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Spiritualist since the age of 8, 7th child of 7.
You'll never know my religion or beliefs as I don't trust easily.
Too many things have happened in my life.

I prefer walking alone to being surrounded by the masses.
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Disappearing Objects Returned on 2015-03-04

This is recent activity. My partner and I have a room at my parents' place, and often things go missing and then turn up again fine. Over the last few months though it has been strange and it is no longer contained within our room. You see last year on Dec 1st, my partner had a bad car accident. ...

Is Anyone Else A Magnet For This Kind Of Behaviour? on 2012-10-03

My family used to live on an old dairy farm in Victoria Australia, we moved there when I was 9 and didn't leave until I was 15. The house we lived in was built in 1896 and there were times that things would just...Happen... My brother and I both play musical instruments, and we both had odd thin...

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Have not looked at this for a long time. My brother is 5 years older than me. Odd things that have been happening and still happen. Are that things disappear and voices can be heard, mumbled, occasionally laughter can be heard. Of late things.