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Physically Grabbed And Followed on 2015-01-21

I have posted other stories of my daughter's experiences, who has been seeing and hearing things that others would perceive as not normal. Last fall, age 11, we were both outside. I was taking out the trash and she was riding her bike on the parking lot in front of the apartment. As I was watchi...

My Child's Latest Experience on 2012-11-19

In September I have submitted a story about my daughter called 8 Year Old Who Sees Ghost and Shadow People. She is nine now and Since then there has been other situations that I have witnessed. In my previous story I mentioned that more things are happening more and more as her birthday gets close...

8 Year Old Seeing Ghosts And Shadow People on 2012-09-11

For the longest time my daughter will not stay in a room by herself. I was getting tired of it and was going to take her to see a therapist to help her out, because this has been going on for about a year. About a month ago she told me why: about a month ago before the reason we were at my mother's ...

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1. She has seen both old fashioned and modern. She has described both old fashioned boots before and she has seen a little girl with a modern dress.

2. With the ladies there were two different faces or head shapes I should say. Alayna can't really make out the faces but she says one had a long face and the other was round. She didn't hear the ladies speak Alayna just tells me that they were wanting help, she had that feeling. Of course she was crying not only because of her being scared but she felt bad for the ladies because she doesn't know how to help them. That is what she told me.

3. Yes.

4. The apartments I live in is modern. If I get my place blessed will it help? I am just afraid that it won't because there are three other apartments in my part of the complex.

My husband and I have talked about moving, because having a house will be better especially if it was to get blessed. When we talked to Alayna she looks at us both very seriously and says that even if we move they will follow us.

I am going to write a part two. There has been other things happening, with me being a witness to one of them. For skeptics, hope you can respect me for saying this, but ever since her birthday her gift has developed more and this is what I will be writing. I do have an open mind and my husband and I are looking for the right therapist.
Mistycantsleep>> I appreciate your honesty and what you are recommending. My husband and I are looking into a good therapist. I am sure he/she would suggest to have her head scanned and that would be fine with me. But since my last post there has been other things that have happened that I have witnessed myself. Our focus right now is to keep her calm and finding the right therapist. My daughter is really wanting help.
Your experiences just shocked me because my daughter too has been experiencing the same thing also. Although she has has experiences before we moved an hour and a half away. But like you we live in an apartment. When you mentioned a tall black being leaning against the doorway, my daughter who is eight experienced the same thing. It was if it was leaning around the door way watching her. I have posted a story on here, "8 Year Old Seeing Ghost and Shadow People"? We are still working through her experiences, everyday something happens. Just today she had an experience at school for the first time. Have you ever experienced anything before?
Nothing has hurt her, so far... Which I am just worried about. Alayna is very worried about it because there has even a couple of times where she ad he is afraid they are going to hurt her. I always tell her she has nothing to fear and don't be afraid.

By the way, we have not had anyone in the family that has passed away. She has described the dark figure with very dark black eyes. Alayna has seen him twice, unless he was at my parents house then that would be three times. But that man had a hat on. I have however noticed that a lot of times she is experiencing these things at night. And the whispering starts at about 1045pm to midnight.

I just feel bad for her because I try to let her know that this "gift" can be a good thing and there is a reason why she has it. But her response always is, "why me?". I figured that as long as I can help her by being there for her and be positive about some things that this could help her.

I always heard of orbs but not triangular. Does anyone have any info on this type of shape. Anytime she has seen something like this, it is rectangular and white. White can be a good thing, right?
Thank you Rook for your suggestion. We use to go to church consistently but since we moved we haven't. My husband has found a church for her and him to go to, I work on sundays so I cannot go. He wants to make sure that Alayna and him are comfortable with the pastor first before bringing this to his attention. Tonight my daughter and I were working on her homework and she heard something/someone counting...24, 25,26...whispering sound. We were not working on any math, just reading. I had her tell it to stop but it persisted again. This time I told it to stop and we moved into the living room, there she don't experience anything else. Tonight and the last three nights she has heard whispering, crying, seen a white light moving through the hallway, and a small shadow person. Nothing drastic so far since she has been wearing her necklace. Maybe it could be helping, or just maybe they are not bothering her so severely. The talking /whispering is getting her rattled. Two nights ago I experienced something myself. I woke up in the middle of the night, moved my arm then felt a hot spot. I ran my hand through it several times to make sure I wasn't losing it, but the fourth time it was gone. The heat felt like the heat that is produced from TVs.
My husband and I had bought our daughter a necklace that is a cross and we tell her that this will help. Just so that maybe it will give her a piece of mind. Here lately it seems that something has been trying to communicate with her. Her and I were on the iPad playing a game and then all if the sudden she leans forward. I ask her what is wrong and she tells me that she thought she heard someone crying. I told her not to worry about it and it is probably our neighbors (we live in an apartment). A few minutes later she jumps a little towards me and tells me she heard someone whispering and crying at the same time. Again, I tell her not to worry about it. Five minutes later, she jumps again towards me immediately tells me it is a lady that whispering, but cannot understand what she is saying. Again I tell her she has nothing to fear and next time just listen more closely. This is now affecting school, her grades are starting to drop and she is always tired because she is afraid to sleep.

Thank you for everyone's comment or suggestions they are greatly appreciated. I will keep everyone updated.