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My Grandson, Timothy on 2013-01-22

Several months ago, I submitted a story about events that occurred while my husband and I were remodeling our house. (Did we wake up Ghosts?) This story is related to that but concerns my grandson, Timothy. At the time he was about two or three years old. (He's 7 now, and doesn't remember anything a...

What Did I See? on 2012-12-17

About 10 years ago when my daughter was around 16, she's my middle child, she has an older sister and younger brother, I saw something that I haven't been able to explain fully. The reason that I mention my daughter, her name is Brittany, is because I feel like I would never have seen this thing if ...

Something In The Graveyard on 2012-09-24

My husband told me this story not too long after we were married. He knows that I'm interested in strange events/occurrences that don't have an obvious explanation. I've experienced several interesting and unexplainable things throughout my life and I like to hear of other's stories. Just to giv...

Did We Wake Up Ghosts? on 2012-09-12

I married my husband in October of 2007. Shortly after that, probably around February of 2008, we began to remodel our home. My husband had bought the house in 1979, when he was about 25 years old. He bought it from an older married couple who were moving out of state to be near their children since...

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I agree with Miracles. We can't judge everyone's reactions by the way we think we would react in a similar situation
I've had quite a few 'experiences' in my life and I've had different reactions everytime. Sometimes, I've completely 'freaked out' and other times I was completely calm.
I think that it depends on not only your age/maturity, but also the situation/circumstances at the time of the occurrence.
When I first read this, I thought I would probably have screamed, ran out of the room, etc... But after I thought about it for awhile and compared my reactions to similar happenings I realized that I may have done the same thing.
I saw something unexplainable in a public restroom once, for goodness sakes! And the worst reaction I felt was an overwhelming sense of fear and goosebumps! I didn't scream, and I didn't faint.
I never even mentioned it to my husband until years later.
So, let's not judge these stories or the people who submit them on the way we THINK we would react.
I don't know a lot about the terminology of these kinds of things. I just know what I've experienced. Maybe what you saw was residual energy of a young woman who had died, (by who knows what means) in that room? I feel like there is likely a story behind her appearance. When a person leaves this life, they must surely leave a 'print' of some sort behind.
But that is only my feelings on the subject.
Date: 2012-12-18
Thanks for everyone's comments. I have wondered if it was someone coming in to check their make-up or hair. However, since I was at the middle sink, surely I would have seen her on either my left or right? The reflection showed her passing behind me, so it seems to me that at the very least, she would have appeared on my right.
But I was very tired and so I can't be 100% sure.
I don't know anything about the property or the store. I've never been back since that one time. My daughter graduated a few months later and we've never had occasion to drive that way again.
I've just always thought that it was an interesting experience.
Date: 2012-10-24
Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I definitely think that that house is haunted. I've experienced the same sort of things in the house I live in now. I was nervous at first, but over time the activity has almost gone away. Every once in a while, I'll sense or see something, but I'm usually not afraid, just startled.
However, there is a spot in our backyard, near the side of our old barn, that I do not like to go near. It creeps me out everytime, and I'm not sure why.
Very interesting story. I don't have any answers for you unfortunately. I'm kind of new to this. Though I've had 'experiences' all my life, it's only in the last few months that I've started to really want to know more.
My home is haunted, I've lived here for about 6 years now. I have a story posted here what happened when my husband and I remodeled our home. I hadn't experienced anything much since then... But you mentioning the piano in your story has got me thinking.
We recently "inherited" a very old piano from my husband's aunt who passed away last December. We got the piano in January of this year. It belonged to my husband's grandmother before his aunt got it.
Since then, I've had a few experiences that I just kind of wrote off... But since I read your story and you mention YOUR piano, I'm thinking...hmmm.
Thanks for sharing, it was quite interesting and has definitely made me think...
Thanks for your story, it is very interesting and well-written. Some of it seems a little cliche', but I just assume that that is your writing style.
There is one part I do have a question about: (call it nit-picking if you want) but you say when you were in 2nd grade you had 2 brothers that were "6 or 7 years younger than you". My thought was that, in 2nd grade you were probably about 8 years old. So they must have been babies? Are they twins? It's just a question I had.
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading it.
Thanks for sharing your experience. I can see how frightened and worried you would be. I agree that fear could be (at least partly) the cause of you waking up each night at the same time.
Most people's minds are pretty open to suggestion, whether we know it or not. And I've found that we can subconsciously 'train' our brains. (sound crazy?) For instance, Monday through Friday I can't sleep past 5am. My husband gets up at 6am to get ready for work. For some reason I always wake up an hour earlier. I've tried to sleep later because really, there's no reason for me to be awake that early, however, I never can. On the weekends however, I sleep right past 6am and usually don't wake up until after 7.
I say all that to say that it may be that after waking up a few times at that specific time, your brain is 'trained' to wake you up.
Also, I'm trying to post a story on this site about the reason that I never sleep with my hands/feet hanging over the edge of the's goes back to a dream I used to have when I was very young. I'm not sure that it's actually a paranormal 'experience' per se, but I'm interested in everyone's input on it.
However, while I was reading your story, I could just imagine how frightened you must have been. I don't have any suggestions, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in about the 'power of suggestion', lol.
I hope to hear more from you about this situation.
I caught the Christmas holidays/October thing, too. Hmmmm
I agree with the comments posted about this story.
There are so many contradictions in it that I don't know where to begin...
So why, exactly did you submit this 'experience'?
If you are don't want anyone to comment and you're satisfied with what you know about your 'ghosts', then why submit it at all?
Also, your attitude is also a combinatin of defensivenss and condescension. Not pretty.
Date: 2012-10-20
Very creepy. Thanks for sharing. I know that I'd be nervous about staying alone in the 'breakroom' that you've found, because I'm sensitive to atmosphere and such as that.
If I were you, I'd ask a fellow employee to come into the room with me and see if they felt anything. That is if you can find someone willing. 😁
My older brother and I both are very sensitive, and many times I've asked him to come with me to places where I've felt another presence, etc. It sometimes helps to have another set of 'eyes' in such a situation.
Thank you for sharing your story and the link to your Facebook page. I found it very interesting. The photos on your page are very good and gave me the "shivers", lol. I hope to read more of your experiences!
Thanks sharing your experience.
Maybe the reason that only you and your mother saw your great grandmother is because you are both sensitives, and you have the 'extra' power of believing in ghosts.
I'm not an expert on these things, by any means. I know that I am sensitive to such things and I've seen and felt things that the rest of my family haven't.
Definitely begin to keep a journal of any unusual activity. I've begun to do that in the last few months and it can be very helpful as far as keeping things in perspective for you.
From your story, it seems that you are pretty sensitive to spirits and supernatural presences. I've had experiences such as yours most of my life, but it's only in the last few years that I've begun to try to figure out exactly what was going on. I know that it can be frightening sometimes, being so sensitive to such things, but I think that if you don't feel threatened then you should be okay. That's just my opinion, I'm not an expert by any means, however.
Thanks for sharing your story, and God bless!
Date: 2012-10-12
Very creepy story. It sounds as if you did indeed disturb a ghost or spirit. Who that ghost is, or why it was there is a question you'll probably never have the answer to.
(unless you go back and try to investigate, course!)
Thanks for sharing! 😁
Date: 2012-10-12
I think that in some cases, mirrors can be 'portals' or doorways to other dimensions/times.
I don't understand why you say that you may or may not answer questions or comments.
Thank you everyone for your comments! Sorry that I've been so long in replying... My laptop was on the blink. 😢
My husband says that Jerry didn't remember anything after the scream, although when he came to, he was still freaked out. (of course)
I read everyone's comments to my husband. He said to tell you guys that it was the scariest experience of his life and he hopes never to repeat anything like it again! As far as returning to the site, he says he's not sure if he could find it again... Even if he wanted to!
Thanks again to everyone for your kind comments on my writing!
Date: 2012-09-23
Thank you, Miracles, for your comments. I believe that you may be right about the ghost feeling like a part of the family now. Several times in the past, I've 'talked' to the presence and explained what we were doing and that we meant no harm. I feel like they understand, because the activity has somewhat abated.
As I said, every now and again, I get a 'feeling' that someone is nearby, but I never feel afraid. I don't try to interact with it any longer because I feel 'better left as is' as the saying goes.
Date: 2012-09-22
Very scary! And very well told. I don't blame you for leaving, I would have done the same!
Since you 'felt' that the entity was evil or wrong, you made the right decision to leave. We have to trust our feelings when it comes to things like this.
Take care and thank you for sharing with us.
Date: 2012-09-22
Thank you, Argette and Ghosts for your comments.
Every now and again, I still feel as if I'm not alone in my house, but it's not as often as before.
One thing I have noticed is that when my oldest daughter and her children are here, (which is much more often since they moved next door!) the atmosphere in my house seems to be more peaceful and sometimes there is an overwhelming sense of 'love'.
I think that maybe the spirit is satisfied and happier now.
I just wish that I knew more about the previous owners.
Date: 2012-09-22
I think you made the right decision by telling Robert 'no'. Giving consent to another entity to enter our bodies could mean giving up control of ourselves. I can never see that being a good idea.:)
I'm not an expert by any means, but I feel that Robert could have told you his story through some other form of communication. Feelings, images, etc.
Thanks for sharing.