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SoullessMuffinz's pictureMy name is Elise. I was born and raised in the city but moved out to the countryside when I was 11 years old. Before I moved here, I was taught and believed that ghosts didn't exist. But, I've had numerous paranormal experiences in my new home. I've come to love ghosts, to appreciate them. I just love the idea of history coming alive and able to communicate with the living (even if it's evil and only to destroy us). It's like having a time machine. I think the stories people tell are so fascinating and I can only hope they are true. But I assure you, every story I post here will be an accurate representation of the events I've experienced while living here.

On a side note: Besides loving ghosts, I also love horror movies, modeling, singing, dark things, the macabre, my friends, my family, my dog, blood and gore, video games, reading, writing, photography, and drawing.

If you want to know more, feel free to send me an email with your questions or responses.
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Strange Behavior And Random Noises on 2012-08-27

Lately, strange things have been happening. My dog, Lucy, has been growling at places like she did at the corner that one night I mentioned in my last story. One day before school, I was sitting on my living room couch (the same couch where my first story occurred) and she was laying on the floor in...

A Cry For Help? on 2012-08-07

This is the story of the little boy that I mentioned in my last story. For years, I have gone without any real, solid encounters until this incident. I've seen things fly by me out of the corner of my eyes. I've had pictures of Jesus and crosses in my old room fly across the room and break while I w...

The Shadow: My Worst Experience on 2012-07-31

When I was 11 years old, my family moved into a 30 year old house in the countryside. From the start, I constantly felt like I was being watched. I was always left alone in the house because my parents were always working and my sister was always at volleyball practice, but I have never felt alone f...

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Yeah, it would make a little more sense if you read my other stories. Sorry for not explaining a little more.

I only had one experience in my previous home. I saw my great grandmother kiss me goodnight when I was little. It was before I knew who she was because she died when I was two weeks old. Later on, I found a picture of her and told my mom that I had seen her. My mom also told me recently that in that house, she had blessed it repeatedly and was always doing something of the kind there to make sure no demons came. Though, she didn't do the same for the house I live in now because she didn't think it was needed. But she did say I've always been spiritually sensitive, so I don't know if anything else happened that she hasn't told me that I've just forgotten. But I will read your story, thank you.

My dog is either 3 or 6, we're not exactly sure because we rescued her from a shelter and she doesn't act like she's very young. They said she's 3 though.

Yes, I understand that she could have smelled something strange. But I've seen how she reacts with mice or rodents, even animals outside. She doesn't just sit there and growl, she chases them down and kills them. Once she killed a mouse in my house without even getting blood anywhere, it was neato. I just know that this behavior is not normal for her, and I have no idea why she would change so suddenly.
Date: 2012-08-19
I understand the confusion. Yes, they are the same Amish you speak of, however, the teenagers like to party every Friday and Saturday night. They aren't extremely strict here so they're allowed to own battery powered appliances, like radios or flashlights. So they play their music really loud, do drugs, and alcohol. Most of them grow their own weed and they probably have their various ways of getting alcohol, like most partying teens.

They're not that different from everyone else, just different beliefs. My neighbors sometimes get drunk and bark at my dog, it's weird. They do all kinds of crazy stuff, but they're just people. And they can convert to "yankies" as the call us, but like you said, most stay. They get the choice when they're 18 I think. They get a certain waiting period where they can try living as "yankies" if they want to convert and then at the end of the period, they can either stay, or leave. And after that, if there's any other time in their lives they want to convert, they can. Their families are really tight-knit and supportive.
If it is dangerous, I suggest not doing anything that might encourage it. For example, trying to catch it on tape, or like you did when you tried to communicate with it using the voice recorder. It, in a way, gives them permission to harm you or torment you, causing you to become more afraid, which in turn, gives them more power.

I seriously suggest talking to your parents about it and showing them the wound as proof. I was afraid my mom wouldn't believe me, too, but she took me seriously when I showed her a scar I have on my leg from a mysterious gash that appeared there a few years ago. Maybe afterwards, they will agree to get some professional help. Be careful and I wish you the best of luck.
Date: 2012-08-14
I honestly would agree with your point if it weren't for the fact that the previous owners were the ones who built the house, and there were no deaths in their family here. Besides this, we never have parties at my house. Recently was my sister's graduation party, but that was the only one since we moved here and it wasn't crazy or loud. Plus, the Amish around here have parties that include insanely loud music, alcohol, and drugs. So I doubt an Amish spirit would be complaining about us.

I did have nightmares for a while about demons taking the form of Amish women and trying to kill me and my mom, but they were the very unrealistic nightmares that people have all the time. I still haven't checked out the grave that I found out about, I've been too busy as of late. But I'm hoping to do it soon. I'll post again when I've visited the grave.
Date: 2012-08-13
Oh I've been looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much for your advice, I'll try the technique you mentioned as soon as I can. And my parents don't get along too well, but they don't want to get divorced. My mom just prefers the couch but all of her stuff is still in his room and the guest house.

No, my parents have not had any experiences in the house, but my mom is angry about what has happened so far because she believes it's my fault that there are negative energies here. I have done research on the property, and the only thing I have found is there is a "cemetery" that only contains one grave across the street from the property.

And I don't know how to contact the previous owners. They were Amish, so they don't have a phone and I don't know their address. And there was recently a grad party at my house, and I went in my room that night and immediately couldn't breathe and experienced horrible pain in my chest and back.
Date: 2012-08-11
I have talked to my parents about it but they won't let us call in a professional. My mom wants to cleanse the house herself, but she hasn't yet. I'm just hoping she does soon.
Date: 2012-08-07
That would be really odd if a family member or someone you knew would do that, especially if it was at your friend's house rather than your own. I think it'd be more likely to be an evil presence that lied to confuse you. I could be wrong, but it just seems more likely.

Plus, whatever it was scratched you to hurt you, maybe they didn't want to hurt your friend which might be why they scratched you. I just find it hard to believe that someone you know or a family member would do that to you, unless you have enemies.
Ephemeraismylove and falling_feathers:
I honestly don't think it's a vampire, simply because my sister had no marks on her when she woke up in the morning and other than the cuts I've received, there's been no real loss of blood. So I think an Inccubus or a demon sounds more likely.

I really would love to cleanse the house, and I talked to my mom about it, but she says she'll do it herself but only if I give up watching horror movies. She insists they're bringing demons into the house. Which, I know is not true because I've had issues since before I started watching horror movies. Also, she says that I have a dark and clouded heart and if I try and cleanse the house myself, it won't work. But I know that's bullshiat so I am thinking of doing it myself. The room is now a gameroom and I still see a few things here, but not as bad as it was. And I would love to consult an expert, but my parents won't allow it.
Also! If you want a specific protection prayer, Pslam 91 is for keeping evil out of your house. You can read this prayer when you're afraid. Or if you feel like something is going to harm you, read it aloud.
I suggest walking through your house (probably when no one else is home since they don't seem to believe you) and read protection prayers out of a bible. Even if you're not religious, this does seem to help. And as you do this, wipe olive oil in doorways and on window panes, for every door and window in the house. This usually keeps bad spirits from entering.
I wish you the best of luck.
Date: 2012-07-20
Your story made me feel so comforted for you and your family. I have had good relations with ghosts who have tried to protect me from evil spirits in the past, so I know how much of a help they are. They really are a blessing and I am very happy for you. Just remember that whenever you smell that perfume, you are safe from any harm. 😊
If you have any more encounters, please share them! I would love to hear other things she does. Hopefully it won't come to this, but I would also love to hear stories of her protecting your family, if you bear witness to it.
Honestly, I agree with BrokenTree. I think you're being pranked by someone. Maybe because the house is so new, I just find it hard to believe a spirit would be there. Plus, the fact that it's in pencil puts me off. But I could be wrong.
My mom has dreams like that all the time, where there are secret passageways in houses. She calls them her "house" dreams. Because the house she dreams of is always somewhere she's been before. Once she had a dream about our current house, that she went down in this creepy room in our basement and there was a secret passage there. I thought it was interesting and investigated it myself since I've had experiences in my basement as well. Of course, there was no passage.

I honestly think that the dream is more symbolism than actually showing a real place. You should do research on the meanings of dreams. It might give you a clue as to why the man stood there or where he came from.
I agree with Bbrave. If the town was flooded to create the lake, the people would have been evacuated first. But, there is a chance that some people were left behind or got trapped there during the flooding and drowned. But that chance is slim, so not many spirits could come from the flooding. Still, I have no doubts that your town is packed with spirits due to the information you gave. Though, they all seem like they would be normal people and I don't think you have much to be afraid of.
Whenever I'm afraid of ghosts or possibly demons (which is what I believe is bothering you in your case) then I read a certain Psalm in the Bible. I can understand if you have suspicions of this, if you're not religious. But I'm not religious either and it always seems to help. Read Psalm 91 aloud whenever you feel like you're being threatened or in danger. It's a protection prayer, and usually helps me. I hope this helps.