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My Parents' Place on 2012-08-22

My parents' home was built in the 70's in a secluded area of a small town. The home has always been quite creeky due to age, but I've always felt like there was something more. Ever since I was a kid, I never wanted to be left alone. Anywhere. I wouldn't sleep alone, wouldn't stay at home alone, ...

New Renters, Old Home on 2012-08-13

When a friend and I decided to rent out a home, we were very excited to find an affordable little home that wasn't far from work. The house had three bedrooms and 1 and 1/2 bathrooms. You could tell that the half bath located in the master bedroom had once been a full bath. For some reason the bath ...

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Date: 2012-08-17
zzsgranny: I wanted to try to find a cause of death for Ann Eliza Gilbert just to confirm, but I'm having the hardest time. I guess records werent really kept in that time, or at least they aren't published where I can easily find them.
Date: 2012-08-17
zzsgranny: We moved from the house back in 2011, and yes Leesburg, Ga is where we were renting the home. I found this document a couple of weeks ago, sometimes I just wake up thinking about her.
Date: 2012-08-17
buzz_man123: The lady that rented the home before us had four children. We were thinking that her kids had a connection with Anna.