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I know that there are a lot of people out there who don't believe in ghosts and such, and hey you guys are free to believe what you want, but I do believe in ghosts and I know a lot of you guys out there also believe in ghosts.

I am here to share my personal experiences. Help other people where I can and answer questions.
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Something Invaded My Home on 2012-09-18

For as long as I can remember I have been experiencing things that I just can't explain. For example: Hearing footsteps and seeing weird black little shadowlike figures running across the backyard and something or someone keeps moving my stuff. Sometimes I wake up in the morning only to discover tha...

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Sorry for the late reply you guys. Been a bit uhm... Busy. But anyways/ I like to go into those woods because it's quiet in there. There aren't any people. Even people who walk their dogs don't go as far into the forest as me. And I like to have some time for myself. I did however take a few rocks from an old house that was destroyed about 50 years ago. I collect rocks. Minerals and gems. Is it possible that by taking those rocks, something followed me home?
oh and one more thing lol. I am pretty sure that whatever it is, it followed me home from the forest.
Okay. To clear some things up, here is a little more background information.

The first 8 years of my life I lived in a house that according to my parents was haunted. I had nightmares. Stuff moved. Paintings would fall from the walls. And after we had to put both our dog and cat down because they went beserk, and got sick, we decided to move. After we moved nothing special happened for a few years.

When I turned 12 I started to see those little shadowy creatures at random times. And like 2 years ago something or someone started moving my stuff around.

[at] rookdygin. Yes since about 3 or 4 weeks ago those footsteps came back. Almost every night it seems like someone is walking around up in the attic. I can hear em every night but my mom and dad don't seem to hear anything. And to answer your other question: no. Nothing new was brought into our house. No furniture. No mirrors, nothing.

I don't know if it is a poltergeist. It does sound like one tho. Another interesting thing you might want to know is that there is a huge forest just a few meters from our house and I spend a lot of time out there. There are a lot of old mines and ruins in that forest. My town has a heavy mining industry history.