assume they can't handle the unnecessary comments they will undoubtedly receive.
When someone submits a story it must be believed they can handle the comments they will receive.

They are after all intelligent teens and adults. Anyway those are my thoughts
Interesting story though I don't believe he was there as a guardian but could be wrong. I agree with the others who have said you should investigate the house's background.

[at] Hannah

You should understand one thing the more exciting the story doesn't always mean it's true. Since this site is for the posting of true events the members avoided making their stories overly exciting.

It helps the validity of the claim by giving the reader nothing more than the information they need to make a determination based on facts not fiction

[at] Miracles

Now I agree she should not insult anyone. But do not agree that she should have to wait a certain amount of time before critiquing the mods. Most mods on sites like this end up with a god complex due to their powers as a mod going to their heads

Not saying that's the case with you. But it is with many people who become mods.

Do the mods have a certain period of time they have to wait before insulting or critiquing those who submit stories? In the end mods like all others on this site myself included.

Should have to earn respect and not simply be given instant respect because of their ability to delete comments and reject submissions.
Date: 2012-07-18
I'll get back to you on that I haven't formulated an idea after having acknowledged my mistake
Date: 2012-07-18
I can't say the reason could be anything. Likely they have to do with something personal to the spirit and not having any personal knowledge of these spirits I could only speculate
Date: 2012-07-18
Honestly I can't say so I'll humbly say I made a mistake. It happens when I start getting excited about a subject. Thanks for pointing out the error Rook I need to calm down before posting
Date: 2012-07-18
I don't because I believe in both cases an intelligent being is involved. Though In one case it's free to be more active and the other it's set in a routine it had while alive.

Like a job in which a routine has been set and followed for x number of years. That being the case I believe the spirit will continue to follow that routine as long as it is earth bound.

Which I believe the spirits are in residual hauntings. Earth bound spirits who do not know they have passed on from this life. So they continue to do the work they have done in life
Date: 2012-07-18
Jav I'm sorry if my reply only causes you more confusion. Could you tell me what it was I said that caused the initial confusion?
Date: 2012-07-18
Oh let me clear up the confusion as best I can then.
In any type of haunting the spirit is intelligent. It's just in cases like Rook's they are performing their jobs as if they are still alive.

In the end driving to the cemetery to transport someone to their final resting place was a routine for the hearse driver while alive. Even if it was because of his chosen profession so in death he would have the same routine. I hope that helps it is not much I know but it's the best way I could put it
Date: 2012-07-18

That's also a good question because it's possible that may be the case. People leave trails of energy in their wake as they go about life. Which gets imprinted onto the surroundings as it's absorbed.

Creating an invisible motion picture of what has happened in any given area. Which would explain the footsteps people report hearing in haunted houses.

Also it would explain what Rook saw. Since the conditions were right to allow the playback of the previously recorded events. Even though they took place before his time!

So when the events playback it's like being there and watching so the spirit of the person driving the buggy is present. Doing his job just as he would have if he was still alive.

Some who have passed on do not seem to be aware they have passed on


I see did not catch the comment until today. That's a hard question to answer. I believe that to be the case beyond it just making sense. I believe the spirit body would contain water just as a physical body does just in a different form.

That's the best way I can put it
That might be the case it is possible. But you say you lost the ability until meeting Kira. I seriously doubt that.

I am not calling you a liar just saying that it's more likely that you had supressed your ability due to being told over and over that it was not real or that it was your imagination.

Do you still have seizures? Or have they stopped?
I'd like to be able to give a more detailed answer but need more information
Date: 2012-07-17
It's as Jav has said Rook. You are likely one of the people I respect most on this site. I know my actions may not reflect that but I do respect you


You are right I have nothing but negative karma. Why I haven't a clue but do not care either. I laughed when I found out my karma is negative. It's sad that people need to do such things. But what are you going to do you know other than hope these people grow up
Date: 2012-07-17
No they said something about an imbalance of seretonin and noreprinepherine or what ever the chemical is called. Being the cause no worries about the questions I'll let you know when you've gotten too personal.

That's an interesting theory and may very well be possible. After thinking back a bit I realized that before having that first seizure I would see those shadows while showering.

I had a crap storm of a childhood I will not go into details as it's too painful. I was not in a very good place emotionally when I was younger.

So I think that played a big part in my experiences.
Also I was more open due to being psychic. I normally will not bring that up as people always want some type of proof. Not that I can't offer any I can it just tires me to always have to do so.

In 2000 I had a vision the year in said vision was 2008 I had just been laid off from work. I had worked a warehouse job 12am-8am for Velocity Express. Well Velocity now since they lost the corporate express contract in late 2007.

I had injured my back in early 2008 and missed too much work due to the injury. Resulting in the lose of my job I was a little sad I was making $10.50 an hour and got paid holidays off.
After being laid off I was heading to the warehouse with my cousin J I'll call him who was looking for work at the time.

In 2007 they had moved from their original location out in Monroeville to the North shore only two lots away from where the Rivers Casino now stands.

To 929 beaver avenue when a older lady came driving down the street with a flat tire. Not long after she stopped and asked to use my phone I got a feeling of deja-vu.

Turns out she worked at a prison close by at the time I do not know if that's the case now. Besides my supervisor E I'll call him before he left I was the only black person working there in the warehouse that is.

Anyway due to being sensitive I tend to know what people are thinking it's like I can hear there thoughts. It gets annoying at times since I can't shut them out though it does help me to avoid trouble

Well I am going to hit the hay it owes me $20 and it's been two weeks lol
Date: 2012-07-16
As a matter of fact that was before most of the major paranormal events I experienced. Before that I would always experience deja-vu I think that's how it's spelled.

I remember standing on the steps on day I was around if not 16. And was talking to one of my brothers when something said caused me to have a feeling that I had lived through that day before.

I still have those feelings not as frequent though
Date: 2012-07-16
Actually I did not have my first seizure until 16. I remember because it was 1996 and the first day of school after summer vacation.

In pgh, pa school starts back in September after summer vacation. I can not remember what day exactly but it is in September. I was in home room and woke from what I thought was a nap with everyone staring at me. Also there were two medics at the door and one to my right another in front of me.

Of course thinking I had only napped was quite perplexed and annoyed of the situation. I'm claustrophobic and need about three feet or more of personal space to be comfortable.

Anyway I did not believe the medics when they said I had a seizure. I had asked them why they were standing there staring at me. I was then told I lost control of my bladder which I really did not believe. So I looked down to prove these people wrong only to be proved wrong myself.

This was after the fishing incident I forgot to mention in my story. But before my gram's passing after that I spent much time in and out of hospitals due to seizures.

So for half of my life I have suffered from this condition. I am currently 32 years of age until august when I'll turn 33
Date: 2012-07-16
Oops I meant but not back did not catch the error until just now
Date: 2012-07-16
Thanks all for the comments. When I looked at my gram one last time she simply smiled softly. I think she knew that I knew that her time had come.

I forgot to mention in this story that at 16 I nearly drowned in the Allegheny River. I slipped on some mud and slid silently into the river. I was there with my two brothers their friends and a friend of the family.

It was my first time fishing there was a fish right at the spot where we were. I mean it was visible it was that close! As everyone turned to leave I went back to see if that fish was still there and that's when I slipped on some mud and slid silently into the river

It was not noticed right away that I was not with the others. But they did notice eventually and all ran back to the spot we had previously been fishing at.

I knew if I panicked I'd likely end up dead so I remained calm. All I could think to do to let the others know where I was. Was to wave my arms side to side.

It worked and they came rushing back to help. Luckily I managed to pull myself half out of the river but ultimately ended up slipping back in. Now I say slipping back in back it felt more like being pulled back in.

Once again in the water and this time frightened at feeling as if I was purposely pulled back in. The friend of the family I mentioned had dove but not into the water. He had ended up in a position close to the water's edge on his stomach in order to be able to reach me and pull me out.

Here's where It really gets scary. One of my brother's friends I'll call him A tripped over my saviors foot. Sending him airborne I had went under before that so all I could see was a shadow.

Suddenly there was a big splash it turned out to be A. As he entered the water after going airborne from tripping. I felt his knee hit me on the head I thought that was it I was going to die.

Fortunately I did not pass out as I thought I would. And was pulled out only after A was the last thing that I remember about that is being told a strong current had passed by immediately after I had been pulled out.

This is only one of the near death experiences I have had. But this is the one that I find the most disturbing. Only because I do not remember the other due to it being from having a seizure while in the hospital. After just having had one while living with my father in Ambridge, Pa.

All I know about that one is the medicine I was given was not working and that 8 doctors were perplexed by the situation.

Well thanks again for the comments