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Dad's Last Message on 2012-12-11

When I was young, I used to enjoy music. I was 9 when my Dad (strongly encouraged by my Mum) bought me a guitar. He mumbled a lot because he thought that I would be interested for a short time then would let it down and in the 50s, a guitar was expensive. I finally got it and started to play. I was ...

A Scary Camping Evening on 2012-09-10

It was in 1971, I was in my late 20s. I was then staying in Rose Hill, Mauritius, not married yet and staying at my folks. One day, my dad came home with a South African couple. He met them while coming back home and they were tourists visiting Mauritius with their back bags, tents and sleeping bags...

A Scary Sleepover on 2012-08-20

In 1964, I was 20 and I had 2 friends from France who had come to visit Mauritius. They were staying at some local friends of mine in Vacoas. We agreed that one night, I would also stay over there for fun. We had a great day. We went to a place called "l'ile aux Cerfs", on the east coast of Mau...

The Depressed Ghostly Boy on 2012-08-20

Another paranormal encounter when I was young. In the late 50's, we used to go out with my parents quite often at my Dad's friends. My mother did not like it much because my Dad used to drink a lot and not behave. But the worse part was driving back. He would be totally drunk and more than 10 times ...

The Petrol Lamp on 2012-08-13

A short story about one of the many paranormal events I experienced. When I was a kid, we were in the early 50's. In that period there was a lot of witchcraft going on and ghost encounters were popular. In each family in the island, at least one member would have a paranormal experience in a year. ...

The Haunted Store on 2012-08-13

In the late 70's, I took some holidays and gave 2 days to help an organization to do a flee market. We had to sort things that were given away and put a price tag on them. There were a lot of various things to sort out, mainly clothes. The place chosen to sort those things was a big house which was ...

Several Paranormal Encounters on 2012-08-13

Here are several short paranormal encounters from my young days. In the 60's in Mauritius, it was safe to walk at night and several families used to enjoy having an "evening out" by going to the pictures and after wandering around town, to have a look at the shops displays and eat hot "Poutou" (...

The Wake on 2012-08-13

In the early 60's in Mauritius, we used to have wakes when someone would die. The body would be exposed at the family's for a whole day and night and would then be buried the next day. During these wakes, families and friends would come to eat, chat and play cards the whole night. The card playing i...

Ghostly Encounter On The Sea on 2012-08-13

I must have been around 15 when my grandfather took me out in his small boat to go fishing at night. It was in 1959 in Mauritius. Life was hard but we were happy and the sea was full of resources. Fishes, lobsters, crayfish, etc... And I enjoyed fishing (I still enjoy it). However, even though I s...

The Treasure on 2012-08-07

I posted a story recently. Here is a second experience I had when I was young. It was in 1966. I remember it quite well because it was during the harvest of the sugar cane in Mauritius in November. I had decided that year to go to the cemetery on the 1st November in order to clean some family tom...

The Lady In A Night Gown on 2012-08-07

Here is another story about my early paranormal experiences. Unfortunately, the end was tragic for one of the persons involved. It was in 1956, I was staying in the town of Rose Hill when I was young and I had friends staying in the town of Curepipe which is in the center of the island. I was I ...

The Cigaret on 2012-07-31

THE CIGARET I've recently come across this site and was interested in reading stories and people's experiences. I myself had countless paranormal experiences in my long life and would like to share them. I'm a retired engineer from the sugar cane industry and live in Mauritius. Sorry if my Englis...

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Date: 2012-12-21
Hi Darkness,

Frankly, I spoke to a man like anyone. I did not notice nothing weird or strange about him. The only strange thing is that I met with him in the middle of the day on this street while I was going to his place. We did not know each other. Now, there is another possibility which is more likely to be seen in movies. Maybe he simulated his death... And he is actually alive and well...
Anyway, I had confirmation that he passed away and put in a coffin.
I did not get any feedback from Didier and during the rare contacts we had afterwards this event, we did not speak about this.

Jean Jacques
Date: 2012-09-16
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your comments. It has been indeed a memorable (in the bad way) event. Although, I have experienced more scary things, more personal and more threatening, there are a few aspects of the paranormal that makes me scratch my head. All around the world and in almost all cultures, there is a ghostly woman dressed in white. I wander if this is a type of spirit or same entity or family of entity which manifest itself everywhere or is it just a different spirit each time and in each apparition in the world. That one looked so much like what is seen in movies or told in various account. Up to now, 41 years ago, I still shivers thinking about what I have seen. But you will read more scary events in upcoming stories. Today I've become quite used to these and I thank God, I don't live in a haunted house.
Thank you Sue. I will come with more soon for I had countless encounters with the unknown.
Date: 2012-08-29
Hi mystery girl,

I'm from Mauritius where the major community is Indian. There is a similar entity that local Indian people "feed" and which is called in the local language a "minis prince". It has the similar "function" than the one you talk about in your story. It is fed regularly with 3 compulsory items: sardines, rhum and a cigaret. Its business is to protect yards, orchards, gardens, crops, etc... And if someone looks at its face and eyes, he is slapped and dies a few days after. Indian people always recommend not to be under a tree at noon, 6pm, midnight and 6 am. The only difference being in it's appearance. It shows itself as a very tall and very thin white entity.
Date: 2012-08-29
Hi Javelina,

Thanks for the link. I had actually checked it on Internet when you told me what it was and indeed it does perfectly look like a hairy pig in high heels! It's so funny.:-))

Date: 2012-08-28
Hi Jav,

Sorry for having misspell your name. I think it is the automatic corrector which gave you that name. I use a very modern item to type my stories which is an iPad. Goodness, if I had something like that when I was young, that would have been great! But we would not have all the services provided with. The keyboard was set on French and corrected your name to "j'avoue" which in French means "I confess".
"A hairy pig with tusks on high heels", I would like to see that.
I don't mind the way you analyze my encounters.

Date: 2012-08-26
Hi J'avoue and Aussie,

Thanks for your comments. I never tried to go so deep in understanding these phenomenons. I just know by experiencing them that ghost, spirits and paranormal do exist. They interact with us in a way or another but man through witchcraft do also trigger supernatural things, often negative things. I'm lucky I never experienced something so negative that it affected me physically (apart from running away and injuring myself from trying to flee something scary) but I've known and heard about people who got sick, mad, lost their taste for life, depressed, went totally bankrupted and even died being victims most of the time of witchcraft or from a negative / cursed place. It makes me remember of a relative telling me that his neighbor who was a prosperous and in excellent health began to loose money and got sick. Doctors could not find anything wrong with him. He finally contacted a "good" witch doctor who told him to check under a small schrubs at his place under the ground, he would find a lemon with a needle pricked in. He told him to remove the needle from the lemon and to throw away those items and he would break the spell. Apparently if the needle starts to rust in the lemon, he would get more sick and die. Someone was jealous of him and had cursed him.
Date: 2012-08-24
Hi Javelina,

I will. I'll try not to forget to ask to someone. I'll try to find someone older than I:-) because nowadays it's hardly seen in wakes, maybe in the country.
Hi mini,

I don't know if the owners were seeing things, I was young and they were not family friends, more my Dad friends. I met with them several years later only once while shopping with my Mom, only to say hi, etc... But I'm sure they did see things but were embarrassed to talk about those things.
Date: 2012-08-24
Hi Lakota,

Indeed, the doppelgänger was the most frightening part although in the course of the event it was seeing my friend and not a ghost. I was so tired and scared that I did not realize on the spot the creepiness of that experience.
The family have moved a long time ago and fortunately left these ghosts behind. These blocks were actually police headquarters employees houses. They are set as 4 houses (2 semi-detached ground floor houses and same on the first floor). I don't know if someone have enquired on this but I was told that there were suicides in the headquarters. It might be these errant souls manifesting from time to time.
Date: 2012-08-24
Hi Javelina,

Regarding the cards, there is not empty spot or a drink left for the one who passed away. I think It's kind of accompanying the passed away into the afterlife. Each time I've asked why it's done, I've always received very vague and shallow answers and I've never kind of done a deep investigation.
Hi Brandon,

I was too scared to go and check her tombstone. If you read me other stories, you'll see that sometimes these "people" are not ghosts but witch who "shift" themselves into any living things. Could it ba an animal or an attractive woman.

Date: 2012-08-20
Hi Laura1103,

Indeed, this was very common in Mauritius in that period. By the 80's, these accounts became more scarce. Actually, the more the country became industrialized, the less account of this nature took place. But it was very scary experiencing this and I know a lot of people who were victims of these witches.

Thanks for reading
Date: 2012-08-17
Hi unexplained,

Well Mauritius used to be quite haunted. It has really gone down now (in the form it used to be) but is still prevalent in form of black magic, witchcraft and more...
Date: 2012-08-17
Hi javelina,

My Mum actually seemed to believe me. I understood a few years later that she had experienced some weird encounters as well. She did not deny what I told her and listen to me carefully. I fortunately did not live a similar experience.
Hi Sonri,

This baby ghost was most of the time kind of pranks to scare people. It was mainly the result of witchcraft. It was not like a ghost or independent entity but always the result of witchcraft or black magic. However, there have been occurrences where some people have turned insane after such encounter.
Hi LindaG,

The pig and horse are actually results from witchcraft. As incredible and unbelievable it sounds, these animals were actually people (witch doctors). Some people would do the following. They would follow these animals with a particular stick made from a peticular wood (it's called a "pion d'inde" stick). They would suddenly attack these animals with these sticks and throw lentils on the ground. These "animals" had to "count" EACH lentille. This would last until the morning where the "animal" would transform back into a person who would be actually a witch. I never saw that from my eyes but so numerous people (close family, friends, maids, doctors, etc...) told me about this.
Hi unexplained,

Mauritius being situated in the south of the indian ocean, there have never been any war ships sunk there, at least nothing known. The only wrecks around Mauritius are from the 17th to 19th century, nothing very recent.
Hi happyspirit,

This did not happen near Riambel but on the west coast. Indeed, Riambel is quite an eerie place and there are regularly some weird occurrences there, like mysterious lights, noises, apparitions, etc... The south coast is still quite wild and there are still things happening. But this event was quite unique. Never heard about a similar event.
Hi javelina,

As I remember this, the whispers were all around us, like in the boat and out of the boat. We were like in the middle of a crowd whispering around us and the crowd was like much bigger than our boat. The weirdest thing is that we could not understand a clue of what was being said. Very creepy. It gives me chills writing this down even after more than 50 years. I would not like to live such an event again.