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I have been part of a down to earth Paranormal Research Group.
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Not All Ghost Stories Have Ghosts on 2012-10-08

As I have said before, I was on a professionally organized Paranormal Investigation team. We conducted pre and post investigational procedures and such. I am posting this as sometimes our stories get a little intense and we just have to step back and laugh at ourselves a little and not take things t...

The House Did Not Want To Be Blessed on 2012-10-08

As I stated in my profile, I was once part of a Paranormal Investigation Group. This wasn't the kind of group that skulks around grave yards and trespasses places. This was a truly professional investigation group complete with expensive gear, monthly meetings and well planned organization. It was s...

I Hated My Best Friends House on 2012-10-08

I don't know if it's an over active imagination, extreme sensitivity, or what, but I've got many stories. I am very glad to be able to share them here with people finally. I truly believe in spirits and that they exist. Some people don't believe, that is fine. Perhaps they are just not sensitive. I ...

Old Man In The Living Room on 2012-10-08

The home we had rented previously had been sold. Our new home was not ready for us to move into yet as it was still being painted, repaired and new carpeting installed. The previous owner had passed away so the son, inheritor of the home, was fixing the new home up and updating things. We had abo...

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Sorry folks, I had another couple of stories but it seems the website owners have cutoff new story submissions.: (
Gosh zzsgranny please feel free. It's on the internet. As far as I'm concerned it's public domain now. Thanks for asking though:)

While I fully believe in ghosts and feel that I have proof that they exist, I know that not all hauntings are really hauntings.

As a Paranormal Investigator, I feel it is my job and the job of my fellow team mates to be objective and not jump to conclusions until there is evidence.

There are too many ghost hunter teams that jump in with both feet wanting it to be a haunting too. Many of those groups often have members openly sharing opinions and "feelings" of things when the home owners are right there. Or pointing to a corner and saying "there it is right there".
That would get you kicked off of the team I was a part of.

Being objective and checking out both sides keeps everything in check.:)
Glad you guys enjoyed the story!
The ghost as of my great grandfather. Want to fix some confusion here. LOL

My great Grandfather scared me at that house (the house of my grandparents) as well as his home, at the store, in the movie theatre. He was a mean 'ol senile man that liked to see little girls scared. He thought it was funny. I know he didn't mean me harm overall. But he was known as a mean old man.

As an adult I cannot see why it was not ok for us to use the pocket door into the back of the house. Maybe they didn't want wear and tear in their forman living room or maybe they were afraid that we'd use the hallway and path through the living room as a race track (as my kids did after my Grandfather died and my grandmother let the great grandkids run freely through the house breaking all the rules). I never saw the reasoning for it and we'd use that door and walk through the room very sneaky. Even as an adult I sneaked through because my Grandfather would tell me NOT to do it.

When I saw my Great Grandfather in the chair in the dark, I had thought I had been caught sneaking through the living room when I wasn't supposed to. I felt like I was 10. LOL
Thank you for your responses everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was 15/16 years old when these situations happened. I am sure I would have reacted a little more calmly than I did, of course. Being that age, dramatics are what they are.

The house is heavy feeling, overall. The dark paneling, heavy curtians, dark furniture and dark carpet added to the heavyness. That's what I used to think caused how I felt there. I was not old enough to really understand and take stock of how I felt like I felt and why. I understand more of it now and am in tune with myself. I think now I would walk in there and know so much more.

My friend had moved out of the house by the time I was part of the investigation group. I would LOVE to go back there and run one. Even my friend said that would have been a good house to look at, though SHE was sure it was a demon. I have no idea, honestly.

Update on the house, because I talked to her about posting this story the other day. She said someone bought the house but put a mobile home on the property. The owner said he can't live in that house. It has 'too much going on'. She didn't ask for specifics. She already knows. LOL
I'm really overwhelmed at the responses on all of my stories. Very humbled. Thank you for all of these responses. I'm sitting here going wow...

I am going to answer you as best I can. Feel free to ask questions.

Snowhite, I no longer live there. I do not even live in that state anymore.;)

Sds, after the blessing, the house was completely peaceful.

Gargoyle, I have been a believer of Christian Faith and have had the pleasure of taking courses in Wicca. There are strongholds to both beliefs and are equally as beautiful. Methods in both are helpful. Overall, I think its what you believe in.

As someone with paranormal investigation experience, I have always believed that if someone wanted their home to be blessed, it should be by someone that reflects the religious beliefs of the house. If they tend toward christian religions, look to christian help.

For the record, I've never come up against Athiests believing in ghosts. It seems to go against their belief if they do. Just sayin'

Javelina, the boom was like a house wide thump that didn't have the same reverbation (sp) as a sonic does. Having moved from Southern California to Central Florida and living only 40 miles from NASA - I've experienced Sonic booms many times over now. Nope. Wasn't a sonic boom for sure. It's hard to really explain properly. When the house boomed it felt like it poofed... Imagine a house almost exploding in a cartoon - the walls poof out and the roof poofs up. It *felt* like that but the house didn't actually change in dimension. It was percieved. Does that make sense?

I thought it was an earthquake but nothing registered or showed on the USGS site. Nor did it explain the clear shove on my chest above my boobs.

Strangelife, my kids were preschool. They really werent' of that age where they understand everything completely.

Gargoyle and Javelina... I love open discussion. Feel free to do so on any of my posts any day. I encourage communication. This is how we all learn as a whole. <3
You guys are great! Wow I didn't expect so many comments LOL!

I do agree lsandhu that it is a fend shui thing. An energetically unhappy house will create unhappy energy.

People with messy houses often suffer from hoarding and other issues, yes. This can contribute to other issues - and is another reason why our group has many questions in our pre investigation in regards to the use of medical and recreational drug us, mental issues, and of course our watchful eye during pre investigation walk throughs for "paraphanillia" and prescrption bottles left out.;)

Again thanks for the comments. I just figured with all the wonderful stories I've read, something from the 'behind the scenes' was necessary.;)
Date: 2012-10-08
If it was late in the day as you say, the lighting very likely played into this situation.

These days our cameras are point and shoot automated. If you have auto focus settings on, it is very likely the camera was working for optimal settings at normal lighting and it just wasn't getting satisfaction.

If your camera allows it, set it on dim light or night shots and you may find a difference. Many cameras have settings for cloudy days or less than optimal lighting situations.

You are a very good person for documenting those graves. Geniology people REALLY appreciate that kind of thing. We have dozens of small family plots here in Florida and people do the same thing. Your efforts are valiant. Thank you.
Date: 2012-10-08
Very good story. I felt like I was there with you.

Please keep in mind though that sometimes people move into abandoned homes and will try to scare people away at best. It's possible too that they can try to harm people who wander in on them unexpectedly.

In the USA there are trespassing laws that keep people out of these empty homes because they might vandalize things.

Be careful when you do stuff like this. The consequences can be really bad!