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Shadow Door, Shadow Boy And Fingers on 2012-09-05

Sometime in 2010 - One morning, when I was particularly rushed out the door, I had forgotten my phone on the kitchen table. After I dropped my kids off at the sitters, I went back to the house to retrieve my phone and use the bathroom. I unlocked the door and ran up the stairs to use the bathroom. W...

Little Red Flies on 2012-08-28

Early Years 2006 - 2009 - Many things have happened, little things, that after a while start to add up to something bigger. These are those little things. When my boys were very young, I think my youngest was still in his crib, my oldest son, probably about 4 years old, would be afraid in his roo...

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Date: 2012-09-05
Thanks for the comments. I have not seen the red flies now for a while. Although, my husbands grandmother did pass a couple of years before we noticed the red flies (my oldest son was just a baby). The only thing "red" that I can associate with her is a red scarf that I have of hers. Never made that connection before reading your comment. Very interesting.

Other things have and continue to happen. Nothing that seems to sinister. I will post more stories about the subtle things that happen in our home.