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Initially I was a non beleiver of paranormal but then when I experienced ghosts, effects of black magic I have become a strong beleiver. I still have my own questions unanswered but still over the past 15 years fighting with demonic spirits I have gained certain knowledge and powers to fight the evil. Love to advise and seek advise from all my YGS friends.
I love visiting hauted places and meditating in cremation grounds.
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An Unknown Entity on 2015-11-23

I hope you all had liked my previous experience; I wouldn't call it a story as it was a real experience and not a work of fiction. Well to continue with my experiences the incident I am going to share is what happened with me in year 2008. First let me tell you about my house as it is an importa...

Encounter With Black Magic on 2012-10-01

Friends I am from Pune and this is my first story, so please forgive me for the mistakes. I am going to share my very first encounter with black magic. This incident took place in year 2006 when I was studying in F.Y.Bcom. An astrologer had told my parents that evil spells are being cast on your f...

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Hi Sheetal,
Have you applied all that I suggested to you? If yes did you notice any difference. Please keep me posted about the updates. My email is there in my profile if you like you can send me email too.
Date: 2015-12-21
Yes it was 3 sec not minutes, didn't checked the story after it was written. Apologies for the error.
Well I was in last year of my Graduation and also I was doing my internship and hence I sd I returned from office.
Date: 2015-12-04
Hi Rook,
1.I was actually running down the stairs, so I was fast.
2. If I had fallen I would have tumbled at least 10 stairs. And all these stairs are made of stone not wood.
3. If I would have falled I would have hit my head on corner of stirs and woth having serious injury.
4. After I recovered when I went to check the door there was nobody outside
Hi Krista,
I would advise keeping rock salt in every room, also burn camphor in the house daily. I have shared my email Id, you can get back to me so that I can advise and guide you better
Hi Sakie,
I can feel empathy for you as I too have been undergoing the same since last 15 years. I have narrated my experience in my story that I have shared in which evil spirits were sent to destroy my family. Everyday new spirits are sent to attack me and my mother. But fortunately we no longer are afraid and have learnt to fight them with our spiritual powers. Still sometimes when the power of the evil spirit is greater than ours we suffer physically as well as mentally. But I know how you feel and what you went through. Please let me know if you need any help and guidance.
I am not pro but can sense spirits and also drive them off from the person they have possed

Also since you mentioned wearing a tulsi mala, It won't be of use unless it is made siddha, you can make it siddha by basically performing its Pooja everyday. Wash it water and then with milk and again with water. Then use it for chanting. Basically different kinds of beeds are used to chant different dieties. Eg for Shiv you need rudraksha, similarly tulsi need is used for chanting names of Vishnu. Use it everyday so that it get charged with your bhakti and will act has protection
Hi Sheetal,
I would like to suggest to have dhup and lobhan Burt in eve and have the smoke spread across the entire house. Also when you sleep, pray to your kuldevata/Devi for protection. Also have a cup filled with white rock salt kept in each room in corner change after every 15 days.
Also mix camphor and gomutra in water that is used to swipe the floor. Also would ask to read kavach of the deity you worship
Date: 2015-11-21
Hi Devyani, it's a great story. What I feel is past present and future lie in parallel to each other, we have many yogis who can see the past and future, may be the energy at that time showed you the parallel plane of existence
[at] Gayatrishiva yes you are absolutely right. I too found that black Magic practioners make such false promises. Its been almost more than a decade I am fighting with all these evil spirits. I have started with meditating in the cremation grounds to enhance my power to fight evil spirits. Whenever I roam after the midnight night hours through the deserted road I see evil spirits following me but they couldn't harm.
Date: 2012-10-29
[at] RookDygin,
Thanks for the concern, I know Learning black magic is not a childs play, It requires a lot of sacrifices. I don't have any bad intensions for learning it. I want to help all those people who are affected by evil things, black magic and don't know how to get rid of those things. I believe a fire can be used to burn someones house but the same fire can also be used for light in darkness and for warmth in coldnights. Anything byitself is neither good nor bad it depends on the holders of that things, on his intension to use it i.e to harm anyone or to save someone
Date: 2012-10-21
Well its very necessary to get rid of all those entities present in your house. They are dead and don't belong in this world. You should follow Saint Michael prayer as mentioned earlier. Also when you swipe your floor, mix some Sea Salt in that water which will also help in purifying process and if you need more advice please send me a PM on my email id. One thing I would like to advice is please do not fear these entities cause these negative energies gain power from our fear so please be fearless.
With the experiences I had I can say that whenever we encounter a spirit the temperature drops. Next time whenever you feel like some is watching you or really scared be fearless. Dont get scared cause such things gain their power from our fear so never fear them. Also if you are religious you can pray to the god you believe in and ask them to get rid of such entities
[at] Cfinnegan, well none of my family members were hurt. We haven't noticed any Badluck but we keep on sensing negative powers around us which I would definately post in my upcoming stories. I would say that I was a complete non beleiver of paranormal things, I used to see each things and approve them based on scientific facts but the experiences which I got made me believe such things exists. The slapping and other things we (me and my mom) both saw with our own eyes and in full senses, so we now believe it otherwise initially when our eyes were closed we too thought that the woman was a fake and was just pretending things for sake of money. Hope you will like my upcoming stories too and I would be glad to clear all the doubts which anybody would have relating to my paranormal experiences:)
[at] Javelina, I would like to share that there are fake people too who claim of removing hexes and many other things just for sake of money. In India you would find thousands of such people but it doesn't mean all are fake, some truely have such powers which we can't even imagine. Its just that we should be able to identify who is fake and who is true occultist
[at] curiousDevu, well during last 6 years I have tried to gain as much information about such occult practices. I have found controlling spirits is possible. These Tantriks (Occult Practioners) with their hard penence and other practices gain powers to control spirits.
[at] Raftingirl, we are still experiencing such paranormal things and haven't found a solution yet, nways thanks for your wishes:)
Date: 2012-10-02
avikhaunted its really a good story. If any one wants to learn black magic what should he do?