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Guardian Angel Experience on 2012-08-07

This paranormal experience was a very positive one unlike my last few stories. It's funny, I actually do have a lot more experiences with good spirits than negative ones but it seems like people like reading/hearing about the scary stories most. Anyways, so my first paranormal experience ever wa...

Frightening Ouija Board Experience on 2012-08-07

My second most frightening paranormal experience happened with my ex boyfriend's brother. We were having a campfire at their step-dad's place; he lives on a farm so there is lots of forest around us as well as a large barn. The campfire was in-between the forest edge and the barn. My boyfriend at th...

The Last House On The Right on 2012-07-31

This is my first story on this site. I am kind of new to this so bear with me. Basically I have had quite a few experiences since I believe I saw my guardian angel when I was 7. Most have been positive experiences, but there have been a few very odd ones as well. I will start with one of the most ne...

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Date: 2012-08-16
Hi Reaper! I have read all of your stories now and am glad I did! Ill start with this one as you mentioned the similarities between both our Ouija board experiences. I do wish I had been recording during mine; it would have been really interesting to play back after the fact. It seems to me that the footsteps and doors could be because of a residual haunting; however since you don't live there I guess you wouldn't be able to see if it was reoccurring. Have you discussed things with the home owner at all?

As for the Ouija experience, seeing the oracle move on its own is always a trip. I'm interested to know what types of questions you asked and what the responses were. I am assuming since you all felt very negative, this was not a good spirit you were contacting. I think it is a possibility that you have a spirit or two following you around - I stand by suggesting Rooks cleansing method for you... If one is following you (as you even suggested in the below comment) than a cleansing would be a good start to counter-act its energies against you.

Peace and love,

Date: 2012-08-16
I have to disagree with youcantseeme; I think that animals (especially domesticated pets) have much spiritual energy within them that it would be no different than a passed human manifesting in their spiritual form. I speak mostly for domesticated animals that have formed such an attachment with their owners - like humans they tend to maintain that attachment even after death. Most experiences have to do with some bond formed by the deceased and the living and/or a material object. I don't think its fair to rely on a MYTH to say that only humans can come back as spirits. There have been to many documented experiences (on here alone) that say otherwise.

Good to hear JS! I will be sure to post more in the near future:D
No problem Reaper, I am glad you found my input helpful. I am looking forward to hearing your follow up stories! Keep us posted on whether the cleansing method cuts down on the activity too (if you do decide to try it, that is)! Talk soon!
Shelby; Something big must have occurred on both our parts (my aunt and your grandmother) for them to not want to tell us. You are probably right with your situation; it must have relayed something very personal. Perhaps it's so personal that your mother doesn't think it's appropriate for even you to know - very puzzling. I hope you find out at some point!

Reaper; I will most certainly read the rest of your experiences and help where I can:) Can't wait to hear about your Ouija one!
Haha thanks Jav - your right, I don't need more warnings to stay away from those boards - I got a big one that night. But yes, I do hope people read this experience and learn from my mistake. I solemnly swear to NEVER use a Ouija board again and everyone else should too:P

Thank you for reading:)
Hi Reaper, your story is very fascinating to me. Unfortunately IMO it does not sound as if this spirit is her grandmother; I believe if it was you both wouldn't be scared from its presence. The feelings you get when it [her grandmother] is around should be warm and comforting, not fearful.

I believe my guardian angel watches over me too and both my fiance and I have had experiences with him in our home and they are indeed weird and puzzling but we never get negative or scared feelings off it.

It seems to me like your fiance had some negative experience in the past with this spirit and she is scared to talk about it - maybe you could coax her into opening up to you about it, I bet she would feel better after you knew everything too; however, don't push too hard if she seems really reluctant, its her experiences and if she doesn't want to share them than that's okay.

As for dealing with this presence you have, providing you both agree that this most likely isn't her grandmother, you could try Rooks cleansing method on the home. He has mentioned it plenty of times on previous stories - if you are interested I could find you one that has it. I haven't personally tried it myself because I enjoy the tom-foolery of the spirits in my home (lol) but I have heard plenty of good reviews about it.

Anyways, that's just my opinion on the situation. I hope everything works out for you and thanks for sharing your story:)

I completely agree with all the posters on here - Ouija boards are not good. I learned my lesson that's for sure. Sky4net does make a great point though, it is very much like the internet these days; you never know who you are 'talking to' or 'contacting'. I am quite certain that whatever entity was there that night, it was most certainly not their mother. I doubt the experience would have went this way if it was her.

Reddysteady, you are much smarter than I was to have listened to your grandmother - she obviously had some experiences of her own as well.
Thanks Jav! I'm glad you enjoyed it - this experience has always been one of my favs. I loved my Uncle Den very much, unfortunately I only got to see him a few times because of the distance. It comforts me to know that he is watching over me though:) Thanks for reading!
Date: 2012-08-08
Hi there - I must agree with Jav - I have woken up a few times with scratches on my face/body; it was most definately the feather pillows and blanket I was using. I as well was a little preturbed at first until I investigated my bed and saw the end of a feather sticking through my pillow - it was rather sharp and most definitly what caused those scratches on me.
Date: 2012-08-08
Wow! Thats such a crazy experience! Like all others, would love to see the picture!
Date: 2012-08-03
I agree with SDS - definitly sounds like a residual haunting. I would try and do some research on the house/area find out what went on there in the past, maybe this could give you insight into what the bang actually is supposed to be or represent.
Date: 2012-08-03
I love how this happened so close to my hometown! I go to Toronto and Scarborough all the time. Very neat! I am glad you shared this with us:)
Thanks for your comments guys! It was indeed a very negative energy!

Geetha - I just read your experience in Ajax! I am actually just in Oshawa, we are not too far away! I really enjoyed reading about your experience, it was super neat to know it happened it in area that I have been to a million times!

Reddysteady - I also think that perhaps it wasn't kids trashing the place and maybe it was the entity. It is very possible it was an atempted warning from the entity before it appeared to us. Also, I have not heard of any paranormal experiences at the petro - although I do avoid that gas station, even to this day:P!
I agree with the sceptics on here. Really - sensing the presence through facebook? I think it was more likely your friend through facebook was just agreeing with you. This also seems like a large case of an over-active imagination.
Date: 2012-07-24
I love this story! I completely agree with the other posters on here - the story itself seems so unreal that initially seems fabricated, however with the sincerety and way it was written I also have no doubt that you experienced this and that it was indeed your grampa letting you know that he is okay.