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South Africa
triden07's pictureHi all, thanks for taking a peek in my profile.

I would like to start by stating that I don't have profound lessons to teach anyone, half of the time wish that I couldn't sense the spirits around me.

I have witnessed miracles and lived through pain and loss the likes of which I would not wish upon my worst enemy. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

I have made peace with the spirits in my home, well, 3 of them anyways. That does not mean that I don't get scared. I'm constantly afraid that I may say or do something that could upset them.

You know, they say ignorance is bliss, I didn't know about the little boy in my house until September 2012 (a month ago!) and then, being told that I am right, that others are there, following me, keeping me safe, playing "bodyguard", can be overwhelming.

Here is another picture of one of my ghostly protectors.
It's my mom sitting on the couch, and to her left you can clearly see a shadow person, none other than my camera shy gran, if you look just over mom's left shoulder you can see Gran's eyes, and you can even see a shadowy hand on mom's arm.

Gran showed up on another picture. Tell me if you see her...
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Back To The Flat on 2017-01-24

On the weekend of the 14th of January the kids and I moved out of the house and back in to the flat (the same flat we had lived when they were still babies, and where my grandfather had manifested and terrorised my mother about 2 years ago) The first night there Tim and Elaine slept over (they h...

Unmistakable on 2016-10-04

As those of you who have read some of my posts know, my maternal grandmother is one of the guardians in my home. She passed away when my mom was 5 years old and has looked out for her kids ever since. She is also not the easiest spirit, if you ask people like my medium friend, Tim. She was a ster...

Difficult Year on 2016-09-01

Empath / Sensitivity Warning. Mediums, be warned This year shaped up to be another tough one. And due to the fact that there is an exorbitant amount of stress in our lives, our "spirit family" seem to be dialing things back. Although things still do happen. In February of this year (the 7th to...

Little Things on 2016-02-01

Since the night my cousin finally appeared things have been quiet on the spirit front. Nothing really huge has happened. However, little things tend to add up, so I'll share what I have experienced. We went to the coast over December, my twin sons and I along with my parents (my boyfriend had to ...

I Am Ok on 2015-11-16

Apologies to the empaths reading this, I cried the whole way through. On Saturday, 7th November 2015, I once again experienced something that shook me to my core. In the two weeks leading up to this day 2 people I know and love had episodes where they collapsed and had ceasures. If the fact that ...

Sa Military Museum on 2015-11-03

I have now realized that what my medium friend, Tim, told me from the first day I met him, that I am much more sensitive than I can imagine, is 100% true. This being very clearly demonstrated on Sunday, 4 October 2015. My boyfriend and I took the twins to Johannesburg Zoo, and as we were driving ...

New Office, New Spirit 2 on 2015-10-22

Following my first story about the spirit who is wandering around our offices, I have some more to tell. The spirit is a man, somewhere in his 30's to 40's. He not only had a personal connection to the house, either living here or just spending a lot of time here, but he was part of the renovatio...

New Office, New Spirit on 2015-09-30

I started working at a new company on 24 August 2015. The job and the people are great, and I am very happy. But I'm starting to notice things in the office... We work in an old house that was converted in to offices. We have a show room that takes up a third of the building, it's open and well l...

Fire With Fire on 2015-09-28

Since moving out of the flat when I was going through my divorce, I have made a point of not going back in there unless it was really necessary. When we had tenants renting the place I had no need really, but the tenants left and my mom decided to move in there. Suddenly I had to go there quite ofte...

Breaking The Chains on 2015-09-18

In June 2014, my parents, my sons, my sister and I headed to the Northern Cape, to a forgotten little town called Petrusville, to go and visit my mom’s brother, Uncle Tim (he and my medium friend have the same name). The trip was for healing, as with family politics we had not seen my uncle in 5 yea...

I'm Trying To Warn You on 2015-08-31

To those not familiar with my stories, I live in a house inhabited by 4 spirits. Both of my grandmothers, my friend Charlie, and a little boy who died in the house, named Adam. Activity has been minimal for the past few months now. Gran still knocks on the fridge regularly, and Adam still comes t...

Surprises On Two Pictures on 2014-09-22

Please read my other stories for full background on the spirits in my life/home. On Friday, 5 September 2014, we celebrated Casual Day here in South Africa. Its an annual charity drive especially for people with disabilities. On casual day you pay for a sticker and then dress up or down as you se...

My First Unrelated Apparition on 2014-09-22

Last night, 21 September 2014, I was woken up at 10:50PM to the sound of human feet hitting the pavement passage right next to my bedroom window. Given the fact that we have had a vacant house next to us for over 2 years, which now occupies an unclear amount of squatters, the trespassing of stranger...

A Little Help on 2014-09-22

To all the readers who might find my story confusing, please reference my other stories for background on the spirits in my life/home. On the evening of Thursday, 28 August 2014, I had started to notice that Adam, the little boy who is the only spirit bound to the house, was constantly with me. W...

Telephone Line 2 on 2014-08-11

To all readers not accustomed to my stories please refer to my other stories for my background. In past months, we have experienced white noise phone calls and a woman's voice on the other end. Then one night she whispered directly into my ear, asking if I can hear her (full story see Telephone L...

Gran Breaks Through on 2014-08-11

To all readers who are not familiar with my experiences, I live in a house occupied by 8 souls. Four of which are flesh and blood, i.e. My twin boys, my mother and myself. The other four are three loved ones who passed on and came back to serve as guardians to us, both my grandmothers and my very de...

Favourite Toy on 2014-08-05

To all readers not familiar with my stories, here is the basic background. I live in a house inhabited by eight soul\'s altogether. Four of which are flesh and blood, i.e. Myself, my twin boys and my mother. The other four are spirits. Both my grandmothers, my best friend, Charlie (all of whom pa...

Telephone Line on 2014-06-10

To all readers who are not familiar with my experiences, I live in a house occupied by 8 souls. Four of which are flesh and blood, ie my twin boys, my mother and myself. The other four are three loved ones who passed on and came back to serve as guardians to us: both my grandmothers and my very dear...

Mommy, I Just Saw Kiddo on 2014-05-06

To those unfamiliar with my stories, I live in a house inhabited by four spirits. This particular telling is of Adam, or Kiddo as we used to call him before he let me know what his name is, who is the only one who is bound to the house as he burned to death in the room he now sees as his sanctuary. ...

The Pink Room on 2014-05-06

The Pink Room As a courtesy to readers unfamiliar with my stories, I live in a house inhabited by 8 souls altogether. Four are human, namely myself, my twin boys and my mom (for health reasons had to return to SA), and the other four are spirits, namely Adam - the little boy who burned to death i...

The Kind Of Surprise I Like on 2014-04-16

As a courtesy to people unfamiliar with my experiences, I will give background on the spirits residing in and around my home. There is a little boy named Adam who died in the house and sees the room he is in as his sanctuary. My maternal grandmother, who is here as a guardian to her family, by choic...

Oh How My Powers Grow on 2014-03-10

Hallo to all my YGS friends! As a courtesy to new readers to my posts, I live in a house containing three spirits. One is a little boy named Adam, who died in the room he now sees as his sanctuary. The second is my Maternal Grandmother, who is a guardian spirit to her daughters (every generation sin...

Xai-xai Beach Cabin on 2014-02-24

This past December I once again visited with my parents in Mozambique. Differences this time were my aunt was not invited and I had undergone a big operation at the end of November and was not allowed to drive so my parents came to pick myself and my kids up. Due to the fact that I had a lot of pain...

Pain Has Faded, Touches Return on 2014-01-13

To all readers, new and accustomed to my stories, this is about the 2 guardian spirits in my home, Gran and Charlie. After going through recovery from my operation in November, I had really started missing being able to feel Charlie or Gran with me, instead of just hearing them make little noises...

Full Circle on 2013-11-18

I would like to start this story off by asking that you read my story "It feeds on panic and fear" - as this story follows that one. As a courtesy to readers unaccustomed to my stories, I live in a house with 3 known entities. One is a little boy called Adam, he is between 4 and 5 years old, and...

Of Little Boys And Play Dates on 2013-10-07

As with my other stories, this is about two of the three spirits in my home. Adam and my maternal grandmother. Adam, the little boy who is bound to the ground, has taken to seeing me as his "mommy". I honestly see him like one of my boys as well. He is so tiny and quiet and shy, he rarely shows h...

Marius's Unwelcome House Guest on 2013-09-10

As a courtesy to readers not familiar with my stories, I live in a house with one spirit linked to the land, a little boy named Adam. As well as 2 guardian spirits, one is my maternal grandmother, the other, a very close friend of mine called Charlie. In this instance, Charlie was with me and very a...

A Frightening Glimpse Into The Future - I Need Advice on 2013-08-28

I have noticed that as my stress levels rise, the spirits around me make their presence clearer. This past weekend, 23 to 25 August 2013, I had more confirmation of this. A friend of mine, J, had been visiting for the weekend. I love having him there, he used to run ghost hunting tours in Pilgrim...

Intervention on 2013-08-26

To all readers, this is about 2 of my 3 resident spirits, Gran and Charlie. It's funny how the human mind works. Some people are naturally predisposed to be hard and unbending when interacting with others while others, such as myself, are the kind who tend to be too nice. In saying that, I have l...

Communication on 2013-08-14

To all readers, new and established, this is a story about my most recent experiences with my resident guardian spirits. That would be Charlie and Gran (her name was Allen Mari by the way, and yes, that is her real name, though people who knew her very well called her Monta). Lately I have notice...

Adam on 2013-08-14

As most readers/posters may have seen, I made an awesome discovery last week, around 26 June 2013, concerning the little boy ghost in my house, who I have lovingly been calling Kiddo since finding out about him. As an added bonus, I had Valkricry from YGS, as a total bystander, sensing the same thin...

Mother And Daughter on 2013-06-04

This story is linked to others in my profile, such as "My frantic Mother & Now we all know". And it's about my mom and her mother, one of our guardian spirits. My mom has had health problems for a few years now. In February this year, she moved to Mozambique with my dad. Seeing as how that area i...

Guess Who's Back on 2013-05-13

As a common courtesy to new readers and those not familiar with my stories, this is an account of the three spirits in my home, Gran (my mom's mother), Charlie (a friend of mine) and Kiddo (a little boy who died being burned to death on the property). And the person who has made my interactions poss...

A Shove In The Right Direction on 2013-04-08

As a means to avoid confusion, this post is about my resident ghosties residing in my house, namely Gran, Charlie and Kiddo. On my birthday this year (March 2nd) my oldest friend in the world (Adb0423) and her boyfriend were among the guests. Now, as she has explained in her posts as well, her bo...

Protectors on 2013-02-27

These are a few jumbled events of where I now know we were really being protected. I can say with certainty that I at least have mostly only experienced good ghostly encounters, bar one. I'm truly thankful for that. My younger sister and I had decided this particular weekend in June 2011 to go s...

Preaching To A Sceptic on 2013-02-19

This past Saturday, 16 Feb 2013, I had a friend over to my house. He is your typical non-believer, though he also claims to be completely atheist. Since I have been raised Christian, but rarely go to Church, I don't have a problem with hearing about other cultures, religions, and the people who beli...

Drained on 2013-02-13

This happened in the past month (Jan - Feb 2013) After my operation Tim had been in contact with me every day, always starting conversations with, "Did the patient behave today?" After Charlie showed him the flash of me bending over in the kitchen holding my stomach, I'm guessing he and gran were ...

Can A Lot Of Pain Cause This Activity? on 2013-01-29

As I have mentioned before, I have been living in my current home since 2005. Gran made sure we bought the house, and I have always felt presences, though they mostly scared the wits out of me. The weird thing for me, my parents bought this house because I had just gotten married and my mom had sepa...

Protective Spirits After Surgery on 2013-01-21

I was very sick on Sunday, 6th January 2013, and by Monday I sought out a doctor. By Wednesday I had seen 5. To crown everything, I had to be in surgery on Thursday. I was so scared. Charlie did his best to calm me down, I was in pain, and even little Kiddo braved leaving his sanctuary to walk with ...

Vacation Experiences on 2013-01-21

This past December (2012) we set off for Mozambique. Excitement aplenty as we packed the car on the evening of the 14th of December, we would leave 3:00AM on the 15th. Thanks to my aunt, who never fails to make a late entry, we were only on our way at 4:10AM. I drove the first shift. By 7:00AM I was...

Helping Hands on 2012-12-10

To say that we have had a busy few days is stating things lightly. After mom's surgery last week, Gran has been very active around mom. She does not hang in the passage; she is constantly where mom is. Friday afternoon Tim asked me at one point if mom was sitting in the lounge, so I did not even ...

My Frantic Mother on 2012-12-10

My mother was in a flat spin. Completely worked up about going for surgery that is potentially life threatening. She kept checking and double-checking her bags, trying to decide if there was anything of importance that she had forgotten. She was looking for her slippers, everywhere, and just could n...

Eventful Weekend on 2012-12-05

Friday night (30 November 2012) my ex came to pick the boys up for the weekend. T didn't want to go at first, but then when "J" got there he was happy to see his dad. "J" has always had a knack to say a single sentence and get me so upset that I start shaking. He did it again on Friday night. But, I...

Uncanny Thought on 2012-11-28

This is more of a question than a story. I have seen first hand how much power there is in twin connections. My father's mom was one of a set of identical twins, and she told us a lot of instances where they were hundreds of kilometres apart, but they always knew when things were not right with t...

The Farm In Zeerust on 2012-11-28

When we were younger, I am guessing around 13, my aunt and uncle dragged my sister, then 11, and I to my uncle's family farm over a school holiday. My cousin and I were born 13 days apart, partners in crime our entire lives. My uncle's father had died a few years prior to this, and his mother was li...

Little Things In The Office on 2012-11-28

Just as clarification, this is not an unknown entity wreaking havoc in my office, this is Charlie being mischievous when he seems to get bored. I do feel that I should give a little background on my work environment. I work in an office building with three offices, and two open areas. When you en...

Prisoner's Ward on 2012-11-28

Between 15 August 2008 and 29 September 2008, my little boy was in a coma in a hospital in Johannesburg. The Staff and Management of said hospital had been so kind to my husband and me that they gave us a room in the Maternity ward to sleep in, as they knew we would not want to leave the hospital. A...

Now We All Know on 2012-11-27

I have been sitting and thinking about the stories I have posted. One thing that I can say in all honesty, and frankly, with a great sense of relief, is that my stories predominantly do not centre around fear. I am honestly thankful for that. This past weekend, my sister stayed over for a few nig...

Bad Feelings In Aunt S's House on 2012-11-26

This is sort of a follow up on the story "Two Houses He Has Never Been". On Friday, 23 November 2012, I went to my aunt's house to go and pick up a photo of my Gran. It is the only picture that my mom and my aunt have knowledge of, since she was exceptionally camera shy and it was apparently a ba...

Is The Cook Still There on 2012-11-26

When I was 13, we went to visit family on their farm. They lived in a town dominated by farms and the people were so nice. As we were in town the Saturday, my mother bumped into her eldest sister, who she had not seen for years. The reunion was a shock for them, but they were happy to see each other...

The Overlook 2 on 2012-11-21

This past weekend, 6 and 7 October 2012, my best friend (I am not using their real names) Elaine, and her husband Tim and their kids came to visit me. Tim has been able to see and commune with the dead since he was a little boy. He says it wrings him out physically and emotionally and he feels it is...

Worry Transcends The Living And The Dead on 2012-11-19

This past week, I had experiences with each of the three entities residing in my house. Communication was made possible by Tim, as per usual, even though he never was physically in my house. Gran - I have been suffering from pain for a few months now, but as the weeks wear on, it becomes more pro...

Marie's Shadow on 2012-11-15

In late 2003, at the age of 19, I met the man I would end up marrying a year and a half later. He had bought a 2 bedroom apartment with his mother, and not long after they moved in, his older sister fell on hard times and ended up moving in there as well. There was no room for her so part of the lou...

The Events That Made Me Realize We Were Not Alone on 2012-11-12

Growing up, I had experiences with spirits here and there. It seemed as if someone made me aware of the fact that someone had died in a place, or if someone told me they had experienced something in a room or house, I became very aware. For the first few months that we lived in our current house, I ...

I Knew Before Anyone Else Found Out on 2012-11-07

I have been thinking of things that have happened in my life that I could not explain, until now. Some of these things I have mentioned in posts, just feel I should document them as a proper submission. When I was 15 I had an experience that I found very strange. I woke up one morning in October,...

Just A Little Goodbye on 2012-11-07

Since finding out about my guardian, and Kiddo, I have been thinking about experiences I have had in my life. To my knowledge I have never had experiences with negative entities (apart for the thing in my house 3 weeks ago) and I could not recall ever seeing a ghost/spirit. Until last night. Mom ...

Two Houses He Has Never Been on 2012-11-06

This is another story where Tim was the link between the living and the dead. When my mom was in her last year of high school, her sister lived with family (they have not spoken in over 30 years) in Pretoria whose house held paranormal energy. My aunt had explained that everywhere in the house, t...

Amy's Experience With Kiddo on 2012-11-05

My cousin Amy has always been able to sense spirits. Though, she could always see them very clearly, when they chose to show themselves to her, she could never communicate with them. At some point, she had become so afraid of what she could see that she willed herself to turn it off. Though, she can...

Ward 4b - Room 210 on 2012-11-05

This incident happened on the night of 24 July 2012. I had been hospitalized with Bronco Pneumonia and ended up in a ward with, at that point, 4 other ladies. As you enter the ward you have a total of six beds. Three on the left and three on the right. I was given the last bed on the left. In the...

Charlie's Anguish on 2012-11-05

As my experiences grow and increase, I learn a lot about the spirits in my home. Especially the one who is with me constantly. Charlie. (As with my other posts, I do not use real names, for people past or present). This past Saturday, 3 November 2012, we had a few people over for a braai (barbequ...

It Feeds On Panic & Fear on 2012-11-05

Guys, this story spans from Wednesday, 17 October 2012 to Sunday, 21 October 2012. It is quite a long story, so please bear with me. Wednesday, 17 October 2012 - I had just gotten home from work and sat down on the couch. My mom was already home and she was fiddling around on her laptop, as per u...

Granny And Little Boy 2 on 2012-10-10

This past weekend, 6 to 7 October 2012, my friend Elaine, her husband Tim and their kids visited with us. Tim has been able to see and communicate with spirits since he was a little boy. It drains him physically, causing headaches, and mentally, but he says he cannot fight if they need to communicat...

My Guardian Angel Story on 2012-10-10

I'm not using real names for any persons passed on or alive, and the stories I send now all centre around Tim, my friend's husband, and everything he told us happened this past weekend, so my stories all basically start the same way. This past weekend, 6 to 7 October 2012, my friend Elaine, her h...

The Overlook on 2012-09-25

This is the story of a house we lived in where very strange things happened. This was between December 1998 and May 1999. When we had moved in, we made a sign that we put up outside of the gate, calling the house "The Overlook". Which we thought really fit the house, because if you looked in from an...

Granny And Little Boy on 2012-09-18

We have been living in our house for the past 7 years. From day one I have been very aware of entities residing in the house. They (there are 2) don't mean anyone harm. In fact, one of them is completely focused on my mother. Ok, maybe I should explain this statement. My mother grew up in foster ...

She Didn't Want Us To Sleep on 2012-09-18

I have experienced quite a few exceptionally scary things in my life, and I would like to start with experiences I had when I was 18-years old. This was in 2002. I live in South Africa, and at that point we were living in a house that I had never had any bad or paranormal experiences in until tha...

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Date: 2017-02-03
Hi Guys
Thank you so much for your responses. The boys can't sleep without a night light (where they also preferred the dark in the house). Troubling for me is that T started asking for this from the first night they had to sleep in their room alone. H is the one who sees Adam often, though T has seen him and once played with him as well. But T has never been afraid of the dark. Now some would say it is due to him having to adjust to his new surroundings, but my gut tells me it's something else.

I can still get in to the house, luckily, the flat is so small that I can't keep my freezer (its a big chest freezer) in the flat, so the tenants said I can leave it in the house and just come and get meat as we need it. I've been thinking about going and calling to my ghosties since the incident last week, so I'll make a plan this weekend to do that.

The few times I have been in the house to get to the freezer the atmosphere in the house has been different. Not warm and inviting as it used to be when we were there. I think Adam is very confused, poor little guy must not have a clue why we aren't there anymore.

I asked Tim for help, but he has shied away from his gift, he refuses to get involved. So I am kind of on my own in this. But its fine, I can handle it.

Rook, I'm going to do your cleansing before this escalates (my gut tells me this was only the beginning). I will keep you guys posted
Hi Kiki

I would have freaked out and probably had my own accident if he had appeared in my car like that. In which area are you? I am on the East Rand, I always feel lingering sadness at accident spots on our roads, poor boy.
Date: 2016-11-12
Hi Keith22

From what you have experienced in that house it seems a/a few entities really didn't like your presence in the house or just were all around nasty and wanted to scare you out of the house.

Definite smart move to sell and move on, even after the blessing was done. For most of us blessings aren't always enough and who knows how badly it could have escalated if you had stayed?

dear tristanparker
Reading this gave me chills. Whilst you may be affected on a level that may need medical attention, I do fully believe that you are caught in one hell of a paranormal battle. I have trusted telling a close friend about experiences I have had and he suggested I might have some sort of a mental problem. I was so insulted.

Given the fact that you can name so many things, you either are a higher level medium or there is something working through you, either way, you are surrounded with paranormal activity, and it seems it has been carried over from your mom as she has experienced a lot of what you have.

What concerns me is that you either see random flashes of what seems to be residual hauntings, or very negative things happen to you. Even with the blue light around you and seeming protection, you still seem to be a beacon for the paranormal.

You may need to seek help from someone who is completely educated in the paranormal, who can identify with what you have experienced and give you help to either understand it, banish it, or accept it and grow what seems to be profound paranormal intuition. Whichever road you choose to follow needs to be what you want. As I have been warned, once you really embrace your gifts you open yourself up to good and bad, and that scares the daylights out of me.

I really do hope you get the insight you need

Date: 2016-10-25
Dear myst, logan, Valkricry, RedWolf
Thank you so much for the kind words. It is a very tough road to travel, but I need to be strong for my boys. My sister and her family are moving to Dubai by end November, so that is going to be difficult as well.
Date: 2016-10-24
Thanks so much Spockie

Dearest Fergie
I honestly don't know how I manage to get up every day. Our visit to the CF clinic last month heralded bad news, T now has a Staph infection in his lungs, which is anti biotic resistant and a very large cause of death in CF patients, especially with lungs as weak as T's. I keep thinking to myself, if things are so hard for me, how does my little boy keep a smile on his face every day? He is the one suffering. H has such a tiny heart, he worries about everyone, especially me and T. So he has gone in to protective mode with T. He watches that T takes his meds and is put on the nebuliser when he should be. Poor baby cries about him a lot.

I started working out a lot again (5 times a week at least) and it's really boosting my health. On immune boosters and vitamins for good measure. At least the blood pressure spike was temporary.

Thank you so much for the prayers, people close to home have done that too. The moment T was diagnosed my sister went on to our local facebook page and asked parents who are dealing with CF if we could set up sort of a support group. In our area there are 6 kids with CF, and 1 adult. The mom that started the group lost her 11 year old to CF last year, but she stays active in the groups.
Dear Fergie. I have been living in Norkem Park since September 2005, funny enough, when you mentioned the neighbors were at number 13 I got chills, even if it is a different street it's funny, I live in number 15 😲

With the African belief in the thokoloshe as strong as it is, I grew up seeing the lengths that African people went through to protect themselves as such. In my entire life, we had 2 Domestic Ladies (in those days Maids). Both were part of the family, the latter is still with us, helping me now raise my boys. The former, who was working for my parents even before I was born, used to push her bed right up against the wall of her room, then put bricks and/or paint cans underneath it to lift it up off of the ground, high enough that she was sure she would not be reached by the Thokoloshe when she slept.

They were very strong people for staying in that house as long as they did with what was happening.
Date: 2016-02-01
Hi Red
I am so sorry that it took me so long to realise you had written to me here. As someone on the outside, seeing a loved one go through the paid and humiliation of being disabled, I really can identify with your fears. Even more so with the fears that are creeping in to your dreams.

We, as a family, received horrible news last Thursday (28 January 2016) and we are still reeling. The emotions are high and the fear is palpable.
Date: 2015-11-24
Hi Red
Thank you so much. She was on ceasure medication, and it's one of the things that nearly killed her mother. Because the night after her death her mom said she was looking for answers. And she suddenly knew to go look in her closet. She found the box of epilim, which should have been halfway empty, still sealed at the back of her underwear drawer. We don't know why she decided not to take her meds, but the ceasure she had in the early hours of Wednesday 15 December 1999 was so intense that she suffered a stroke. To cap it off, her 11-year old sister was the one who found her.
I wrote about her, in "SHE DID NOT WANT US TO SLEEP". I fully believe she knew she was going to die, she had made peace with it, even taking the time to tell her brother "I know we fight a lot, but you're my brother and I love you" over a game of monopoly days before she passed away.
On 4 December she spent the whole afternoon with me, and we had a ball. We listened to SHAFT - Macho Mambo/SWAY over and over that day. Right up to today I can not listen to it. The memories attached to it are too overwhelming. Though I have not tried listening to the song since she gave me her message.
Date: 2015-11-22
Thanks so much val! I'm still quite raw from it all. I miss her a lot. The 15th of December is the 16th aniversary of her passing.
Date: 2015-11-19
Thank you so much Rook!

Hope it wasn't too difficult to get through
Date: 2015-11-18
Hi guys!
Thank you so much for the kind words. I still miss her terribly, and today, on what would have been her 33rd birthday, very much so. I count myself blessed.
Date: 2015-11-13

Thank you very much, I completely agree with you.
Date: 2015-11-06
Thank you so much. Could you see anything? Or was it more what you sensed?
Date: 2015-11-06
Were you at all aware of the fact that none of the boys were given a choice? It was mandatory to enlist. So I have a right to be proud of my father. He went and did what was expected of him, and not a single soul lost their life because of him. Attacking me for being proud of my father, would be akin to attacking someone from the USA, who have the same pride in their child, or husband, or wife, or parent fighting in Iraq.

You chose to attack me on political grounds for a paragraph in a telling of ghostly experiences. Way to rip everything out of context. I did not state any political views, did I? I left out what I experienced reading the remembrance wall. Where soldiers names who perished are engraved in the marble. The names are of soldiers, of different races, but they are all remembered. And the inscription at the bottom of the wall says "When you return home, tell those I left behind I died to give them a better tomorrow" I am paraphrasing here, by the way.

Lastly, Pie, you chose your very first post to be an attack, because I dared to mention something personal. Utterly juvenile. You know what, IT IS MY STORY, therefore MY RIGHT. Please, post an experience, and open YOURSELF up to criticism. See how you like it.
Date: 2015-11-05
Hi guys
Thanks for the comments

As I stipulated at the end of the story, the pictures are not what I published the story for. The fact that I can see things where I definitely sensed something is good enough for me. It was about knowing where to turn, getting mental images of possibly memories in battle, things like that that are the reason why I wanted to publish the story. Even if no one sees what I see, I know that somewhere someone is going to look at a picture and "read" the history of whatever they see. Besides, even for a girl like me, the planes and tanks and stuff are awesome
Date: 2015-11-04
hi val!
Actually poor Tim has been so busy he has not even had time off work, so I am still a bit in the dark.
Date: 2015-11-04
Hi! Thanks so much for the kind words! It was such an awesome experience for me. I apologize that the links did not pull through as intended, but you can still copy and paste in to a browser.
Date: 2015-10-22
You hit the nail on the head there, he was a jerk.
Date: 2015-10-09
I am quite alright at the moment. I know I am protected so I am not too concerned. I also know to trust my intuition when it comes to the spirits around me, though I am curious as to who this spirit is, I know he is not a threat. He is not a negative entity. He realized I am aware of him and he really wants to make contact with someone. So being over-eager and getting in my space is just excitement from him.

The building was renovated years before our company bought it, so no one here has too many details on this. But I'm curious, so I'll keep digging