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A Dark Crying Shape In My Bedroom on 2012-08-08

First, I want to apologize for all sorts of mistakes. I'm from Germany and this is my third language. I hope you can understand what I wrote. I don't clearly remember all paranormal experiences I had since I had some when I was just a kid. My first childhood memory is actually the encounter with ...

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I usually get warning signs like that from dreams. Actually I don't recall anything bad happening after that. It's still a mystery to me but I'm glad it's gone-- hopefully. I was really scared for couple of days (nights) before it disappeared. But I'm sure I'll never stop questioning the meaning of it, why it cried ect... Even if it was just my brain playing tricks on me, why did I see this setting and no other, I mean it must me something that is part of my fantasy. I would really love to know the answer to that although it's what... 7 years since it happened.
Thanks to everybody for all the comments! And not to worry, I cleaned my room since that day. It's mold-free. And I still prefer dark over sunlight but my window is open the whole time except when I'm watching a movie:p
And I really still don't have any explanation for my cats behaviour. He just hates my room now):
[at] Cliney1212 - Maybe it was, that's actually very interesting! Thing is, I actually don't remember me being unhappy, like ever. I'm a merry person by nature, so it had to be something deeply hidden in myself. Something I never noticed until today. I will think about it and try to remember if anything bad happened, thanks! ❤
I remember having a similar experience couple of years ago. I then talked to my mother about it and she helped me. She told me that before I go to sleep I had to imagine that i'm wrapping myself in a golden silk blanket to protect my mind and my body. It might sound weird but I guess a golden shell is very pure. At first it was difficult, espacically when you're scared but after a while I could sleep again. And weeks later all these strange things were gone, they just left. Maybe this could help you too. And I'm sorry for the mistakes, I'm german:p