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Hello, My real name is Adele. I am very interested in the paranormal. Even my parents say so. Ever since I was about 6 I have had a few minor experiences although none of them were as scary as when I saw a face in the mirror when I was 11. I always remember that moment and I never see it anymore, but I still believe it has something to do with a young ghost girl that lives in my house, my Mam has seen it twice now and she doesn't really believe in the paranormal, but I know I do completely. I would like to be a paranormal investigator when I am older because I have always loved Ghost hunting/ Detective things.

Princess123 x <3
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My Gran's Ouija Board Experience on 2010-06-28

This is my Grans story, sadly she passed away about 3 months ago and she told me this about a month before she died. When she was working in the courts with her 5 friends she was working a night shift. One woman suggested playing with a Ouija Board. My Gran at this time was not quite sure about t...

Little Ghost Girl In My Mam's Room on 2009-08-17

I have 3 stories and they all involve the same girl and people. 1st Story - One night I was in bed at around 11.30pm, and my mam and dad were coming to bed. I shouted "Goodnight." and my Mam replied "Night night." I was just about to turn over and go to sleep, when my Mam shouted, "Adele?" I did...

Face In The Mirror on 2009-01-20

Can I just say thank you all for your help on my past few stories. So here is my next story. This happened when I was getting ready for school. It was a Tuesday morning I was brushing my hair when I saw a face in the top right hand corner of the mirror. The face was very pale in fact white and it...

My Guardian Angel's Whisper on 2009-01-05

This happened to me one night when I was lying in bed with all my lights off just watching TV. I was all rapped up in my blanket nice and warm and I was drifting off to sleep, though I was not tired for it was only about 8:30 and I was startled when I heard a strange voice whisper in my left ear, "C...

Two Big Red Eyes At My Window on 2008-09-01

This happened in the middle of the night when my sister was sleeping on my bottom bunk. She has her own room, but I told her a ghost story and she won't sleep in her room alone. It was the night around 2:56am or 3:00am, and I know that means the witching hour. I needed the toilet, so I got up cli...

Two Very Strange Stories on 2008-08-12

Let me start off here, so my house is 105 years old, but this first story has nothing to do with a house. Now this is a story that happened just this morning, 12th August 2008. This big moving van was going past my window and my younger sister was going to Adventure Land with her mates, and she ...

Strange Shaddows In My Room on 2008-08-11

I am very sorry for this story because I'm not a very good story teller, Alright so this all started about a few weeks ago, from today 11th August 2008, so I was going to bed it was about 11:45pm, Because my parents were having a night out the house was all to my self or so I thought. So then I ...

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The same thing used to happen to me when I was in primary school (I'm now in year 7) My primary school was built on a grave yard and had a church outside of it. It used to freak me out every time I went into the toilets, so I never went alone, I would only go into them if I needed to go. Also this room outside of school was haunted because me and my friend once saw a shadowy figure pass the other door as we walked down the thin corridor.

Princess123 x ❤
Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for the advice and the comments and whitebuffalo I just wanted help with Ouija boards, because I would like to know more about them and why it happened.

Thank you again. Xx

Princess123 x ❤
I have a ghost living in my house, and I believe that she is a friendly one. My parents usually see her mainly but I have seen her once, and she looks like me and my sister. Long blonde hair and she seems playful like she just wants a friend.

I know how you feel and I am now used to it.

Princess123 x ❤
Date: 2010-05-29
I always encounter these things and indeed they are very scary. I do agree it is very scary to have experienced it, and at night I still always look in a certain corner of my room because I just know something spooky is there.

Princess123 x ❤
That sounds like a very creepy story and sometime I have spooky experiences where I see a young girl standing far away, but when I look at it for the second time, she usually disappears. I have encountered this 4 or 5 times now this year. Although the old man sounds mysterious and I am sure that you are right saying that he may have murdered her.

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Date: 2009-10-03
Spooky story, maybe get a professional to bless the house, if that doesn't work, then ask your nanny and friends to do that again, and see if it lasts any longer.

Princess123 x ❤
Wow that is a great story, I have heard something that is like that.

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Date: 2009-09-05
Maybe you do have a gift. I wouldn't like to see that man, he would freak me out.

Princess123 x ❤
My house used to be 2 flats - and then a shop. I don't know what it was called though. The upstairs is older and the downstairs is newer. We have not seen anything serious downstairs. My mam thinks that the girl downstairs was just her imagination. Xx

Princess123 x ❤
Thanks everyone for commenting and giving me advice. The very next time I see her I will try to communicate with her. Thank you everyone for all your help. Xx

Princess123 x ❤
Good story, I would have been freaked out and ran! Or if I was in my bed I would have hid for the rest of the night!xx

Princess123 x ❤
Date: 2009-08-16
I have had the same experience, read my story: two big red eyes at my window x

Princess123 x ❤
Date: 2009-08-16
That is really scary. That has freaked me out! You should tell your friends. 😊

Princess123 x ❤
Try to be her friend because most ghost kids just want a friend to play with.

Princess123 x ❤
Good story. I can't really help you. It is a very weird experience! Sorry x

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Date: 2009-07-25
Great story, SuperAura x. I would have also ran home, if I saw him!

Have you seen him since then?
Did you see him last year?

Sorry for the ridiculous questions! X

Princess123 x ❤
Date: 2009-07-19
Good story. I also have experiences like I hear a noise every night when I occasionally sleep downstairs, but I just assume it's my hamster on her wheel.

Other times I KNOW that it is not my hamster!

Princess123 x ❤
Date: 2009-07-19
I am seriously scared, other stories just "freak me out" but this one is really scary.

I agree with your boss I would have ran! What is scary is that I am going back to high school, and I am now afraid with all of the doors at night which may be open and closed.

Stuff like that. Ha! Anyway brilliant story.

Princess123 x ❤
Date: 2009-07-10
Good story, and I never have my feet out the bed because I am scared that might happen!

Princess123 x ❤
Date: 2009-07-03
Freaky story. I hope that you sort it out. Also I have a question... How old were you when you first saw "the thing". Xx

Princess123 x ❤