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The Demons That Haunted Me on 2012-10-09

I have always been a believer in the super natural. As a kid, I'd love to listen to old ghost stories and always wanted to experience something... Until it actually happened. I have a few stories, but they are all inter-related so I'm going to share them all. It all started when I was in the sec...

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Please STOP your accusations, Javelina. They are completely unfounded and WRONG.

I don't think that you realize that I happen to be an actual human being. How would you like it if I went to one of your stories and started unfounded accusations about you being a sexual predator? I'm sure you wouldn't like it very much.

My stories are real. OBVIOUSLY the mod knows what's going on and happened to agree with me. They said to stop, so stop.

All you are doing is being an internet bully. You said you had children, well, it's the same thing as someone bullying your child at school only you don't know who the person is or why they're doing it. If you're doing it for the "safety of the children" or whatever, I get that, but wouldn't you be better off having ALL of the facts instead of going off of crazy accusations because YOU THINK that my story is similar to others? That makes YOU the crazy one.

Thanks everyone for the help. But I won't be on here anymore. You got what you wanted, crazy. And I do hope that the moderators see this and do something about Javelina.
Thank you very much Miracles, Rook, Granny and Wiz.

To answer a question, I think Rook had. No, I did NOT consider him my imaginary friend. Like I said, I've never talked to him and he's only taken his sunglasses off and smiled at me once for me to see his face fully. And he never got physically close to me as a child, it wasn't until I was a teenager that that happened. I know it sounds crazy, and maybe I am, but that's the only way I can really describe it. The description I gave of him being an "attractive 30-something man" is merely my description of him now. When I was in 2nd grade, I didn't think in terms of attraction or age, I just knew he wasn't ugly and he was old but not too too old. If anything traumatic has happened to me, I've completely repressed it because I certainly do not remember anything like that. However, it was the first time I'd ever really done anything by myself (aka me riding the bus alone and walking up the driveway alone), I'd always been picked up from school by my mom or dad and I only rode the bus that one year. However, while I rode the bus, the bus driver would always forget and pass my house up and I'd end up being the last one off the bus. To me, that was a little "traumatizing" but not in the way that I think you're getting at. Also, Rook, yes, I'd love to talk with you more, you may not fully believe my story but you're quite respectful and I feel that you truly want to help (as I've read some of your other helpful comments in other threads) any way you can. Perhaps, you can offer some incite from a completely objective view. I will email the address that is in your profile this weekend.

I realize that my description could be considered somewhat vague, at least I realize that now as people have questioned me about it. I wish I could be more descriptive, but really that's the description of him. Like I said, I only once saw his eyes and smile, every other time he just has kind of a blank expression. Never doing anything, he does lean on things, like, he'll lean on the wall behind me and prop his leg up, but other than that, that's it. I'm sorry, I wish I could give more. But, as I said, he's never spoken to me, or acknowledged me other than being around and the things I stated in my story. Which is why I'm so confused. 1. I don't understand why (if it is something paranormal) he has followed me for so long without a message or anything like that. And 2. Why (if it isn't paranormal) I'm seeing and feeling this guy at all! I mean, I know I'm not crazy... But then, crazy people don't know they're crazy do they? Haha

As for the person who is accusing me of being a sexual predator: how dare you. How in the WORLD can you look at ONE story (their very first story too) from someone you've never met before, immediately start attacking that person through your comments, and after they've ignored you, you CONTINUE to harass and post SLANDEROUS, defaming comments about a person you don't know? What kind of person does that make YOU? Obviously, not great. I really hope you don't do this to everyone's stories you read because, like me, there are others on here that actually need advice, guidance and help. I went to your profile to report you, but as I'm a NEW member to this site I don't quite have it all figured out. However, when I do, you're getting reported.

Thanks to everyone again, that has given advice, encouraged and stood up for someone they don't know. I really appreciate it. =)
Rook, I just clicked the link on your comment and when Antoine LaVe (however you spell his name) popped up, I got goose bumps and started shaking. It does match the description to a "T"! Creepy. However, I was a little confused as to the comment about giving any credit to it. Is it him? I don't know. Do you believe me, I don't know. However, you do seem like you are educated in this area, is there anyway we could correspond privately? I do have other stories that aren't directly related to the Ouija board or this exact story, but that are relevant.
Wow! A LOT of comments. Thank you very much to the ones that have tried helping me, to the ones who think I'm a fake...well, we'll get to that. O.K. To answer some of your questions...

My brothers are 18 months apart. They went to a day care 2 days a week when they were really little, called Mother's Day Out, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The days they went to day care are the days I rode the bus.

I'm certainly not giving up or accepting IT, however until I figure out what it is/how to get rid of it, the only thing I can do is just go about my daily life, but like one of you said, I ignore it as much as I can and he's really, for the most part, left me alone.

I shared my story BECAUSE I wanted to know if anyone had experienced anything similar to mine, or saw anyone/thing similar to what I've seen. I'm talking about him because I want/need answers. I've lived with it for roughly 20 years and I'd just like to know what it is. I've talked to a medium about it, she saw him, described him in complete detail before I could say anything. She told me that it was benevolent as far as she could tell, but she wasn't sure why he was attached to me. For the people questioning why I'm talking about him now, or why the "tone" of my story is too matter of fact for some people: I'm simply telling my story. I'm the one who's had to live with it, I'm the one who experienced it, so I can tell it how I want to. I've simply tried to remove myself from that part of my life because, and you can believe me or not, every time I tell it or think about it I get weird feelings that I don't particularly like.

To the person who was confused on my younger years and wondering why I didn't think the man following me wasn't creepy: I did think he was creepy. I didn't like him. But I also didn't think he was real, I knew he was in my head and I was a child, who would take me seriously anyway? I didn't say anything to my mother because she would've thought I was crazy (and actually did when I finally told her at the age of 23). I didn't consider it a paranormal experience because, let's face it, I was a CHILD. I didn't know what was going on and nothing other than the weird feeling happened until I was a teenager. And to be very honest, I didn't really consider it true paranormal experience until you said something. Haha.

To the ones questioning the God aspect: Yes. I am a Christian. I believe in God very much. Why would it be funny or odd that as soon as I said "God" my head fell back down on the pillow? Why would it be weird that when I was "backsliding" (as Christians call it) the experiences would get worse? If I were dealing with demons wouldn't it make perfect sense (and I truly believe I was)?

To the dude who thinks I'm a man in my 50s or 60s: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's funny. No, I'm positive that I don't have a penis and I really hope I'm not in my 50s or 60s, otherwise I'd be really upset that I'd missed over half of my life! As for the rude words you said, No. I'm not that last "p" word, as you so graciously claimed. I'm not apologizing for my own real experiences.

To the ones who think my story is fake. It's no skin off my back if you don't believe me. You're not offending me in the least. You have your own opinion. I know what happened, I lived it. However, I can assure you that everything I've written is 100% true. And my "style" of writing that people have commented on, thank you. I'm glad that I can tell my story well.

To the ones who think I took bits and pieces of other stories and made my own: No. That's stupid. The fact that you think that is, let's be honest, ignorant. Paranormal experiences are just like any other experience in life. Some people experience similar things. The fact that you can't see that is sad and shows that the only reason you're on this site is to try and discredit every experience other people have had. If you're a skeptic, fine. But don't belittle and be disrespectful about it.

Thank you everyone who has put words of encouragement and advice. Will the cleansing work on something that follows me everywhere? It's definitely not attached to my house.
Date: 2012-10-06
Thank you so much for sharing your story! I hate to hear about your mother and am glad that you've taken the steps to overcome all that negativity.

I just have to say that I know what you've gone through. I'm 27 and since I've been in the second grade I've had something (I don't know if it's benevolent or evil) follow me. It's a man, completely bald (like a shaved head), black as night goatee, black fitted tee shirt, black sunglasses, dark blue jeans and black boots (almost like biker boots). He started out being very far away from me and the older I got and the more I strayed from a good moral path (i.e. Drinking, partying, having sex etc) he got a little closer every time until I could literally feel his breath on my neck (always left side). I told my mom about it and she thought I was crazy for the longest time. I don't know his name, he's never spoken to me and I've never spoken to him (and I WON'T). But just talking about him, I can feel him behind me. I've seen his eyes and seen him smile once and only once. Let me tell ya, I NEVER want to see it again. His pupils were completely black where the whites in them were red and his teeth were all pointy, like they'd been sharpened.

I've also used the Ouija board and I will never ever ever do it again. I used it probably over a period of about a year, and in that year I had: my hair pulled, saw 3 sets of red eyes in my den, had my name called out by what sounded like a little boy while I was at work after we'd closed (there was no one else in there because I was the one that made sure to let everyone out and lock the doors back). So, I know what you've gone through. The ONLY thing that's helped me is my faith in God. Any time I feel uncomfortable like I'm being watched or something just isn't quite right, I always just say a quick prayer and I feel better and it goes away.

Hope this helps and thanks again for sharing your experience!