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Who Is There? on 2012-10-01

My father, being in the military, relocated our family a lot. We were used to living in new homes and strange places, but for my younger brother Jonathon and I no where was quite as strange as our extremely old house in Germany. When we first moved in both he and I felt odd living in the three story...

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Are you seriously posting this!?!? No one wants to hear about your fantasy! And really you get extreme pleasure out of this while it "rapes" you? Are you just insulting any/everyone who has horrible experiences in real-life before... Truly there are other sites where you can post your nasty indepths nasties on because we def don't want to see it

Little less grossness please? I am trying to read about others experiences not their own made-up stories

--daydreamer24 😠
I am not trying to sound like a sceptic (Because truly I am not) but I am 100% ceratin that this is staged. You can see that little boy perfectly, he is the focus of the picture, and you can even see the white/light colored shorts or underclothes that he has on... So I am going to have to call it a fake... Sorry 😢
I love the part where your dad just talks to her like she is just another one of the kids. 😁 I bet she is very happy about that too... She sound michievous but not harmful