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Pushy Robert on 2012-09-12

I was visiting a friend who lives in Sheffield, UK. She rents a row house, which was probably built around 1900 for steel workers, like all the other houses in the neighborhood. The garden shed was originally an outdoor toilet, so that gives you some idea of the date of construction. My friend an...

A Residual Haunting From A Tragic Death? on 2012-09-12

Years ago my mom and I rented a house. It was a three bedroom house and there were only the two of us. My mom suggested I take the master bedroom. Now, I wasn't really thrilled about the master bedroom because it had two architectural/design features I hate--mirrored closet doors and a toilet I can ...

Something Watching Me on 2012-09-12

I lived in Texas for three years when I was a teenager. My grandmother had moved there in the 1950s because my mom needed orthopedic care (she had had polio as a little girl) and my mom's surgeon had moved to Texas. So our family literally followed him. When they grew up my mom and her sisters moved...

Ghosts Of Murdered Highway Patrol Officers on 2012-09-11

This event happened when I was maybe three years old. My mom was cleaning around the house, when I came out of my room and asked her to come to the bathroom with me, because I had to potty and "there's a man in there." So she went with me, and she couldn't see anyone, but she asked me to describ...

Footsteps In The Night on 2012-09-11

In 2010, my cousin and I went to Wales on vacation. My family have been visiting Wales almost every year for decades, but this was my first trip (although I had been to England on my own). Whenever they go, my family always pays a visit to St Davids in southwest Wales, and they stay in a holiday cot...

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Date: 2012-10-06
Hi everybody! Well, I'm glad you agree I made the right decision not to let Robert use my body. I feel it was the right decision too, although I feel a little sorry for him.

Geetha--I haven't talked to my friend about it, actually. I've always wanted to, but wasn't quite sure how to bring it up. You know, you don't want to freak someone out about their own house if they WEREN'T aware of it. I'm just kind of waiting for her to mention anything on a topic even remotely related, and then I will try to work it into the conversation! 😉
Yes, it really is so sad. I remember when my nephew was very little and he pulled on my dog's tail, and my dog gave a warning snap. He didn't bite, or even come close to my nephew, but after that we were very careful because, like you say Southerntk, sometimes kids inadvertently hurt dogs and dogs react fiercely. But I can't imagine how awful that must have been for the parents.

Geetha--I now live some distance away from that house, and haven't gone back there so I haven't had any contact with newer residents. I would like to know, though...
Hi everyone, sorry it took me so long to respond! I forgot I don't get automatic email updates when there are comments.

I am very lucky that my mother believed me! I think of that every time I hear of some poor kid who nearly went crazy trying to convince people, or even being blamed for things done by ghosts. In fact, just recently we were watching some ghost story on TV where exactly that happened, and I told my mom, "I don't think I could ever forgive you if you had done that," and she said, "I wouldn't blame you!" My memory of this event is very hazy, because I was so young. Nowadays I don't see ghosts with my physical eyes (at least, I haven't yet!) but I can feel them. It's sort of a combination of a physical and an emotional feeling.

Javelina--yes, your description of that causeway is right on! It's also very dark out there, because there are just rice paddies and fields on either side of the highway.

Pjod--That's a good question about the color tan. My mother is very definite on that point, so I take her word for it that I probably said tan. The only thing I can think is that I was very into colors and coloring, and I could already read a bit at that age. I might have learned colors from my crayons. I can remember from when I was a little older that whenever I was coloring or drawing pictures, I would read the name of the color on the crayon wrapper so that I would know which one exactly I had used. Or, I might have heard my mom mention the color in connection with her friends who were CHP officers. I'll have to ask her more about that.

Isandhu (or is it Lsandhu? I can't tell if that's an I or L with this font!) --I've always thought maybe they showed up like you said, because I was young and innocent enough to see them. Freeman was the one who was my mother's friend, so he might have been checking in. I think maybe because the trial was starting, the people who had known these two officers were thinking a lot about them, and maybe that attracted them?
Date: 2012-10-06
Miracles--Yes, it was great to hear my cousin had been visited too! If it had only been one of us having an experience, I think we would have remained a little more doubtful, even though there really wasn't room for doubt, at least not in my experience.

Cosmogal and Southerntk--I also think the ghost was probably saying something like "What are you doing in my house?" What a weird experience that would be for him! If I get the chance to go back, I'll have to get a recorder and see if I can communicate with him... Although I don't speak Welsh, so that might be a bit difficult. But worth a try! 😁
I know this post is old now, and maybe no one reads this thread anymore. But I just found it, so maybe others experiencing something similar to Zuora will find it.

Anyway, regarding the question of what this entity is: According to Irish tradition, there are spirits (fairies) called Gean Canach or Gancanagh ("love-talkers") who are said to seduce young women. Now traditionally these spirits cause the young women to pine away and die for them, but who knows what the full range of their abilities might be? Being fairies/elementals/non-human entities (whatever you want to call them), they are neither good nor bad. This is merely one possibility and of course it doesn't answer your question as to how many entities you are dealing with. My point is that there is a long tradition in folklore about fairies becoming sexually or romantically fixated on humans and attempting to draw the humans away into the spirit realm.

In traditional British "cunning craft" or magic, an individual is inevitably approached by a "familiar" who assists them, and not infrequently the relationship is sexual. Many "cunning folk" described their familiars biting them and sucking or licking their blood. The encounters with the familiar are usually not in the physical realm but in "visionary experiences" such as when out-of-body. Again, in other cultures shamans have helping spirits that appear to them in visions and out-of-body experiences. However, familiars/helping spirits are usually very communicative, since they are friends and helpers, so the fact that this entity/these entities have not communicated with you could mean this is not what they are.

Now, regarding what to do about it, if you want to keep it/them away, the first thing to do is put a shield around yourself (visualize it). You can take other steps, but this is the most basic one. And there is no room for doubt here--that robs you of your power.
Hi--just to add to what raftingirl and sds said, in Japan there is a concept very similar to the European "evil eye," where the spirit of a person who is jealous or envious can attack the object of their negative feelings. It's unconscious and happens when the jealous person's guard is down, for example when they are asleep. My point is that this kind of belief is virtually universal, which to my mind gives it credibility. And I agree with raftingirl about what to do about it--shields.