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I Can See And Hear Spirits on 2012-08-21

Ever since I was little, around 4 years old, I have seen what I believe was some kind of spirits, good or bad. When I was just a baby I saw these things in my room, like dark, shady figures, passing through. I stared at them, but I always seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly without being terrified....

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Thank you all for your opinions on this. Since most of what you all say seem true, I am going to accept the fact that I am sensitive to the spiritual realm. I am unable to go to church because of a lack of a big enough vehicle, but I'm sure if I just talk to the lord and/or read the bible more, it may help just the same. I'm going to cherish this gift, for it is one I am very interested in. My mom says I have it for a reason, but that reason is what I have yet to know.
Thank you for all of your feedback,

I have talked to my family about this. And they, along with most of these comments, think I have do indeed have a gift.