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Ghost Scaring My Dog? on 2013-12-09

My dog Maisy sleeps with me in bed and always has since I got her as a puppy. I get in bed and she snuggles up next to me, I pet her and talk to her for a while and then I turn off all the lights and read YGS on my Android until I get sleepy. One typical night we went through our routine. I had...

Ghost Dog Or Something Else? Part 2 on 2013-12-09

I have been seeing what I thought was my dog around the house only to turn to talk to her and she's not there and is in another part of the house entirely. You will need to read the "Ghost Dog or Something Else?" story I posted several months ago to get full details. This is a short update on a rece...

Ghost Dog Or Something Else? on 2013-05-15

I've finally gotten brave enough to submit this experience to see if anyone else has had anything similar occur to them. I've submitted one story and thought I would go in chronological order with others but this recent set of experiences has me perplexed. This will take some preliminary explanation...

My Little Boy Ghost on 2012-11-06

When my siblings and I were very young, we lived in a series of rent houses in a very small town in Texas. All these houses were very old and probably had a multitude of previous occupants but I don't remember being afraid in any of these homes. I was around 10 years old (in 1969) when my father rec...

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Hi 420seahawk, You wanted someone whose been there... That would be me. Everything you experienced can be related to panic attacks. In my early 30's I began having them and had several horrible years of fear. I actually had to skip over some of your descriptions because it brought back too many bad memories. The good news is there is so much more information now out there to help you. Definitely go to a doctor and get checked out. I've since researched and some think it can be related to a thyroid condition. But mostly it's just the way you perceive and handle stress. The beginning of my recovery was when my cousin mailed me a book called The Panic Attack Recovery Handbook (probably out of print) and I began phone counseling with the co-author. There is so much I could tell you but don't have the room. Go to a doctor and have him/her refer you to a psychologist or counselor that it familiar with anxiety disorders. Final note: You're probably a control freak like I was. You can't control panic attacks you just have to learn to relax and let that first fear come and not react to it. It takes lots of practice. Sending prayers your way! (You don't have to believe in them because I do)
Date: 2013-12-18
Hi All! Thank you for your comments. In answer to your questions. Maisy is a very spry 3 year old. She doesn't have a problem sleeping in that bed during the day while I'm not in there. She's a shepherd mix with some grey hound I'm told. Very large but skinny so I don't believe it is a health issue.
I realize it is an assumption on my part that its my grandmother. I just thought of that when my sister had her dream. If it is that grandmother, she was not your typical tender, caring grandma. She was judgemental, controlling and even intentionally hurtful. That being said I came to understand her when I got older and loved her.
I was the one beside her in the hospice when she passed at the ripe old age of 97. That was 2 years ago but maybe she followed me home.
I will need to do a cleansing after the holidays. Right now Maisy and I are sleeping in the family room on a futon. Whatever the problem is, it isn't in there.
Well my first problem with this story is your husbands gone, kids are in bed and you're cleaning? I would suggest a celebratory glass of wine and a movie. JK. Spooky story. I would have packed up the kids and been out of there though being the scaredy cat I am.
Date: 2013-09-04
A plain cross reminds us that He has risen and conquered death. Nothing wrong with representing that. Thanks for the story, though, I have to agree the majority of it was probably vehicular malfunction. 😁
Date: 2013-09-04
Great story. It appears most everyone was at least tolerant of the activity. I look forward to more!
Date: 2013-06-19
Very awesome experience. Glad you find so much comfort in it.
Leslie81 I try not to astral project. It terrifies me. But I'm old and set in my ways. Maisy is still confusing me. I see her go in the garage from the backyard, call her to go in the house and she runs in the garage from outside? I also wonder about parallel dimensions aspect...far-fetched to some but I am reading that physicist mostly agree that it is true.
Something to think about.
By the way... TalonWalt and BadJuuJuu, your experiences would have really freaked me out. I have only experienced "seeing" Maisy when I am at the house alone.
Wow! Glad to see others with similar experiences. Whether this is Maisy with some extra ability or another dog's ghost, it has never frightened me. Just a bit confusing. Just after Rosebud passed away I would catch a glimpse of her white tail but this is definitely brown and furry like Maisy.

As far as a relative of Maisy's, as WishfulNull mentioned, it's possible. She was still with her mom and another sibling when I first met her at the humane society. I am not sure of their fate. Thanks for all of your responses.
My brother had night terrors when he was very young. One night a ghost/monster was walking right up to his bed wearing my moms house slippers. He started screaming and my mom ran in and ran right through whatever it was. She calmed him down and he told her what he saw. They both noticed that the slippers were right beside his bed as if someone had just stepped out of them. My mom had jumped out of bed and not taken the time to put on slippers.

That's all I have in regards to moving shoes. I would guess a spirit could choose to move them without being visible. Anybody else have anything?
Date: 2013-04-30
Great story! I know she was there for you.
I had a smaller but similar experience last time I spent the night at my moms. I was sleeping in one morning when I felt someone gently pull their fingers through my hair. I had the most peaceful loving feeling.

After I became fully awake, I realized no one was in the room, I told my mom about it. She said "Oh that's Nanny, she's in there all the time." Apparently my mom sees Nanny (her mother) from time to time. She never says anything just stands in the doorway and smiles.
Date: 2012-11-17
I believe in not just an after-life but that we all exist somewhere before this plane of existence. As for it being my son that visited me, that's just fun to believe! The old fashioned clothing? I'm not sure what the fashion rules are for ghosts.

My parents still live in the house. The last time I slept over I woke up to someone gently running their fingers through my hair. I sat up expecting to see my mom but no one was there. When I told my mom about it later she said "oh that's just Nanny. She's in there all the time." Nanny, my grandmother, passed away over 20 years ago. It was a very warm and reassuring experience. ❤
Date: 2012-11-10
The same thing happened to me as happened to your sister. My grandfather went into the hospital for surgery back in the early 70's didn't seem very severe to the family. I knew that night he was going to die and laid in bed and cried all night. The next day when we heard he had passed my sister asked me why I wasn't upset and I said I knew he wasn't going to live and had already cried. Of course I was still grieving but somehow I just knew beforehand.