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Footsteps With No One Around on 2012-11-28

This story isn't scary. I decided to share it with you in case anyone had anything like this. Since my first story here I was having little more strange occurrences that scared the crap out of me. I'm not sure whether or not it has some link between my passion toward the ghost-thing and me. Well ...

Lonely Shadow on 2012-09-24

Here's another story that happened to me last night. I was about to go to sleep and decided to have one more cigarette. Usually I'm smoking in the kitchen. My apartment is located on the second floor. The light was off so it was convenient for me to stand in front of the opened window without being ...

Strange Events... Is There Something Evil? on 2012-07-31

First of all I will apologize for the possible grammar mistakes. Unfortunately English is not my native language. I had experience that I could neither explain to myself nor disprove. It all happened in 2009. At that time I lived with my mother in our apartment. There was only one living room an...

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I did. Blender is fine. It works just perfectly. I can't explain what it was. Maybe it was just my imagination but what I heard was as real as a real man has been walking throughout my hall toward the bathroom.
Well anyway as I said before nothing really meaningful has happened. I saw nothing, my cat didn't pay any attention... I just heard something but I don't know what it was.
Date: 2012-10-03
Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the layout of the area I live at. And will point out the spot's where that old lady and her dog have been walking...:)
Date: 2012-10-03

1.Nope. The dog seemed quite fine. I also thought it was weird because of the animal skills. If you have read my first story about an encounter I had a several years ago. At the time, my deceased dog, Marshall acting strange, like if he had seen something that I did not. But that dog was just walking nearby that old lady. I didn't notice that he had felt something he should be afraid of.

2.Well (I think this one will cover up the three rest questions). I don't know her actually. She's just my neighbor from the opposite house. Here in Moscow we don't have a single family house's like yours. I live in 12 story house. So do her. We don't even know each other. So if one day I met her and ask her a questions like this she would think that I'm not with a good relationships with my head and call the psychiatric...:) Wouldn't she?

I didn't notice anything abnormal that night actually. I was just seeing something that shouldn't be there - the shadow. Neither of them weren't afraid nor had they seen anything. It looks like if it is only me who has seen it.

Yes. You're right, I have to move on. But actually it's not so easy as it seems. I keep trying, I really do.
Date: 2012-10-01
Thank you for your response!
Well, I think that woman is too old for me...:-) I'm 27 now. She was at her 50-60 I think:-)

The third shadow was really strange. It acting like if it was something like a child playing around his parents. This event was quite short and lasted roughly 20 seconds. I was standing there, smoking and the first thing I heard was that sound of bottle dropped, I was kind of curious. My first thought was that probably some teen guys were playing around. Then I saw that woman with her dog (well, I think I should say an old lady instead, sorry if it confusing you. English is not my native language. So I think there was some grammar mistake's and wrong words. But I keep learning. I really like your language I feel like if it was my native sometimes).
They were just walking toward their home, there was of course: an old lady shadow which was quite well looking regarding the light source under which they were walking, the dog shadow and the third one.
That one was just kind of jumping around, back and forth, up and down... And once and old lady turn around the house, all three of them disappeared...

One of the biggest things I was wondering was why the dog acting like if it was no shadow at all. I heard a lot of stories about the abilities animals have. But that one little puppy seems to be fine and wasn't afraid at all. Nor was an old lady...
Thank you for your replies!

Actually I did cleansing by sprinkle holy water at the corners. There was some video on youtube about how to get rid of negative energy, anger or spirits. And the host and some witnesses whose encounter was really frightening, they were talking about what our actions should be when we feel we are not "alone" in our home.
So I did the way they said. I get holy water and begun to sprinkle all of the corners of all the areas in the apartment.
To be honest I didn't feel any changes afterwards in either air or apartment itself. It still looking the same way it used to be three years ago.

I think it has something to do with previous owners. As long as I know before we bought this place there was an old man who lived there. He was kind person and neighbors were in good relationship with him. Then he passed away... I don't know for sure what happened. He was too old I think. His nephew, by the way move to USA. That's all I know about the history of that place.

That apartment is really odd place. There's some kind of heaviness in the air.
Actually when we lived together with my mom we often argued about something and in the end we had found out that there was no reasonable explanation why we acting that way. It was as if something or some energy makes us to fight each other and feed our negative emotions while we were angry.

Also I read a lot of topics about how important for us to think in positive way in our daily life. Because our thoughts either good or bad they all can produce some major events in our lives. When someone has negative thoughts it may become reality. I always was a kind of man who is grateful for what God gave me. When I was young I often complain that I didn't have something my friends did or I'm not-like-them-stuff. But later I realized that I have the most important thing - The Life itself what could be better?
I think everyone of us should be grateful for everyday they can open their eyes and see the sky, they can hear birds singing, they can stand up on their feet and take a step and then another...
Because there's so much people who just can't because of the illness. They will never see what sky is looks like, they'll never hear about what the birds singing. And the more important thing that the most of these people who have serious health problem they are grateful.
And when we are grateful God see this and he'll provide you more.

I'm telling you this because what if all negative thoughts of previous owners still dwells at that place? Could it be some sort of poltergeist whose intent is just to make people feel anxious, oppressive feelings? Maybe people who used to live there before us had often fight each other and when they had gone their energy still remains there and poisoning somebody's lives.

Anyway I keep watching that place and if something will happen again I'll let you know. Also I want to set up a camera with the night vision ability and leave it for the night to see if something's going on.

Thank you for the replies! Wish you good luck!