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Bright Flashes on 2012-09-18

I was wondering if some of you could help me. On Saturday I was coming out of my bedroom and saw a VERY big bright flash of light in the hallway. It looked like someone took a pic, but a bigger flash. It was the middle of the day very bright outside so no lights were on in the house nor was it storm...

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Date: 2012-09-29
Thanks for the responses! Yes, I have had loved ones that have passed. I was known as the one who always took the pics. It prob was something wanting to make their presence known. I asked someone who is involved in investigating homes with paranormal activity & she said when a spirit enters or exits our universe it can look like that.Weird! I also saw a blue flash of light (like an orb) for a few seconds. It is interesting that people have seen blue also. I do not believe it could have been anything electrical at all. Also it was like a cloud/mist wrappped in a flash. Hard to explain, but sounds just like other peoples expierences too.:) M