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Man With No Feet on 2012-11-13

My daughter and I plus a few other family members were asked to come view a house. This house had been left very fast by the past owner. As you can imagine the inside was a mess. Our family member was getting this house at a very good price... Wonder why? As we enter I was told to carry my two year ...

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Date: 2012-11-21
Lovely story, maybe she will break her routine and you'll see her again.
Black sky 😊
Date: 2012-11-20
Well told, I could see the magic trying to come through the spatula! That is great that you have such a sweet-room mates!
Date: 2012-11-18
I have seen a think with green glowing eyes out side as a child. Where I saw this there were no lights at all nothing and whatever this was it blinked too and it stood taller than my house. I tried to post it on here for idea's of what it could be, but they wouldn't publish it. So your not alone!
This thing seems to get upset if intruded on. It surely wants you to know it is there by causing a mess and making you fearful. Its not happy, it wants something. These voices your daughter hears are they coming from this thing? Animals are great at letting you know when spirits are around they will alert you. Even if you need to get a cat because they are less nosey, it will alert you if this thing is going into different parts of your house. But if this thing gets mad it can attack the animals. I would certainly have a medium come to tell you what this thing is before you try to bind it. If its evil it will fight hard to stay and you could get hurt. Seek a median that knows their stuff and can help you from there.
Keep us posted.
[at] marvis- I'm curious as to where and how you came up with this name for God. The reason I'm asking is because if it is not used in Hebrew dialect and with correct prayer and anointing it very well could cause a back fire. I completely respect and understand what your saying please by all means no offense intended.

[at] Jeffery I've seen this type thing once but my figure came visual in a mirror in my room with these amazing beautiful blue eyes. But it was enough to scare me being I was a teen at the time and a friend I was on the phone with told me to look and what I would see. He was dealing with things he should not and was able to project this being. He told me he could watch over me by doing this. It was very creepy and he told me to look back and it would be gone and it was. So possibly this could be something to that nature since it has been with your wife for so long.
Best wishes, Blacksky
Date: 2012-11-15
Spooky! 1. Very brave for staying by you're self at that young age. 2. Why not call mom and say hey I'm home? 3. Is there more to the story?
Good luck 😊
Date: 2012-11-15
I would have ran too! I'm not sure if they can be willed to scare someone either. But for what ever reason it is attached to Marie. They sometimes attach them selves to people and even objects. I hope all is well now! 😊
Wow! That is a hook, I seriously want more of this story. Like Faith I'm interested if you still see things now, or was it contained to the house? 😊
I don't think it sounded at all that there is any jealous nature. Its very good that you noticed he was having this interaction and made your own test just to see. There are all sorts of ways to be sensitive to the spirits. You felt the uneasy, you knew it was there. This is called "knowing" you may not hear it or see it, but you know something is there you just feel it. Do research on psychic experiences and you can find all the things to answer your questions.
Date: 2012-11-07
Gosh these things follow you often, have you actually sat with a medium in these places and cross examined what you both sense?
Date: 2012-11-07
Haha, omg really! Those cops were very tolerant, I would not have had that luck they would have took me in. Great story!
Do you think there will be a day you can't handle it? Then what will you do? Cudo's to making it leave the lil girl. But you now have a child correct? What about him/her?
Date: 2012-11-03
Red flags everywhere on this... I agree with the others those boards are not for those who do not know how to control it and close it properly also binding the evil and sending it back.

Your mom having heard it herself should be backing you 100% and should be helping you. The clothes... No ma'am it is attacking you while you sleep. And that is very serious that needs to be stopped. You can give them orders to not harm you in any way no touching no removing anything on your body that it is not aloud to do that.

I really hope you get the help needed to close all doors and get it stopped. Please be safe. 😊
Date: 2012-11-03
Very interesting story. I think everyone missed the part that you were telling your friends story first then your own, so you will write in first person and are telling it as he told you.

What does it matter if you do sleep with door closed and locked that has nothing to do with what you experienced. A lot of people sleep with the door closed and everybody falls asleep inrooms that are open. Again so what?

Any time you have a house with a history and you move the walls or disturb the land your going to irritate what ever spirit that may have been lieing dormant. Either way the door was opened some how even if during this you walked in your sleep and opened it. Don't confuse it with night terrors they are very harsh as well.
Date: 2012-10-30
My daughter has seen the same things and its not all the time it comes and goes. You two have a special part of your brain that functions to help you see these things, the rest of us don't have that function. So no there's nothing wrong with you, just to seek a medium who can help you figure out what your gift is leading to. Maybe you can lead them across. Good luck ❤
Date: 2012-10-25
I really enjoyed reading your story. The houses from the 1900's have such amazing history. Since the house is located there, its very possible that maybe part of it had caught fire and was re fixed which might explain the smoke smell, they used wood or coal for heat at some point and for cooking. So sad a child that small had to go through that. And now you know for sure there are a few making it known they are there. May your journey be full of good things to come! Blacksky.
Date: 2012-10-24
So sorry for your loss first off. Wow...I'd be wondering too if it was a sign or just silly things our minds make up when we get spooked. I really enjoyed reading this and I hope you can find out what's going on. Not sure if you should address it and ask questions or if you should wait and see what else may happen. Good luck! 😊
Date: 2012-10-24
Hello I'm new here and maybe this could help as well. I have anxiety attacks in my sleep and it really is freaky and scary andthe things that come to my mind feel very real. I try to wake people up nothing happens, I try to move again nothing. But once its over I regain everything. Try easing your stress level before bed, and say out Lloyd while looking around your room, I'm okay nothing here will harm me and I will not be scared. If there is something your saying what you expect. Good luck 😊