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That on 2015-11-04

It's been a while that I haven't shared a story here, was just busy at work, and life in general. This happened sometime around July - August of 2012, in Saudi Arabia. I don't mean to offend or something, that from what I know about their culture, they don't believe in the paranormal and such ...

Calamba Cemetery, Cebu City, Philippines on 2013-03-18

In the early 1990's Cebu City wasn't still a full city scale. I mean, not too much edifices, malls, etc., the roads weren't that wide as today, and mostly not well lighted (even some today, still). On the dawn of 90's, it is still like holding to the 80's. Anyway, this story is one experience I h...

Hospital Experience on 2013-03-06

I had a girlfriend before who has some handful of paranormal experiences. Again, I'm not this fanatic, but only a first-hand believer scary type of person. Yet I know, they exist. One time, we were visiting a friend in a hospital which is on the 6th floor. While only the two of us in the elevator, ...

Scary Client Experience on 2013-03-06

This happened when I was still connected at my previous company; see The Haunted Building story. I would say, that one of the privilege of that company is to be able to travel around the country, with company expenses. Surely, had some quick glimpse of other places. On one business travel, we wer...

The Haunted Building on 2013-01-28

Good day to you, all! Now this one is from my (other) previous company. First let me describe the building. It's located between a vacant-dumped lot and some abandoned warehouses. It's about 15 years old and it was year 2010. A 4-story U-shaped concrete structure, composed of rooms occupied by c...

Occurences In My Previous Company on 2013-01-23

These experiences happened on my previous company. It is a hardware-building materials company situated on a warehouse type 2-storey building. Being an IT always gets me into abnormal working schedules; coming to the office much earlier than the rest of the employees, going home late, spent overt...

That Woman In The Kalachuchi on 2013-01-22

This experience happened in our town, a province of Leyte, Philippines. Me and some cousins from the city were having our summer vacation there, also in time for the coming town fiesta. Our town is one of those typical "still conservative" type, and me and my cousins are just eager roaming around, s...

Two Halloween Events on 2013-01-21

This is about 2 incidents that happened on Halloween. First was way back a couple of years ago. It was believed in our culture that on Halloween's eve or All Saints day, the souls of the departed would visit the houses of living relatives, mostly in the forms of big moths and other unusual insect...

Spooky House Experience on 2013-01-21

This happened when I had a brief stay at my uncle in Ormoc City, Philippines. That was after college, and I didn't really had serious plans of getting a work yet, so I stay with them and from time to time helped my younger cousins, and had an extra job in my aunt's school (being a computer technicia...

That Ball Of Fire on 2013-01-16

This happened in our old house in Cebu way back in the early 90's, and I was 12-14 years old then. We lived on a subdivision not so far from downtown area. Those years, we often experienced power-cut offs or brown outs, and most of those times are our beloved moments to play around like, hide and se...

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Date: 2015-11-23
[at] Chapulin, thanks for reading. True, but like I said, I never expected those "things" to exist in that place...
Date: 2015-11-13
[at] Caz, sure, it was scary, but kind of stuck me most, is that I didn't expect those "thing" happened or exist in that place.
Thanks for the read.
Date: 2015-11-04

I travel a lot on my previous job, and been to Iligan City a couple of times, and based on your description, I believe (if I'm correct), I've been in that lodging house too...
Nicely narrated story!
Really enjoyed reading it.

Yes, I heard a lot about this hotel in Baguio, and just recently I had this friend (former officemate) who's into paranormal group, and said they're planning to visit this place, sometime this summer. Good luck to them.

Best regards,
share those pics...

Can't wait to see it.

Thanks and best regards!



Yes, the street was not well lighted, but definitely not that dark, one can still see the road, clearly. And after the impact, we immediately went out of the car, so even if it's an animal (dog or cat, most probably), we could still see it.


Philippine cemeteries all has their stories to tell, especially the old ones...


Nope, we never dare to investigate further, because we knew there were some couple of accidents that had happened in that road, as well as that cemetery itself has its creepy stories.

Best regards,

Hi, DelzLdy!

Yes, I was with my father, mother and a cousin.

Best regards,
Date: 2013-03-18

In our country, every time, we or someone goes to the cemetery, one has to burn something that can produce smoke after the visit. We'll burn some dried grass, branches or just anything outside, then after we'll step or walk-passed to the smoke. It is believed that anybody visits to the cemetery, each living attracts the dead, and that some spirits will go-with the living, and the purpose of the smoke is to like hold them back. Anybody misses to passed-by the smoke, will become restless for the night, even becomes sick. Others even won't take the clothes they wore in the cemetery inside the house, and has to wash themselves outside.
Mostly this has become a tradition on us, based on some experiences.

Thank you and best regards!

Date: 2013-03-12
Hi Theghostgirl571!

Later, I heard that Nina, was kind of like having a third eye or something of an aura that attracts spirits and other sorts person. One time, she asks me if I had played an Ouija or Spirit of the Glass, I said, nope and has no plans of. Hehehe

Thank you and best regards,

Date: 2013-03-12

I didn't really bother to know or make inquiries about that since I knew most hospitals are creepy. Also, it happened way back years ago, and that hospital has already gone some renovations up to this time.
Still when I think back, it's one of my scary experiences.

Thank you and best regards,

Of course, that sighting of the dead was really scary for me. I never expected to have that experience. And why about the child's voice was a kind of funny notion? Because nobody really believed about that (child's voice), until we reviewed the log calls. One time, we saw a couple of bloodied barefoot prints in the showroom (5 steps, and nobody normally enters barefooted on a showroom, right? I remember my co-employee even has photos of it on her phone), creepy isn't it?
Next time, I'll share my other experiences in this company/office.

Before the store was erected, the lot area was just vacant and dumped.

Date: 2013-02-02
What most of us understood, is that 'she' doesn't want to be disturbed, especially beyond regular office hours.
Zander, SDS - Thanks for the comments!

It was really one of my unforgettable teenage-experiences!
Date: 2013-01-26
Nice story!

As what I knew, most schools are like that.
My grandmother was also a teacher; preschooler and had some stories also.
I'm not sure what type or something dwells in places like that.
Date: 2013-01-26

Thanks for that info...

Later, I learned it's called here in our local; 'santelmo', believed to be spirit of a dead person, left or stuck in that particular place, who happened to had an unwanted death.
Date: 2013-01-26
Thanks for the comments!


As for the scattered things, it's not that often, as well as not 'too' messy also. I verified it from my self, and with my other female cousin, since she is the cleaner-in charge of the house; examples will be, some notebooks filed in the table, then later 1 or 2 will be missing, and will be found inside one of the rooms, or under the bed, or downstairs. Another would be slippers or shoes arranged on the rack, then later one of the pair would go missing, and can be found in the washroom, etc.
Yes, that's what I also believed, that anybody went to the house, and would stay even for just a couple of days, will be likely 'copied' or something.