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Forgotten Cemetery on 2012-10-08

My experiences with the paranormal began when I was about 6 years old. Nothing major like seeing an apparition or anything, but mostly things moving around or feeling someone sitting at the end of my bed. It never really bothered me much so I never really feared it. Except for one experience. Ba...

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Date: 2013-04-18
[at] TalonWalt

No its off of HWY 1 close to the coast in Northern CA.
Date: 2013-04-17
So rookdygin, Martin, francyne1031 I appreciate your comments. After I was initiated with scrutiny from some users I was very discouraged to share my experiences here again thus my absence. My reasons for not using real names is that yes we all shared the experience but this is me sharing these experiences and since I cannot assume that they would be ok with me sharing their names I refrained from doing so.

As for my experience, I was here to share what happened we can sit here and speculate if's and what not's but this is what I know and what my group and I felt and I would appreciate it if that could be respected as I see it is with other person that chooses to share their experiences here.
Date: 2013-01-10
[at] mamachong

We didn't delete the EVPS. We never delete EVPS even if they are class C or lower. What I was saying is we clear the voice recorders like we do anytime we do an investigation. The previous recordings are always uploaded to our server so they are backed up.
Date: 2012-10-24
Redwolf and Rook - They used this site because it was a forgotten place. We didn't just investigate we also helped clean it up and take care of it. The cemetery was part of a seaside township that was flooded and destroyed. The only reason they even found the cemetery was my friends pastor told him a story about the little town and that all was know to remain was the cemetery. It's a good 20-30 miles away from any civilization, and the first time they went there it was completely overgrown and no paths into it. It started when they first went there to clean up the cemetery and they were snapping pictures of the work they had done and got some crazy images. The only reason they used as a training ground because they knew there was consistent positive activity there. The group is very respectful with that site and cherish it as not only a paranormal hot spot but to remember those who everyone has forgotten this is one of the reasons I haven't given the name of the township as with a little research you can find the location of it. As for the events of that night if you believe me or not it did happen to the four of us and with the EVP's we got I know it wasn't anyone in the physical realm. I work with audio for a living and the frequencies the EVPs were caught where clear not wispy where you have to guess what's being said. As for the scratches in the stone and wax we never saw it there again. I am sorry if I didn't provide too many details as this is a place I don't want people to go out and try to find this place. Since my old team has cleaned it up and started taking care of it, it is now under the protection of the county and they do not use it to train people.

Zeta - They weren't things I could see. My mom explained the feeling someone sitting at then end of my bed as my great grandmother watching me sleep like she did when I was 2 before she died so I thought nothing much of it. As for the things moving around it happened to my mom and stepdads room so all I heard was noises in an old Victorian home so without seeing it happen I can't really say one way or another. It makes me wonder and ask questions but doesn't make me a full believer. After that night in the cemetery I am a believer to an extent, but isn't that why we talk about our experiences to gain validation to our skepticism or beliefs?

Javelina - There was no fog that night it was clear and there was no real breeze. I lived in the part of the bay area for 17 years and there was rarely fog. The bay is more common for fog not the south bay. As for you assumption that someone was in the bushes, that is doubtful you would have to climb to get up the side of the hill where the noises were coming from which is also dense with brush. Haven't you ever had the feeling that something was not right? Wouldn't it make sense for you to leave? If not then you must have balls of steel because if I sense danger I get out, and when I say danger we felt as if we were going to be attacked. As for utility reflectors not likely since we shined our 1000-1200 lumen flashlights in that area before we went in and there was nothing there. I make a living dealing with audio and visual equipment for the last 15 years and I know when something has been tampered with or not. We were not trying to raise the dead and I would appreciate that you show the same respect as others do and not just assume that we were some dumb kids.

In addition none of us are or were kids. All of us were in our late 20's +.
Date: 2012-10-15
One thin people tend to forget is Silver and glass (silica) are great conductors of electricity. So if a spirit is made up of energy it is only logical that it could be used as portal or doorway for energy.
Date: 2012-10-10
I would love to see the picture your mother captured! Please post it as soon as you have the chance! 😁