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Signs Of My Mother on 2012-10-10

Three years ago, when I was eighteen, my mother died because of a heart attack. No one saw it coming, so obviously me and my family were all terribly shocked. A few months a ago I felt horrible and broke down. As I was crying in bed I started asking my mom for help. I wanted her to give me stren...

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Date: 2012-10-30
Thank you all for responding! And everyone's kind wishes, very nice to read.

To answer samtillie's question: it's been three years since she has passed away. I freak out a little bit when I hear or see something obviously, because the experiences are so weird, but I don't feel threatened!

I've had one more significant experience a week ago.
It's just another night so I guess it's better to just post it here instead of as a new ghost story.

I woke up again in the middle of the night, not because of sound, I just felt a presense too close to me. Hard to explain, but like something was pressed onto my face (that might sound a little threatening haha, but it went away in a second). I looked up and actually saw a figure by the back wall of my room, it was my mother without a doubt. I could see her skin tone, her hair, a dark blue shirt she wore a lot. I had to blink 20 times to convince myself I wasn't just imagining something or had blurry vision. Still saw her. It's still confusing to me because I don't know if I'm just tripping, but after seeing her so clearly, it must mean something!