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Something Behind My Back on 2012-08-13

Little about myself: I am 20 year old girl from Finland, Lapland and I live on the countryside. I saw my first ghost when I was 8. I am still not sure do I believe in these things or not, but some things I can't explain what I have been through. This is my first story to post here, I have experie...

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Date: 2012-08-21
you seem to have same kind of problems as I am. When I tried to meditate it away I felt it got more angry. I imagined my mind is white egg sized ball and the the thing, the anger was like black glue covering it all over. I tried to peel it away but it just kept growing back. Finally when I imagined I freezed it and smashed it so it can't come back I heard very very load moan right next to me. Now it just won't let me sleep again
Date: 2012-08-17
thank you Rook for your advice. This is the first time someone actually took me seriously that's why I have kept my mouth shut about this. I can only do the things that I can do with my mind because this is my parents house and they already think I'm crazy.

Well there is two other things that happened recently, there is other little things too. But I told that I have insomnia so I don't sleep so well, I always usually stay up the whole nights. Once I got to sleep at ten in the evening wich was awesome but something woke me up around 3. I didn't know why I woke up I just had weird feeling. I have read that if you wake up around 2-3 there is 85% chance someone is watching you. Anyway, I woke up and I looked my computer, it was turned open, the internetconnection was also open even thought you have to put codes and stuff, and it was opened exactly 00:00. I was very tired but felt that I have to be awake so again I was up rest of the night.

Other thing happened with a laptop, I was going to use it and I saw the pointer started to move. I didn't touch it at all wanted to see what it was doing. It went to spotify to the page my sister was listening to a song called "all has come to an end" or something like that. The song itself was not sad or anything just the title. I have had many sleepingparalysis and it all started here. I haven't played quijaboard here or done anything wich would anger the "spirit"
Date: 2012-08-17
thanks for comments! I think it might have lied that it IS my uncle. If it lied, if its true or not. But now that I have been in this house whole summer I feel my powers are drained, its hard to even get up from bed... That is not my only encounter but still its hard to believe 100% I'm not just imagining. But the scratch marks I didn't do so something is not right