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Black Figure In Bedroom on 2012-07-31

Sorry for any grammar mistakes or stuff like that, I'm from Germany. Well, I'm 26 by now and just discovered this site, so I'll take the chance and share some experiences I had as a child. I can't remember how old exactly I was, but I still slept in a cot. One night I woke up, stood up and looked...

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Date: 2012-08-03
What a wonderful story:) I think Tessie knew exactly how you felt about her and how much you loved her, and she didn't want to go without comforting you a bit. This way the last memory you have of her is a happy one and not the hard goodbye... Yes, I cried a little at the end too xD
Date: 2012-08-03
I don't know, but maybe you are a little sensitive because you read some of these stories?
Don't get me wrong, but I also had "wet dreams" so vivid I actually felt hands on my body, but never thought anything of it...
To your experience when you were afraid... I think we all had moments like this in the dark with just a little light when our imagination took over and we were scared to no end because of a shadow we could not explain, but in the end it doesn't always have to be something supernatural. I'm not saying I don't believe you, but because of your situation (all alone, missing your boyfriend etc.) you could be a little on the edge. Sorry if this sounds ruder than I intent to be, I just want to say that maybe you should see if something else apart from your dreams will happen?
Otherwise it couldn't hurt to do a cleansing ritual, just so you feel better and maybe more safe:)

But if things keep on happening, I agree with the others. Just take care.
Date: 2012-08-03
Thank you for the feedback!

MickeyN: I don't think it was bad for I did not have a bad feeling or fear when I saw it... But no, it never touched me again after that first time.
And about the second meeting, It did not open the door then, I woke up and it was already there. I don't know WHY I know, it was just... I felt it was there, and I felt it was the same as the first time. Sorry I don't remember better, but I can still recall the emotions I had when it was with me.
Of course I cannot be sure if it was the same or anything else, but I think it was.

SDS: The other times it was just as the second visit. I woke up, knew it was there, said something, and as it didn't answer, I went back to sleep after some moments. The next time I would wake up, nothing was there. As I already mentioned above, it was a very strong feeling that made me know. It would not touch me again.
Thank you for the idea of cleansing, but as I said, I was quite young and these were the only times something happened (except for the one experience I will also publish here), so I don't think it is necessary 20 years later.
I think it was something paranormal, and I really look up to you for being so brave as a child! As I was reading your story, there were some things I can relate too, although never that strong and thank goodness not lasting... I especially recognized the part of the "awake dream", as I experienced something like that too.

Thank you so much for sharing!