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Possessed Woman My Mother Helped on 2013-03-12

Hey to all. When I was 5 years old my mother friend bring a possessed woman, her name was Lore, seeking help from my mom, asking to help her out. In that time we was poor family because my father was dead and 5 kids with their mother and tiny house. Our house was 2 little rooms, 1 kitchen, the other...

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Leslie81 are you out of your mind do you use druges? By the way if he help someone that becuase he need him to do some work for him bad and evil work sins that why he let his people live longer and to make their sins larger to make them suffer in hell more then anyone else so he may be smart beautiful but not good at all
Haha no man they didn't hear you they allready know what in your mind maybe they made the attack on you because they heared you giving her advice that all is kind of you think you are powerful we will show you who you truly are good luck
It's not about the book it's about you the book is not big deal they was to attach/touch you anyway if you read the book or not
Y this is paranormal but that is not your grand mother good luck
I can see all of them all you need to do is focus people it is easy 😜 😜 😜
Haha I got the same feeling sometimes about the feet and sometimes I feel but I say in my self I DonT CARE and it's true about the bible that you was reading they goes angry when we read the bible lol no matter what age we are
No man do not use spells do not do not do not it will make it more worse then before you need to pray to gain the power of our lord jesus this is the only way. And please talk with professional priest near you he can help you a lot good luck I will pray for both of you trust me we are weak but when we are under jesus wing our power will be unlimited
Yes you can put end for all this go to a priest and ask him how can I born again... And for your old friend he may be satanic or he may wanted badly to hell think about it if someone devil want his soul am saying thay according to what he told you when he kidnaped jesus save him well that explain a lot or that may be true jesus came to him and he drop it all behinde him and made a contact with the devil wish you good luck don't forget to ask. Priest (how to born again)
Date: 2013-05-11
Wake up man you belong to heaven that why they tell you to hurt your self think about it hurt... Later suicide later hell... Who kill him self won't enter heaven man watch out pray in name of jesus go to church and you will see that all this will go away and you will born again...
Date: 2013-05-11
I agree with all that saint don't play with kid (only) if the kid belongs to heaven that explain a lot
Sorry I meant 3 am not pm my bad and take your kid to they church let a priest pray on your son
First from 3 years ago I met person that use magic and casting spell and part of our coversation he said after 3 pm demons possess water I don't if that true or not but also old people sai that say in the name of jesus when you drop hot water oor us it because there must be ghost in hot water a lot of old people say that don't know if it's true or not but I want to ask you to pray and get a holy cross for your kid protect him with faith pray and yes ghost may freeze any area and I believe that they liked your kid and they want him and I believe 2 that they are not allowed to take him because god won't let him kind of like god law and that doesn't mean they won't hurt you or him just pray with faith
ohh I as to forget that when my mother start to let that demon talk she catch lore hand and with a lighter burn lore hand but lol the demons get hurt that funny and I forgot to write this part in my story grrrrrrrrrrrr
sds and miracles51031 first nothing happens after that day they just destroyed our kitchen and nope we are all okey and I asked her how she did it she says I just have faith I fight them with my faith that all you need to kick them out of someone and yes she helped her friend the one who brought lore to my mom her name was marryrose I believe I should ask my mother about that to give me details to write the story here and my mother now talking with spirit good one I believe that what she say and allways talk with him all e day lol I will write this story two oh my god I have a lot to write pffff I want normal life lol take care all if someone need to ask me something I will replay tomorrow
Date: 2013-03-06
3 am is divinity hour. And demons in this time want or have to do their job buy hurting people or anything else
As high beliver in jesus I want to tell you that you are WRONG first there 3 types of anger first the normal that and the second is holy anger and the demonic anger demoonic anger will let you kill someone and any on in the world will know that he wasn't awake when he did it and all this make your face red lol and why you will bad when you are near joan or the second girl becuase we all humans feel each others not because there demons I people that wrong man read the bible well please and and will discover that you are wrong now and don't read book like that they just put stupid ideas just to fill it and sell it and if you want help someone pray for him you can't do that rebuking people lol there time will come someone will slap you on the face lol and keep in mind even if someone don't believe in jesus if he is good person and do good things in his life he will enter the heaven like you even if he don't believe in jesus this is reson why jesus told us to love our enemy we if there someone you want to help someone don't rebuke to help you can do it only if needed and you should pray for him let him feel the love that iin your heart the love that came from jesus and if all this didn't work try to work on him to make him good person and don't forget tom we all sinners and I want you to read more the bible and ask holy spirit to teach you what writen in the bible good luck
Date: 2013-01-24
Ouija board I heared a lot of stories abour it but in my life I did"t hear about this game and what the hell I don't believe it as I say in my other comments about it. It doesn't make any sense if it was true ghost game there won't be any one don't believe in ghosts demons and how can this demons game come in kids hand am not getting it someone explain to me please
gothic_king13 first it is not about laws and true temporary fix becuase we humans we sin a lot that why temporary and if you want to take a look to laws and whoes older the law of god is older he created the laws but it is not about laws and this need faith or as you said someone expert to help maybe he can take the power to him self lol and good luck for all of you
I would like to comment about this you wrote in the story

Note: I have never used an Ouija Board or known anyone who's used on

Does ouija board realy brings I didn't try it but if this game true there must be no none beliver in ghost in this world that does't make sense
Date: 2013-01-17
Oky first thing you didn't commented on your story and in your dreams says death wait you I wish you have a wonderful life and great future but am afriad... Oky let me tell you that not holy mary and your brother is right and for your informations demons can appear in jesus face/form or holy mary or anything else NOT JUST IN DREAMS In real life too and holy mary won't appear to you in dream to tell you your going to die keep in talking for my self as christian when we die our body dies not our souls we still alive we have haven or hell waiting us there so when holy mary appear to you in dream like that and talk like that shes not holy marry take care I wish you a nice life without any bad souls disturb you. And sory for my bad english am low on english