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I am 26 years old. I work as an English tutor. I love reading books and watching movies. I have several true to life ghost stories that I would like to share to you
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Hand That Grabbed Me In The Dark on 2012-08-07

Before I narrate my ghost story you must first know our family profile. This is relevant to my story. I have 3 sisters at this time, my two other siblings are not yet born. Basically my father is the only male in our family. We don't have any other relative living with us so it's just us staying in ...

The Guardians on 2012-07-31

Way back in college I was sensitive to super natural beings, I can sense if there is a ghost or a spirit in a certain place I just visited because I can feel their presence and there are instances where I actually see a ghost, but I try to suppress this unique capability of mine because I don't want...

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Thank you for all your enthusiast regarding my story, actually I was happy and relieved that we moved out from that house.

After that incident I remember I slept in that room until the time we moved out. I don't have any choice, our house is small I don't have any room to sleep and I don't want to tell my parents about it because they won't believe me so I endure it.

I always get nightmares in that house. One night I dreamed that there are people chasing me. I was so scared, I kept on running and running until I reach a church. I went inside the church and I pray so hard for those who are chasing me to stop. They did stop but they made a promise that when I grew up they will get me and claim me as theirs. So far my dream haven't come true, I try not to think about it so much because it might drive me crazy.

I have a lot of scary and unexplained experiences in that house but that's for my new story to be posted here
My mother has warned us over and over never try playing Ouija board (it is called spirit of the glass in our country). She has a terrible experience when they played this game when she was still young. She was so scared that until now she strongly opposes for us to even touch the Ouija board.

Base from the readings I have done and the experience of my mother (this is just my assumption) I think Ouija board is the gateway used by evil spirits to try to exploit the lives of human beings.

My friend in high school was so addicted in playing this board that she would play this everyday. Her life became a mess and luckily she had drawn herself out of it or else shes going to get crazy. Shes doing and saying crazy stuff. She gets paranoid over little things, and she looks different... She can't look us straight in the eye.

Anyway, I suggest never to play Ouija board even if its for fun. IT IS NOT SAFE!
I think its a demon and its attached to the room. You really should consult an expert... This is a really scary experience, just take care and thanks for sharing
Date: 2012-08-02
[at] siskakes: thank you for appreciating my story and me too I'm really sorry for what happened to my friend. He indeed is a big loss
Date: 2012-07-31
[at] Hunter_11: I already talk to them several times, especially to the little boy but the psychic staff told me that it's there decision to make not mine: (