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Uncovered By God on 2012-08-15

I am finally taking the time to write this as I am having to deal with a spirit/ghost/demon I have no idea what it is but its back. I went several months with this entity. It started off as me thinking it was someone who just needed help. I live in a transitional living facility that helps single pa...

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Date: 2012-08-31
Goodness. What a response. I thank everyone who wrote a comment. I first of all feel I must say that I didn't portray myself accurately. I have been in recovery for a year and a half with no relapses until that night and none since. I understand why people would want to blame the addiction for the experience though. The ghost is still in my room but we seem to have come to an understanding that he must let me sleep. I pray around it, I pray all the time and it still remains. There has been no more sexual attacks but the entity is still there. I have showed the videos to several people and they can see what I am talking about clear as day. I think I had written that post out of guilt as someone had mentioned. I did feel guilty for relapsing but I got back up and dusted myself off. Recovery is forever. I guess as far as the ghost is concerned, as long as I can sleep I am not bothered by it too much. I know God will never turn his back on me. No matter how many times I fall. Thank you everyone for your posts and I briefly glanced at some people argueing about something, seriously life is too short to be fussing and groaning over stupid stuff. We all have our own beliefs and our own paths and should not try to inflict our beliefs on anyone. We should all just love eachother. Love.