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Devyani Joshi
I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a kid, I am he kind of girl who stays up late watching movies like The Exorcist and Shining, in my life I have come across many things which I found inexplicable and I will post them here in due course, regards
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The Woods By The Road on 2015-05-11

This is the first post I am about to submit in a long time, I believe I had mentioned before that my friends and I are really into ghost hunting. The events that took place sometime in August of the previous year put us off ghost hunting for some time. Since we began anew last month, I figured I...

A Seance At The Old Bungalow on 2014-03-10

I liked the idea of conducting seances. My first attempt at making contact with a spirit failed largely because my friend started asking the spirit to demonstrate its presence and it resulted in our planchette, a shot glass, shattering. It put an end to our little stunts for a while but we successfu...

A Blast From The Past on 2014-03-03

This story is from monsoon '13, I don't remember the exact month except that it rained continuously and heavily, the skies were overcast and the rain pounded the roof and the windows. I had taken a day off from college, a fake sick leave like Ferris Bueller but unlike the beautiful spring day in Chi...

The Spirit Of The Grove on 2013-05-15

This was an experience which I had while I was visiting my paternal grandparents who stay in a beautiful beach town in Maharashtra. It's a quaint little village actually, extremely clean and beautiful. My grandparents' house is situated very near the beach. There are ample coconut and mango trees si...

Possession Of A Friend on 2013-03-13

In our town there is local lore about a cemetery that is supposedly haunted and people avoid visiting it at night, I didn't know if it was real or not but my mom who was a skeptic believed that the place was a little weird because when she was returning home from work, she was walking that day as th...

The Face Staring At Me on 2013-02-27

This is a fresh incident which took place in late December '12. I had my maths paper in a month's time and, owing to my poor mathematical skills, I hadn't as much as opened the book in the whole year and I was in imminent danger of failing. Vidya, a very close friend of mine, decided to coach me...

Of Ouija Boards On Terraces on 2012-11-21

This was around 4 years ago, I was at Vidya's house when this took place, and there were 3 of us including Vidya me and another friend Shweta. At that time Vidya was completely obsessed with Ouija boards and was dying to have a séance, I was not very keen on it since I have read that only the spirit...

A Shadow Near The Playground on 2012-11-05

This is the most recent brush with the paranormal which I had had about 3 months back in early August. I remember the date 11th as it was my friend Shivanis birthday and we had gone out to celebrate. The restaurant we chose was out of the city limits so we had taken my car. There were two of my guy ...

An Abandoned Bungalow on 2012-09-26

This happened last year, me and a couple of other friends decided to explore an old bungalow in my locality which was supposed to be haunted. Now when people see an abandoned bungalow they think it's haunted, but people like to talk don't they? We didn't believe a word of the place being haunted and...

Hearing Voices on 2012-07-31

I had the following experience four or five weeks back. I don't really have any idea as to what triggered those events so any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me start by saying that I am a skeptic, however the events of the past weeks have done much to shake my conviction. My story is rather ...

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Date: 2015-05-20
It indeed was the scariest thing I experienced until date, looking back it was exceedingly foolish to venture into dark woods at night. The nightmares were worse though.
[at] Abby, I don't recall being followed, no.
Keep an open mind moushmitha, this one did happen, you don't want to believe it then don't. By the way its don't not do'nt.
[at] Rynne,
As I mentioned later in my story, my friend saw a man at the top of the stairs before she was possessed. I can only assume that it was his spirit communicating with us and hence said 'he'.
Date: 2014-04-04
I'm sorry for being a miss Corrector, but what you probably want to say is a seance. The planchette is the pointer on the Ouija board. About the 5th friend who passed away, that's a coincincidence. A person doesn't die if you think avout him/her during a seance.
Date: 2014-04-02
[at] Ashwini,
I agree with Griff84, the woman in the red sari and the English man seem residual. It really was a beautifully written story.
Date: 2014-03-30
[at] Ari, you learn to live with the loss though and I shared this story here because of the positive and open minded attitude of the readers.
[at] Spiritwaiting
Yes, it's the same house. It may be a residual but it certainly was very unnerving at the time.
Date: 2014-03-02
Ken, I have had lots of experiences with spirits but none that harmed me physically. This is indeed very disturbing, you should get a house cleansing done. Get someone to bless the house, it's been known to work. Stay strong, confident and be courageous. They cannot harm you if you stand up to them. Also you can try and find out more about these "dark spirits",
Stay safe.
Devya ❤
Date: 2014-03-02
[at] logan, summer holidays at my grandparents bring back scores of memories to me, as for the spirit I asked a few other people and they too were of the opinion that it was a guardian of some sort.
Date: 2014-02-28
That's a very fascinating experience, you established physical contact with the ghost (it pushing you down) sometimes, you feel the energy given of by powerful spirits in the form of dreams. You can try a cleansing, there are a few methods on this site. One particular method by Rookdygin works, I have tried it personally when I was hearing voices in my house. Stay safe,
Date: 2013-03-21
[at] geeta,
We did experience certain singular events after this visit, this was one of our early encounters with the other side of the grave. I have posted many of them, take A look if you feel like.
Date: 2013-03-21
[at] Emily,
Thanks. She could have been sleepwalking, but she doesn't have any history of it and we have slept in the same room many times, so if she did sleepwalk, I would have known.
Date: 2013-03-21
[at] Geeta,
So many questions, well here are your answers. Mom didn't actually see anyone, she just heard someone whisper her name. She remembers it quite well, it was when she was passing by the cemetery. As for my friend's headache, Aakanksha had a headache after reaching home. I discussed this incident with my sister, and not with anyone else as we would probably be grounded for going out at such late hours. Like I mentioned, mom being a doctor works late into the night at times so she wasn't home. My father died when I was 8, so it was just me, Diane (my sis) and Aakanksha at home.
Regarding the third person at the cemetery, your observations seem plausible, but the thing is when you venture at night looking for ghosts and see anything out of the ordinary, you just don't think of a normal explanation. I guess you are right, it could have been a living person.
Hope that answers your queries.
Date: 2013-03-18
[at] Ari,
Thanks for the rather flattering words. I have no objection to you expressing your skepticism regarding my narratives, I take all the stories here with a grain of salt myself. I can only say that what I have written is true.
And regarding my impeccable English, that is because of the fact that I have a British mother.
Me ❤
Date: 2013-03-14
That's terrible, I think maybe your friend feels really guilty. He may not even be aware of it on a conscious level but you never know what goes on in the subconscious mind. She maybe a ghost, looking to get even with him but I think that may not be the case. I suggest you try to go back to your school and ask around a bit about the girl with the teddy bear (cuteness). I hope she's alive, please post what you find.
Devyani ❤
Date: 2013-03-12
[at] Sahibsingh
I'm sorry I don't share my email or SNS accounts with strangers 😐
Date: 2013-03-07
[at] Rook, yeah I just stated the fact that the road is pretty lonely as it scares me, I don't know why but it does so I mentioned it and I'm not offended by your questions at all,
Regards 😁
Date: 2013-03-07
For everyone who asked me the question about the five stories, I apologize I haven't been elaborate enough. In our country, people used to own a lot of land in the old days and later they sold it off to various builders and developers, the builders constructed buildings and the people got money for their land and some space for their house. I should have stated that the case is same here, my friend has her house in the complex and there are two 8-storied buildings as well. I'm sorry. 😢
Date: 2012-11-22
I was about to say the some as [at] miracles, sometimes some events have such a strong emotion attached to them that they leave their traces where it happened and the people who happen to be there unfortunately witness it, am sorry for the poor girl who lost her life maybe it just serves to show that we should never lose our reasoning even if you are in love, it was nice reading your story, looking forward to some more form you 😊
I agree with [at] rook, the time period concerning the events confused me too and am glad he brought it up. Apart from that, the story is well written and the box playing by itself on Christmas, ('11 right?) might have been sort of a message from your mother, keep us posteed if anything else happens.
Devyani 😊
Date: 2012-11-16
I would have been scared too if I saw a chair rocking by itself in the dark, 😨 am glad you got safely out of the room and they sold the house.
You mentioned something about a poodle following your sister at times, was it a real one or another spirit?
Please clarify, thanks.