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Ann Russell
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United States
Michigan has always been home, but I've been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit internationally. I love to travel!

My husband and I are both retired. (We were both in education.) I have four adult sons, six grandchildren (latest count), and five great-grandchildren. Also, a houseful of pets.

I believe absolutely in the existence of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. (YGS has taught me a lot. Thank you, friends!) I respect all religions and think there are many paths leading to Spirit.
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Todd And The Final Connection on 2017-02-09

If you're just looking for a scary story today, skip this one. I'm not even sure there's a ghost in my story. If you're willing to think through a problem with me, though, put on your philosopher's hat (or dust off your crystal ball). Here's the scenario: Let's say you're standing in line at the ...

Baron And The Red-faced Man on 2015-12-23

Here's a personal experience I had just before my freshman year in college. I'd almost forgotten about it, and because it was so long ago (I'm a retired great-grandma now) I may have forgotten some details. I took my parents' explanation for this incident as the truth, and never did research to ...

My Family Makes A Sick Call: Part Ii on 2015-10-06

The first part of my story left off in the winter of 1976, when I was a twenty-seven-year-old divorced mother and grad student. Some supposedly minor surgery had resulted in life-threatening complications. The hematoma near my surgery site burst without warning. I'd been trying to slowly get out ...

My Family Makes A Sick Call: Part I on 2015-07-27

I've hesitated to offer these experiences on YGS because some readers would probably classify them as dreams or hallucinations. Although I understand why someone might come to that conclusion, I personally can't think of my experiences as anything but interactions with some of my deceased family mem...

A Drug House on 2014-06-23

Whenever I think about this experience, I wonder how many entities were actually watching us. What do you think? About 15 years ago, on a hot summer afternoon, my oldest son "Duncan" and his wife "Janice" stopped by for coffee. As several family members were sitting around the kitchen table just ...

Cutting The Tie That Binds on 2013-12-16

This story isn't chilling or dramatic, but it's the kind of thing I experience once in a while. It will probably seem familiar to you, since you're all YGS readers, but I'm always looking for reassurances that others share these types of experiences. I hope you'll write some comments about things li...

Thursday Night Visitor And John King Bookstore on 2013-06-19

Greetings, YGS members. I'm taking the plunge today by submitting two of my own experiences. I visit this site because true stories about paranormal experiences fascinate me. I've had a number of encounters myself and it's comforting to compare them with what other people have witnessed. But actual...

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Date: 2017-03-24
Thank you for another beautiful story, Val!
Blessings, Seraphina
Date: 2017-03-19
Hi, Aliviashea. You organized your story really well, so readers can follow the timeline of events. I hope you'll keep us posted!
Date: 2017-03-06
Thanks for sharing your fascinating story with YGS readers, DarkStar!
Wow! What a riveting story--and lovely, polished writing!
It's a new favorite on my list. Thanks, CC Kitty.
Date: 2017-03-02
Rook, I'm saddened to hear of your loss. Although I only know you from YGS as a wise and sensitive voice, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Beautifully written, Melda! The little boy doesn't seem like someone simply "left over" from an earlier time, with no connection to you. The experience was just so intense and personal.
Oops! I'm sorry, folks. I meant to write "THE earlier comment" in my last post.
Hi, Biblio,
Thank you for investing so much time and thought into this response. What a careful, well developed explanation of your earlier comment! You even provided sources for further reading. (To be expected, of course, from a writer whose nom de plume is Biblio;)
Now I have a better understanding of the point you were making, and can see how it might be applicable to these types of experiences. (I do have a rudimentary familiarity with the principles of physics you've identified, although I'm definitely no scientist. The whole timespace idea is so cool!)
Maybe YGS should create a single place to gather outstanding posts like yours that are especially well informed and clearly written. (Just off the top of my head, I can remember posts by you, Rook, zz granny, Miracles, Tweed, Valkyrie... That deserve to be highlighted.) It's a shame to keep them buried in the comments, when they could continue helping everyone.
Hi, Green4life,

Welcome to YGS.

Whatever your experience is called, whatever you believe caused the dread and the terror, you were brave to share your story with us. It certainly strikes me as a paranormal phenomenon of some sort.

It's bound to be upsetting when your senses tell you one thing and your religious studies tell you something else entirely. Sounds to me like you and your sister remained respectful to your parents, even though you disagreed with them about the existence of ghosts. Kudos!

Now your own outlook is broader. If someone tells you about a similar frightening experience, you'll listen with sympathy - and that's a true gift.

BeagleMom, I really enjoyed reading your story. Wonderful details!
Hi, Sarsem. Just a thought: It would be difficult to make this little girl leave if your brother doesn't want her to go.
Randym, your suggestion certainly makes sense. I've known several people who were consciously aware of when they would die. (I used to argue with my mother about how long she would live, and she proved to be right, unfortunately.) So picking up on this would be pretty natural.
Hi, Hawkseye12002,
Thank you for sharing your empathic experience in the virtual world. I agree that you must have connected with your online friend's emotions, in spite of an extra "layer" of separation that a virtual world would provide. Interesting!
Date: 2017-02-16
Hi, Val,

I didn't mean to sound mysterious in my previous comment. Smile I just began thinking about the possibilities of interpreting the mirror symbolically. Only you would know whether it applies.

Consider: In the dark you see your reflection, but at first you mistake it for a stranger. The mirror breaks, and your image is shattered--but only you perceive the mirror as broken. It's mysteriously restored before anyone else sees it. Could this incident "mirror" something that later happened in your life? Just a thought.

Date: 2017-02-14
Hi, Val. This is such a riveting story--ending as mysteriously as the incident began! It's now in my favorites.

You may be familiar with the ways mirrors have been used as symbols in literature. So they've always been eerily fascinating, even if they couldn't mend themselves:) Is it possible someone was offering you a message about yourself? (I've got theories, but would be going out on a limb.)

I'll bet whoever was rummaging through the boxes was just plain nosy! Laugh

Hello, YGS friends,
Argette, thank you for explaining what you mean by picking up on a sense of place. Now I understand. I guess I do this, too, but I always blew it off as the product of a wild imagination. I'm glad you told me about this.
Val, you packed a lot of information into your reply. It was very helpful. Now I understand the layers concept and I'll start using the technique you described.
Tweed, it was kind of you to reassure me that I didn't cause or influence Todd's death. Back then, everything related to the paranormal was strange and confusing to me. I hope some of you talented teachers are helping young people understand these phenomena better. (You're certainly helping me!) I never thought about the psychometry thing being connected to these other ways of receiving information. (Silly me!) It makes more sense now. I'm fascinated by your experience with prophetic dreams. Amazing!
Hello, YGS friends,
Thank you for your kind and well considered responses to my questions. You always come through with helpful advice and information!
RCRuskin, can you recommend anything I could read to understand the similarities or connections between this type of experience and principles of quantum mechanics? That's a fascinating idea.
Rookdygin, your explanation of what Empathy is really helps. It's so clearly explained that I could follow it easily. (I notice how patient you always are when you answer questions here.) Your speculation that the connection is broken when the spirit crosses over strikes me as sensible and right.
KikiGirl, thanks so much for that link to types of psychic abilities! I'll visit it tonight. Your description of Todd's emotional state and how it could be transmitted is vivid - right on the money - as is your reminder that we are all connected somehow.
Argette, your experiences are intriguing. I never felt the "sense of place" aspect. Will you share a story about that with us?
Valkricry, Emotions as energy--thanks for the reminder. It's an idea that pulls everything together. You really got my attention when you mentioned shielding yourself in public. I don't know much about shielding - just enough to put up a shield around my house or a room. I'm completely ignorant when it comes to layers. Would you please tell me a bit about that?
Mikepapp, I appreciate your gracious comments on this story. Your Jaws comparison is right on the money Laugh .Ever notice that skeptics still want to hear your stories?
You've probably got more experiences to share with us, things that happened a while back so that you've forgotten about them. I hope you'll post them for us.
Hi, Seinfeldfan,
Thank you for the compliment!
Good point about the family. Some people say that picking up on these things can "run in families." Maybe that's true.
Date: 2017-02-10
Hi, Blacpearl,
Thank you for using your story to reassure other sensitive people that they are not alone, and are not weird. I hope you'll share more of your experiences with us soon.