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Visit At Work on 2012-11-13

Around 1999-2000, I used to work for a large newspaper. At the time, the department I worked for was an open office/cubicle-type affair in the original building (nearly 100 years old at the time of this story. It has since been pulled down). I was standing at one end of the room waiting to make m...

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Date: 2012-11-15
Thanks for the comments, everyone. They're much appreciated.

SDS: At the time I sort of asked around & no one came out with any stories of happenings in the building. That's not to say nothing had happened but if it did, then I didn't hear about it. The building was old (for NZ) & always felt like it had a bit of a personality to it. But I've never come across stories of spirit activity associated with it. Interestingly, I discussed the voice with another colleague who seemed convinced it was some sort of guardian spirit (she was involved in the Spiritualist Church at the time). I'm not so sure about that. I sometimes wonder... Everyone was always in a rush at work (due to the nature of our job)...maybe whatever entity the voice belonged to felt like a chat & took advantage of someone just standing round...

Miracles: I have had odd experiences in the past that I guess are psychic in nature. Sensing people are about to die. Dreams that come true. *Really* strong & odd deja vu. Going through periods where I know who is calling before the phone even rings... That kind of thing. My mother is the same & she has some pretty awesome stories that have happened to her in the past. However, I've never really had a connection with someone like the one you describe. The only thing close to it is I'll sometimes feel I need to contact my mother & it'll be right at the time she needs help with something. But I've never heard voices & I didn't recognise this voice at all as someone I knew or had heard before. He had a very, very slight Australian twang to his accent. At the time, I didn't know any Australian men. He definitely didn't sound like my husband or any other male I knew.

Kuhlmad: It was definitely an extraordinary experience & one I'm not likely to forget in a hurry! I think the most surprising part was feeling breath on my ear as it spoke. I had always been interested in the spiritual but the physical component of this encounter surprised me somewhat. I've had another physical encounter since then where I was moved but that's another story & I don't think it's related to this entity. Maybe he'll swing by again some day & say hi?