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I have a twin sister named Nikeah and she looks just like me. I enjoy drawing and are just going to High School:3 I listen to Linkin Park, in which they are my favorite band ^_^. I come to this website seeking similar happenings to others. I am 13 years old at the moment and I am obsessed with the paranormal, but also afraid of it. Me and my Bestfriend Tamia Brooks and my twin all discuss paranormal happenings to us and we talk about it with each other. I hope to find closure as to why my experiences are happening when the time comes to when I post my first happening.

When I become scared, I seek what made me afraid in the first place.
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What Stays Behind Me on 2012-09-25

Before I tell what my memory recalls, I wish to add that I believe my grandfather resides in my grandmother's home. I've understood what she means, as I think I have seen him once. I recall this to had taken place in the Summer of this year (2012) , in late July. I was in my house, leaning into...

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Like everyone but a few have said, It is a demon called an Incubus; you need help getting rid of it, unless you're likin what it did. Hope I helped:)