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Nanny's Doppelganger on 2015-02-05

Since I was a kid, I have heard stories about the "unseen", the "not-like-ours" and doppelganger. I also had my own horror experience back then. When I was in College, I already lived in a different City. During my first 1 year and a half, I lived with my sister in their rented apartment. That w...

Ghost Hunting on 2012-09-04

If you have read my 1st story about A Woman in Black, I've mentioned in the last part that my classmate did a ghost haunting in our school. Now here's the story of it. Still in Junior High School, after we've seen that Woman in black in our music room, we told some of our classmates about it, som...

A Woman In Black on 2012-08-28

I have so many unexplainable experiences since then. This story that I'm about to share happened when I was in Junior High School. Our school is located away from the City Proper (in one of the Cities in Zamboanga del Norte). Our building was located at the back most part of the campus and we (the J...

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Date: 2012-09-16
Thanks for sharing your story Warlington.

I do believe we all have this kind of gift. It's just that maybe people doesn't want to complicate their lives or maybe, they're so afraid to admit. I know I have this kind of gift but I'm hesitant to totally open it. I'm still not that confident enough to prepare to what I could possibly get with this kind of gift. 😉
Date: 2012-09-16
[at] JayGamer: Hi. According to the our friend (former guard in our school), it usually happens after the 8 o'clock prayer for the souls or 12 midnight.
Date: 2012-09-09
Thanks for reading my story.

[at] Cloudaotic: It could be possible that our school is haunted. Since it's surrounded by many trees and it's near a river. We heard about some entities like white/black lady, Tall-Black-Man (Kapre) and ghost of a teacher. But we haven't heard about the headless man. 😐

[at] Blackmoonmage20: I never thought about the movie of Daniel Radcliffe when I made the title on my first story. Sorry for that. 😢

[at] Patrick020926: She got mad on us. (I really mean to all of us. Though not all of us joined the haunting, the idea that we all know their plan, makes her mad.) But we were able to reconcile. And all of us have been punished. 😭
Date: 2012-09-03
[at] Sywren: Thank you for reading my story. I think our school guards have encountered that Woman during their night shift. (But they didn't tell us their experience with it.) We've always wanted to try to help spirits back to where they should be but we weren't able to do so. It's because we lack courage to do it.

[at] JayGamer: Thank you for reading my story.
My Aunt used be a Music Teacher in our school and she's the first one to used that room. I tried to ask her if she knew about the Woman in black (since she has a stong sense of feeling the unseen) around her. But as to her, she just heard the piano played when she left the room but haven't seen that woman even once.